Though things are extremely fluid and uncertain at this point, we’re told that Raiders owner Al Davis currently is expected to meet with the media on Tuesday to announce that Raiders coach Lane Kiffin is out, and that the new coach will be either Greg Knapp, Tom Cable, or Paul Hackett.
We’re also told that Davis is consulting primarily with John “Get Your F–king Hand Off Me” Herrera regarding the situation, with general counsel Jeff Birren being consulted for the legal side of things.
Meanwhile, we wonder how defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will feel about not even being interviewed for the gig, given that he publicly went to bat for Davis three weeks ago. 
Then again, maybe Ryan would have gotten an interview if his defense hadn’t given up 25 points in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.
Finally, we’re hearing that word of the interviews leaked because the assistants informed head coach Lane Kiffin that they’d be interviewing for his job.  Kiffin then started talking about the situation, and word made its way to ESPN’s John Clayton, who might or might not have farted in amazement upon hearing the news.


  1. Al is Al, but the first thing that needs to happen is that Punky Kiffster needs to go. Maybe we can get a coach who knows how to manage the clock and call plays. Kiffin probably had a chance to salvage his job in BUF and against SD, but he choked in major fashion. He is in way over his head. I bet it is Hackett as the choice. Ryan and any D coach is at a disadvantage. Davis has always hired offensive coaches.

  2. somebody needs to find out how to kick Al Davis out of that ownership.
    PLEASE somebody buy that team and move them back to LA…
    hell, i’ll do it. Here, I have about $230 in cash. That should just about take care of it…

  3. at this point, who would even want the head coaching job in oakland even if it is a promotion from an asst coach position. being a coach in oakland means youre going to fail now matter how well your team plays because…YOURE THE RAIDERS

  4. heres to another five years of losing and now russel is going to become a bust and mcfadden is going to get some kind of injury after we over use him. if kiffin is still the coach i garauntee we would be contenders next season or atleast let people know were here to take seriously

    It was the rusty door to my Crypt that made that noise!
    EHHEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEH(crypt keeper laugh)

  6. Al should bring out his Super Bowl trophies and shine them up and talk about how great the Raiders have been over the years. He then can shut everyone up and have put in their place.

  7. The only one who wasn’t from the offensive side of the ball was Madden
    “Noel Devine cannot carry Joe McKnight’s spit bucket”

  8. Those are 3 top notch coachin options..then probably a new coach for next season….I’ve been a raider fan for 28 years and I’m about done.

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