As they prepare to face a Giants team that will be missing its top wideout, two of the primary pass-catchers for the Seattle Seahawks will be returning to action on Sunday.
Deion Branch and Bobby Engram will suit up and play for the first time this season.
“They really did have a good week.  Now, how much they play in the football game, we kind of have to see,” coach Mike Holmgren said Friday.  “They’ll be honest about it, they’ll let us know.
“They’ll be excited to play again and they’ll probably be gasping a little bit just from being out there again . . . so we have to be smart with how we do that.”
Keary Colbert or Billy McMullen will start across from Branch.  Engram will operate out of the slot.


  1. How long do you think it will take Branch to start making a difference? Or do you think it will be just a matter of getting back into game shape?

  2. Hard to say how he will impact this game. What’s obviously much more important is that Plax will be out. The G-men played pretty poorly against the lowly Bungals two weeks ago. More recently they have pasted the Sea-chickens, but this one is tough with the personnel changes.

  3. Dion Branch, Dion Branch….Oh! Now I remember, wasn’t he that system receiver that used to be with New England, then thought he rather than the system was great and left in free agency and hasn’t sniffed success since? Another player leaves, flunks and the Pats keep rolling (i.e see Woody,Graham,Givens,Law,Patten etc).

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