If Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens wants the ball more, he’ll be happy to know that he has support in his quest from owner Jerry Jones.
Jones said on his local radio show that the Cowboys’ offense needs to do all it can to get the ball in Owens’ hands.
“He’s a terrific playmaker, and we want to get him the ball,” Jones said on 1310 The Ticket, per the Dallas Morning News. “We’ll overly try to get him the ball. There’s no question about that. We should. It ought to open things up for other places on the offense.”
It’s hard to figure out what, exactly, Jones means when he says the Cowboys should “overly try” to get Owens the ball: Try so hard that they’re forcing him the ball when he’s not open?
But Jones doesn’t think the Cowboys need to “overly try” to get the ball to running backs Felix Jones and Marion Barber. Despite criticism from many fans and members of the media who said the Cowboys made a tactical error in handing off to Barber just eight times on Sunday and Jones not at all, Jerry Jones says that was simply a result of the defense the Redskins were playing.
“Candidly, I think they did a good job with their fronts, their defensive fronts,” Jones said. “They were physical in that area. That gave us some problems there, too.”


  1. they lost a game, so did half the other teams that played last week. who flipping cares

  2. We like to call that in my neck of the woods…
    “Poking the bear”…
    There will be consequences from that statement.

  3. Did Jones realize they did exactly that against the Skins, and they lost? I mean, you can throw it to TO every play, but if keeps playing butterfingers, what do they expect?

  4. People talk about Al Davis, but Jerruh is probably even worse. Don’t fool yourselves. Would Al Davis choose T.O. over Bill Parcells?
    Jerrah wants a circus, not a good football team. The farther they get from Parcells’ influence, the worse they will be.

  5. Jerry, You might want to do a little research on how many times TO was THROWN the ball and how many times the CAUGHT the ball. I may not be a football owner like you, but I can figure out that math and realize these two undisputed facts:
    1. TO is getting the ball thrown his WAY WAY TO OFTEN.
    2. TO is not catching the ball and making those “BIG” plays that everyone is so in love with him making.
    Secondly, might not want to tell everyone your teams game plan….idiot.

  6. “Jerrah wants a circus, not a good football team. The farther they get from Parcells’ influence, the worse they will be. ”
    What he said.
    What’s the over/under on how many games it takes before Romo and TO are barking at each other on the sidelines? I say 4 games.

  7. Great idea – it worked *so* well when it was called the ‘Randy Ratio’ in Minnesota. Mike Tice is still reaping the benefits of that one.

  8. In related news, Wyeth (makers of Preparation H) stock is up 2.64% to $38.44 due to the latest public appearance of the walking talking hemorrhoid who owns the Cowboys.

  9. Man, such Cowboy Hates on here, its absurd. Sure he wants TO to get the ball. TO is a playmaker and thats who u try and get the ball too. The Cowboys have plenty of playmakers, but as for WR other than Crayton once in awhile, TO is their go to guy.

  10. Great, another meddlesome owner who wants so desperately to win, but yet has no clue how to do so. Join your buddies Vampire Al and Fantasy Football Dan.

  11. “We’ll overly try to get him the ball.” …………….don’t look for the Boys to even make it to the playoffs with that kinda plan.

  12. So now they are ‘overly trying’ to shut TO up, and ‘overly trying’ to put undue pressure on Romo, and ‘overly trying’ to ignore Barber and Witten? Excellent plan there, Jerry.
    I think JJ’s been sniffing too much glitz and glitter.

  13. Oh, please do. Twenty times a game not enough? How about twenty times each half. Forget about Witten. Forget about Barber. Who need them? T.O. wants it. T.O. needs it.

  14. Why doesn’t Jerry just fire Wade & take over as coach since he is such a genius & knows more than anyone else? This guys ego is bigger then that jerk TO’s. He just gave this guy a mandate to get what he wants. The Cowboys are going to implode

  15. They threw the ball to him around 18 times last game! I think that’s “overly” getting him the ball. Maybe if he could hang on to a few more catches then they wouldn’t have lost. He should be more concerned that the running game got shut down, not that he didn’t get the ball more. He can catch 8 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown and they will still lose is Marion Barber doesn’t touch the ball enough. But when Barber runs for over 100 yards, they are almost unbeatable. What an idiot and Jones needs to let the coaches coach and stay out of it. It’s only a matter of time…..

