Former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin told a reporter on Tuesday that he plans to hold a press conference of his own on Wednesday regarding the termination of his employment.
Kiffin promised to address whether he was given a reason for the decision and, if so, what it was.
In our view, Kiffin needs to tread lightly.  Anything he says can be used against him in the coming grievance to enforce the balance of his contract.  Also, to the extent that he hopes to get another coaching job either in the NFL or at the college level, he needs to consider exercising some discretion.  Prospective employers will be watching every move he makes, and they’ll be determining based on his actions whether he sufficiently “gets it” to justify ever getting another crack at a high-profile job.


  1. I don’t see where Kiffin has much to worry about as to what he says. Anyone that knows what a football is, knows what Al Davis is. I think Goodell needs to have a serious talk to Davis and let him know the league doesn’t appreciate being made to look bad.
    Whoever the next real coach is would be wise to ask for a signing bonus like the players get before accepting any contract from Al. Shanahan never did get his money did he?

  2. if i were Lane i’d do the same thing… i’m working in a disfunctional organization – my boss phones me and tells me i’m fired and i won’t get paid the remaining THREE POINT FIVE MILLION that i’m owed on my contract… do i walk away quietly, or do i get up on a podium and tell the world what went on and why this place is a $h1tty place to work? hmmm… 3.5 MILLION… hmm….
    Yep, i clear the comments with my legal team and i get up there and let loose. Al’s hours of operations, how he manages a team, who is the GM, who calls the plays, how the draft gets done, who pulled the trigger on the big money deals in the offseason, everything…
    if the boss has an issue with this, then he can fulfill his obligations on the contract…
    go lane go… i’m sure the raiders will pick up and hopefully continue to slowly improve – but i wish you the best, and hope you get the last laugh during your comments tomorrow.

  3. I know everyone would love to see this guy rail against the organization, but it’s a good thing he’s giving this a day. If I was him, I would use the time to acknowledge the players and your staff. It would really be a class act on his part not to do what everyone wants him to do.

  4. Since the inevitable lawsuit will center around the terms of his termination, how can what Lane says about Al Davis and the org after said termination affect the (il)legaility of the Raiders action? I agree that it is probably in his best interest to play nice, but I don’t see why he is under any legal obligation to act that way now.

  5. Having worked for and been fired by a dysfunctional manager who stiffed me on the way out, I can say from experience Kellyb9 is correct. But it is hard to do.
    “living well is the best revenge.”

  6. “living well is the best revenge.”
    Actually, throwing someone into a live volcano is the best revenge, although putting piranha in their swimming pool ranks a close second.

  7. Whoo hoo!!
    I hope Kifflin gives him what he deserves!!!
    The old man doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s CRAZY!!!!!
    He does this kind of crapp with every Coach he gets, he needs to wake up!!!!!!!

  8. I’m with kellyb. good thing he waits a day to compose himself, maybe talk to a media consultant, acknowledge the players and staff for their valuable contributions and walks away with his dignity intact and his head held high.

  9. he has to, shack, to work in the nfl again. the club of owners is watching him to see just how humble he is. they dont mind that he does battle with al… they just dont want a repeat performance should they hire him later.

  10. Kiffin should become HC of the Chiefs…Then all AFC-West teams will be lead by ex-Raider [Al Davis] coaches!! LMAO!!!! And Davis will proclaim his skills in selecting coaches…….

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