One of the first nuggets we’ve heard in the aftermath of the Linehan-for-Haslett swap in St. Louis is that quarterback Marc Bulger will return to the starting lineup.
Bulger was benched last week by then-coach Scott Linehan, a move that prompted public criticism from folks like running back Steven Jackson and receiver Torry Holt.  Trent Green got the start and played the whole way on Sunday against the Bills.
By the way, Bulger originally was drafted by the Saints in round six of Haslett’s first draft with the franchise.  Haslett coached the Saints from 2000 through 2005. 
Against the Bills, Green completed 17 of 32 passes for 236 yards and an interception.  His passer rating was 64.1. 
Bulger generated a passer rating of 73.2 in three starts this season.  His career rating is 87.6.


  1. Mike forgot to mention after being drafted as a rookie Jim didn’t think he would be better then Jeff Blake, Aaron Brooks, Jake Delhomme and Billy Joe Tollivar he got released early in training camp. Anyone wonder if Mark Bulger will have a grudge now that the guy head coaching him again??

  2. Surprised Haslett is keeping Bulger…
    He got rid of Bulger and some other guy named Delhomme for Aaron Brooks…
    Hey, isn’t Aaron Brooks a free agent…
    There you geaux, Haslett can now release Bulger and sign Brooks and the demise of the Rams would be complete…
    Maybe their owner’s son can make a movie about that one…

  3. I was afraid this would happen! No one can argue that the Rams’s looked better this week than they have at any other time during the season. Trent Green may not be the long term answer, but the team definately played better under him. Now that Green did pretty well they will bench him again and put in Bulger so instead of being competitive we can go back to getting trounced!

  4. Right on, jeanpierre. Haslett also traded away J.T. O’Sullivan while he was the Saints coach. So, that’s three – count ’em, three – starting-caliber QBs that Haslett deemed inferior to Aaron Brooks. And where is Brooks now? Out of the league. Good call, Haslett.
    As coach of the Saints, either Haslett’s eye for talent was abysmal, or he was too stubborn to admit his mistakes. These same flaws will doom his Rams career as well.

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