  16. If this was Al Davis and the Raiders, you’d all be chirping that he needs to butt out, he is not helping. But it is Jerry Jones, and even thought he is less of a football man than AD, he gets a pass to meddle. Jones or Snyder are worse owners by far, and as you see, ownership doesn’t play the game on the field.

  17. Jerry Jones is Al Davis with a better make up job. Oakland used to be referred to as the place where old football players go to finsh out their careers, Dallas should now be referred to as the place where paroled or acquitted players go to play…don’t worry Pacman, Chris Henry is on his way…

  18. Of course he wants T.O. to get the ball. Everytime it happens, he looks smarter, since T.O. was pretty much the only guy on the team that Parcels built that Parcels didn’t want.

  19. Just another example in a long list of them of Jerry Jones sticking his nose into the football team when keeping your mouth shut would have been the right call. He ran Jimmy Johnson out of town in the middle of a dynasty and suffered the consequences so you would think that he might learn a lesson.
    But for us non-Cowgirl fans, all we can do is cheer him on from the sidelines. Implode, baby, Implode… He has now given TO a free pass to start bitching and TO is never one to keep his mouth shut either. Next, it will be the choke artist, Tony Homo, crying into the camera, “That’s by big-assed girlfriend you are talking about” She should shut her mouth also just to prevent stuffing down some more calories.

  20. While you’re at it, make sure Romo spends a few extra seconds in the pocket looking for TO. Might as well get your MVP hurt while you’re throwing him under the bus.

  21. Yep, he’s a playmaker alright…who led the league in drops last year.
    And not just finger tip glances…in and out of the breadbasket.

  22. You all are missing the truth on this one. Jerry Jones is feeding T.O.’s ego to assuage any ill feelings Owens may have after last game. He’s keeping him a team player. By T.O. hearing that from Jones, his ego was satisfied and he’ll go practice hard this week. And, no real changes will be made with the game plan.
    So, Jones has managed to:
    1. Shut T.O. up, and
    2. Given the Jason Garrett free rein to call the offense as he wishes.
    I don’t particularly care for Jerry Jones, but even I can admit that he is one H3LL of a damn good salesman/manager.

  23. its funny how no one, especially Jerry Jones, in the Cowboys organization will come out and say that T.O. has to “overly” try to catch the football when thrown to him; when it is clearly a catchable pass. Isn’t this the same guy who leads the league in dropped passes?
    Anyway, thanks for the sweet victory Zorn & company! woo-ha!

  24. I think it’s a really great idea for the Cowboys. It worked so well when the Vikings tried the same with Moss a few years ago, and the fact that it was tried with Moss but not TO must have been gnawing away at TO all these years.

  25. If you seriously think about this for a second, think about it…
    Is a 15 yard catch by T.O. somehow more valuable than a 15 yard catch by Jason Witten, by Miles Austin? By Patrick Crayton? No. It’s a 15 yard gain regardless.
    T.O. isn’t exactly a ‘run after the catch’ kind of guy where he’ll juke and jump over people and battle his way to the end-zone. He’s not a punt returner or a kick returner by any means.

  26. I’m sort of surprised by the amount of attention Dallas losing has gotten.
    Dallas is a pretty good team. Three games in, a lot of people were stating that they were the best team in football.
    Then they lost a game, to a division rival that always plays them hard. Now all of a sudden these same people are saying Dallas isn’t that great, they are in trouble, TO is gonna melt down.
    All of those things may be the case, but I don’t know how you can go from Dallas is the best team in football, to Dallas is “dead in the water”, after one game.
    It was unlikely that Dallas (or any other team) was going to go undefeated this year. So Dallas lost a key game. But they did it in the beginning of the year. I think its far more likely that it galvanizes the team, and they stop taking things for granted, than it is to cause a meltdown.
    I’m not saying Dallas is the best team, or that they’re winning the NFC east, the superbowl, or even a playoff game. But I am saying that its far too early in the season to start taking every little thing the owner or players say, and using it to forecast the shadow of death.

