With quarterback Vince Young recovering from a sprain to his knee and a bruise to his ego and former backup Kerry Collins leading the team to its first 4-0 start in franchise history, the Tennessee Titans will be facing a thorny decision after the 2008 season.
Collins is in the final year of his contract with the team.  He will be a free agent in March.  And he doesn’t want to be a backup next year.
“There’s been a little talk, but it was mainly in training camp,” Collins told Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper regarding the possibility of a contract extension.  “Certainly a lot of things have changed since then.  I’m probably more inclined to kind of wait till the end of the season to see how things play out, because at this point in my career, it’s going to be hard for me to back up anymore.  It really will.
“After sitting for two years and now being the starter, I know I can still do this at a high level, and to me, it’s going to have to be a starting job, or I’m going to have to make some decisions on what I’m going to do,” Collins added.
“I would love to stay here.  I really would,” Collins said.  “I love playing for Jeff.  I love playing in Nashville.  I really feel like I fit well as a part of this team.  Having said that, who knows what’s gonna happen.  Certainly, I think I’m better off just waiting till the end of the year and seeing how it all plays out.”
Collins also said that he’d consider an offer for an extension now, if a promise of an opportunity to compete for the starting job came along with it.
Whether Collins stays will depend in large part on whether Young does.  We still think there’s a chance that, in the offseason, the Titans and Young will strike a deal to allow him to retire without having to pay back any bonus money.
Regardless of how it all turns out, it has the potential to be a huge mess — and the success that the team ultimately enjoys in 2008 will be a significant factor in the decision that the Titans ultimately have to make.  

26 responses to “TITANS FACE A BIG DECISION IN 2009

  1. Just because Collins is one of dozens of NFL quarterbacks better than Vince Young doesn’t mean he’s going to get a starting gig in the NFL. Collins is 35, and if he thinks he has more starting ahead of him than backing up, he’s kidding himself.

  2. why in the world would they allow him to retire without paying them money? You have yet to give one legitimate reason…I understand that Bud is a sycophantic Texas fan, but still, that’s a lot of money.

  3. If Vince Young quits he will be a Ryan Leaf level bust whose infamy will similarly last forever

  4. Collins is smart, if he could succeed in the West Coast offense, he could end up in Minnesota or Tampa and probably improve either team’s QB situation.

  5. Young retire? What is that all about. He has only been in the league 3 years. This is the first time I hear anything about retirement.

  6. #4, Garcia, Collins.. all these grey beards playing well into their late 30s brings to light the following obvious fact. Defensive linemen must be getting skinnier and less skillful as the decades pass. What ever happened to QBs sustaining career ending injuries from getting railed from behind(not that way Florio — not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now former stars just rot on the bench because their ego took a big hit, not their body. Weaksauce!

  7. I sure hope Titans fans don’t shoot themselves in the foot on this one. In going along with the “poor VY he’s still gonna be great he just needs some time to get right” BS they are leaving the door open for titans management to go with VY once they find that Collins can no longer be had at a bargain price. Act like fans that want to win, not child psychiatrists dealing with an immature kid. Don’t let them waste any more time on VY. By the way, how are those worthless receivers doing? I know they were to blame for VY’s shortcomings, how bad are they making Collins look?

  8. Collins is worth a decent 2 year extension if he finishes the season as good or better than he’s doing right now. I’d hate to pull a Baltimore type move and can an adequate QB that doesn’t lose games for one that sucks.
    But in reflection its funny that the Titans have gone full circle since VY. They got rid of an old yet productive QB just to end up with the guy picked 2 spaces after him in the same draft.

  9. “By the way, how are those worthless receivers doing? I know they were to blame for VY’s shortcomings, how bad are they making Collins look?”
    As a titans fan… touche. I always heard people making excuses for VY not making plays in the air because he didn’t have any “big name” receivers. That’s crap. Sure they aren’t T.O. or Moss but they are decent slightly above average receivers. VY made it hard for them to look good. When I’m watching a game, I feel so much better when Collins is in. When VY is under center I hope and pray before every snap that he doesn’t turn it over. I find myself rooting for him to run it every time. That’s usually not a good sign. I really don’t know what to think about him though. I haven’t seen any progress these last 3 years so I think the titan’s might be better off cutting their losses and drafting a new young QB or testing out Simms.

