Al Davis has a press conference scheduled for this afternoon, and most people are expecting him to announce that he’s firing head coach Lane Kiffin.
But Adam Schefter of NFL Network throws out another possibility: Maybe Davis will use the press conference to criticize the media for “rumor mongering.”
Schefter reports that some Raiders employees believe that Davis won’t fire Kiffin today, or any time soon, and that instead, Davis just wants an opportunity to reprimand the members of the media who have dared to suggest that things are just a wee bit dysfunctional in Raiderland. Schefter adds that a smaller number of Raiders employees think Kiffin will be fired and Paul Hackett will be named head coach.
We won’t know for sure until Al steps up to the microphones.


  1. God i hope so. i’m sayin this all the time if kiffin goes then russels a bust and mcfadden will be badly injured when we over use him because of it. if kiffin stays then russel will be a great qb and mcfadden will be a great hb. all the raiders need is a better pass protection, wr, new d cord, and resign nnamdi to a bigger and better contract than hall!!! or they can switch nnamdis and halls contract right now

  2. Al doesn’t speak enough, the man is a legend.
    It’s always a pleasure to listen to him speak.
    Speak more Al!

  3. If you call the Raiders office, the phone is listed on the website in the “contact us” section, a lady will answer at the desk. I just did, I asked if there were any press conferences scheduled for 2PM West coast time, she replied “not that any of us here are aware of,” she also added “don’t buy into the media about that right now,” whatever that means. Again, I doubt many of the lower level workers who answer phones really know what goes on in detail, but I have called them before and asked about press conferences, and they generally know, because they make the proper phone calls and organizations for pressers. Just a little tip..

  4. What are the chances that crazy Al, instead of firing Kiffin, fires Rex Ryan (who from my understanding, is one of the few assistants he did NOT interview)? I mean, let’s face it: It doesn’t make sense to me to even write it, so it has to make PERFECT sense to Al Davis right? He could make his team look better, and stable, by firing an assistant coach that could be “undermining” the head coach. Thus backing Kiffin and trying to make the Raiders look normal and cohesive again. (It could all make sense in the jacked up world that is Raiderland)

  5. M.C.:“…AND NOW, coming to the mic, all the way from Alameda, California, the ‘King of Comedy’, the ‘Father of Funny’, the ‘Lieutenant of Laughs’, lets hear a big round of applause for AL DAVIS!”
    Audience: (loud applause)
    Davis: “Thank you…thank you. Seriously, thank you. A funny thing happened on the way here tonight: I fired someone!”
    Audience: “Hahahahaha!”
    Davis: “Yeah, I had no idea that since 2003, my running of the Oakland Raiders was really a comedy show, but it’s been truly special performing all these gyrations for all you Raider fans. Anyway, I’ve fired Lane Kiffin today to go in a different direction. I know all you fans think all I do is hire young weak offensive coordinators so I can boss them around, but that is simply not true.”
    Audience: “Hahahahaha!”
    Davis: “Um, that wasn’t a joke. Anyway, I really do want to go in a different direction. So today I’m announcing the hiring of Andrew Walter as our new head coach.”
    Random Audience Member: “But..but…he’s our back-up quarterback!”
    Davis: “Yeah, but I think he has a great young mind and will lead our team to a Super Bowl. Anyway, a funny thing happened when I was at the grocery store shopping for Depends…”

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