  27. Dallas isn’t going to implode. We are still the most talented team in the NFL and have pro bowl players at almost every position. I’m perplexed at why every is making such a big deal out of this loss. We lost to a very good Redskin team who stuffed our run game and outplayed our wideouts. You have to give credit where credit is due. This is nothing new; TO wants the ball. Every great player wants the ball, there are just few that are bold enough to say it. There is nothing wrong with getting our best player the ball. Romo still loves TO and this team will do anything it takes to win. For those of you bashing Jerry, that is ridiculous. No other owner in the NFL is aas passionate about his investment as Jerry. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win. You have to come to terms with the fact that he is going to be hands on, but deep down he only wants the best. Go Cowboys…

  28. Before even getting to what JJ said, can we address the fact that Jerry has a radio show? Isn’t he the owner and acting GM? Didn’t Cerrato (Redskins GM) get blasted all over the place, including this site, for having a radio show?
    Personally, I’ve got no problems with either one having a show. But I do have a problem Cerrato taking heat for something while JJ skates along while doing the same thing.

  29. It’s really funny that alot of you are saying Jerry Jones is a worse owner than Dan Snyder and Al Davis.
    This must be what the hottest girl in school feels like around all the other girls.

  30. Meh, that’s just talk. They should be trying to get the ball to the open guy. Really they should be running the ball to loosen things up for the pass game.

  31. “He ran Jimmy Johnson out of town in the middle of a dynasty”
    Jimmy please, don’t comment on things you know nothing about. Johnson was non-committal about returning for the 1994 season and Jones told him to commit long-term or quit and this is verified by both parties. Jimmy Johnson never lasted more than 5 years in any head coaching position in his entire life and he was burned out.
    And try to not be so bitter. So the Packers lost, big deal. That’s what they do.

  32. “Would Al Davis choose T.O. over Bill Parcells?”
    Why not? Tuna didn’t accomplish anything regarding the Cowboys that Wade Phillips hasn’t already surpassed.

  33. “Secondly, might not want to tell everyone your teams game plan….idiot.”
    Yeah, because he’s not smart enough to say one thing, then have something else happen. If I could buy you for what you know and sell you for what you think you know, I could buy myself a football team.

  34. “Great, another meddlesome owner who wants so desperately to win, but yet has no clue how to do so”
    Um, you know he’s won three Super Bowls as owner/GM, right? Yeah come on fanboi, tell me it was all Jimmy Johnson… then remind me who hired Jimmy Johnson.

  35. “Of course he wants T.O. to get the ball. Everytime it happens, he looks smarter, since T.O. was pretty much the only guy on the team that Parcels built that Parcels didn’t want. ”
    Gosh, and what an idiot for not wanting one of the best WRs in the NFL! Come on Pats fan, make your argument as to why teams should stay away from guys like that! Randy Moss, Tom Brady and Bob Kraft are laughing at you. Does it strike you as odd that Wade Frickin Phillips took “the team that Parcells built” and won four more games than Parcells did with them?

  36. “T.O. isn’t exactly a ‘run after the catch’ kind of guy”
    Where do you guys get this crap? Seriously. He hasn’t had a lot of opportunity for RAC this year because of how he’s being used and the coverage he’s drawing but DUH, he’s always floated at or near the top in terms of RAC.

  37. “Overly try” apperently Jerry Jones taught Emmitt Smiff how to speak. ”
    Who taught you how to spell?

  38. “Does it strike you as odd that Wade Frickin Phillips took “the team that Parcells built” and won four more games than Parcells did with them?”
    Doesn’t strike me as the least bit odd since neither one of them could win a playoff game with that team.

  39. 32% of the plays where the ball was intended to go to Owens. With a 50% success rate so only 16% of the plays where the ball was intended for Owens did it actually end up in his hands. Based on 19 out of 58 plays and only 9 times did Owens actually get the ball.
    Good call Jerry. Meanwhile your two running backs get the ball 8 and 0 times during the game?
    The Cowboys might make the playoffs they will not appear in the Super Bowl with that kind of production intended for Owens.

  40. Notice how much JJ looks like AD after the surgery?
    ‘Boys fans look to Oakland if you want to see your team in a few years. IF JJ continues down the I now what is best for my team path.

  41. “Doesn’t strike me as the least bit odd since neither one of them could win a playoff game with that team. ”
    We know Parcells couldn’t, anyway. Remains to be seen whether Phillips can or not.