  10. Anyone paying top dollar for Collins is a fool. Sure, he has skills. At times he looks unbeatable. I’ve seen him throw a perfect spiral in 30 mph winds at the Meadowlands and hit the receiver right on his hands. But if you blitz him and hit him early, he’s done for the game. Look at his time with the Giants. The incompletions, the interceptions, the fumbles, it all happened when a defense got to him and hit him. One solid shot and he’s listening for footsteps the whole game. Unless the Titans have the BEST O line in the NFL, Collins will end up ripping out their hearts when he implodes because someone knocked the snot out of him. Collins was crapping in his pants the whole Super Bowl because Baltimore hit him early. The Titans need to go back and watch that Super Bowl again because I can guarantee whoever they play in the playoffs will be watching it. The man just cannot take a hit.

  11. east96st says:
    Unless the Titans have the BEST O line in the NFL, Collins will end up ripping out their hearts when he implodes because someone knocked the snot out of him.
    Your gonna find out this weekend how well he takes hits. Baltimore is gonna blitz the snot out of him.

  12. Ryan Leaf level bust? Young had at least one good year…a ROY, year.
    He’s more of a…Anthony Thomas/Tommy Maddox level bust.

  13. Our biggest question next offseason is that of Big Al … and Keith Bullock … Kerry already said he is open for a negotiations now as long as he is allowed a chance to compete to start … I think he’s already earned that much … I don’t even want to think about next offseason, I want to enjoy what we have going on right now … all of that will work itself in due time … and if Kerry decides to leave Chris Simms is waiting in the wings in case Vince doesn’t win the job … give Dinger the rest of this year and next offseason w/ Simms and you’d have to feel pretty good about that scenario … IMO anyways b/c Dinger is just a real good coach, especially w/ QB’s …

  14. Collins is still a good QB. Good not great. Put a great team around him and you can win a superbowl. Put an average team around him and they’ll be average. He reminds me of Drew Bledsoe. Still, he’s a great backup to have around because he doesn’t lay an egg whenever you put him out there. And I don’t see him getting many chances at a starting job anywhere next year.

  15. I would put him as an Akili Smith or Ryan Leaf, just a complete joke. I am pretty sure anyone reading this would be willing to do anything to get paid millions to get booed. Pay me like that and boo me all game every game and I wouldn’t care even a little!

  16. If the Titans let VY out of his contract without returning bonus money, it sets a very bad precedent. He signed a contract and he should comply with the contract he signed. Either he stays on team and plays out the contract or the Titans cut him. But to just let him retire without returning money just looks bad. A top 5 pick in the coming years gets big money bonus and decides to retire cause he starts getting booed and starts thinking negative thoughts can bring up the VY scenario and keeps him money and run. Its shoudn’t be that easy. The titans should get tough on him. If VY wants to retire, give up the money he didn’t earn.

  17. What qb’s play better or the same when the defense Is in their face? Brady, manning, manning, and roetlisberger all play worse under heavy pressure. I’m a 49ers fan and I don’t think even the greats Montana and young weren’t affected by defenders in their faces. Back to the drawing board on the Collins criticisms.

  18. First off, VY retire?? Even Eric Crouch thinks that’s ridiculous
    Secondly, if Titans fan thinks that Chris Simms is the answer then, “H AH AH AHA H AHA H HAH A HAA HAHA HA AHHA HAH AH A AH HA AHA AH HAH AH AH AH AH AH HA HA HAHAH HAH H AH AHAHH AH AHAHA HA HA HAH AHA H HA AH H AH AH AH AH AH HAHA HAHHHHAH A HA HA AH AHAH A HAH AHAHAH AH AHAHA HAHHAHA HAH AHA HH AH A H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Tampa Hoss

  19. hesawinner – Comparing Collins to Montana or Brady is ridiculous. What I wrote was NOT that he JUST doesn’t play as well but that his game completely collapses when he gets hit. Just look at his time with the Giants. I watched every game. There were times when I thought he might win a Super Bowl for NY. He looked that good. But then the hits starting coming, more teams brought the blitz, and he fell apart. The year after Baltimore kicked his ass in the Super Bowl, he was sacked 36 times and fumbled the ball 23 times. The year before he only fumbled 7 times. The Giants went from 12-4 to 7-9. He lost all confidence in his game. To be fair, the 7-9 season was not all his fault. But the guy never really looked the same.

  20. “the Titans and Young will strike a deal to allow him to retire without having to pay back any bonus money.”
    Um, wouldn’t simply cutting him have the same effect? Or would there be cap stipulations?

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