  42. Have you been sleeping for the last 20 years, mbehavin? Jerry Jones has always done what he thinks is best for his team. That’s why he’s a great owner. He may swing and miss, but at least he swings. Can you say that about your favorite team’s owner?
    Really, do I need to run down the list of NFL owners and the things that they have or havent done? Lurie doesn’t want to get any quality WRs, Rooney, Kraft and Bowlen are known cheaters, Snyder’s clueless but loves big names, Davis may be senile, Brown, Bidwell, York, Adams and Wilson are notoriously cheap, should I go on? Huizenga doesn’t give a damn, he wants to build a winner only so he can sell the team to a higher highest bidder. Ford? Please. Want more? Paul Allen doesn’t care if Holmgren has lost it, he’s got money that he hasn’t even folded yet and the business of the NFL really is a game to him. McNair? Again, PLEASE.
    So… who owns your favorite team? You wish they had an owner like Jerry Jones.

  43. VV – Not running down JJ at all. AD has always done what he thought was best for the Raiders, Always. He has been doing that since 1963 when he first became a coach for the Raiders. The passion JJ and Davis have for their teams is not that much stronger than some of the other owners. Yes AD has lost it, hell eventually all of us will loose it.
    And yes I can say that about my favorite team’s owner. Very committed to making his team better every year.
    Even you will admit that owners that passionate are going to test the boundaries of any rule out there. Some of the rule changes have been due to the passion of the very owners being talked about. Salary cap – rule change put in just because of your ‘boys – to level the field. Playing loose with the cap rules, ala Denver, rule change and stiff penalties. Tampering with other teams players – smart money says that goes directly back to Al Davis.
    Probably the stories about George Halas would make a good book.
    JJ does act like Al at times, when he says he wants Owens involved in more plays is one example. To have Barber only get 8 carries and Jones 0 is not smart football, those guys are great runners and Dallas is more dangerous when they use them. Of course all of these things I just expressed are my opinions.

  44. VV – Just to be sure I am clear, I like my team’s owner a lot more than I do Jerry Jones. The owner of my team lets the coaches do their job and has never publicly given any advice to the coaches on how to use the players on the team.

  45. VV – If you think Jerry Jones is 100% above board then you have never been in a meeting with an Oil Man. He did not get his Billions by playing nice with anyone including the NFL. No one gets their Billions by being a nice guy, no one.

  46. Although I think Jerry’s mouth has been way too big lately, I personally heard this interview on 1310 KTCK The Original Ticket in Dallas with Norm Hitzges at 10:10 this morning. This comment was not like that. It was a off the hip, Yeah we need to get him the ball on every play if we can comment. It was not a directive or that serious. It was just a he is a playmaker and we need him to make plays comment.

  47. just like meathead’s “randy ratio” from a few years ago… too much talk from someone who isnt part of the field operation.
    who wouldnt want to get a playmaker the ball more… well ya cant even try to do it in total ignorance of game situations, coverage, your player’s mental and physical condition… and ya didnt get all them other stud players just to ignore them.
    after all this, just think how cockeyed the dallas locker room would be (not trying to make a chas haley joke) if ohsostinko moved in.
    she-ho has alligator arms in critical spots. in a playoff game for sf vs tb his arms shrunk so he couldnt get nailed on a pass play… well the extra cover guy intercepted the ball and short arms wasnt in position to make a tackle either.
    he’s a frickin hot dog diva and locker room poison.
    i think all that botox is leaking into jones’ bloodstream and slowly killing his brain.

  48. Let’s see, Dallas already has Yoko Romo (I love that). Now maybe they have “J Jo TO”. Think of the odds.

  49. So is anyone going to be surprised when the Bengals D wins against the Cowboys? The Bengals sucks, but Bob Bratkowski’s schemes just got less complicated.

  50. “Um, you know he’s won three Super Bowls as owner/GM, right? ”
    Um, you know that’s Jones trying to take credit for what Johnson did, right? Amazing, a few years after he and the talent he drafted left, they sucked, right?
    “Who taught you how to spell?”
    Who taught you Latin? Oh wait, Vox is going to go for a mom joke here.
    “You wish they had an owner like Jerry Jones.”
    Yeah, 12 years without a playoff win, awesome, sign him up to lead my team any day.

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