The Redskins are 4-1, and as evidenced by this video of his post-game reaction to the win at Philly, owner Dan Snyder is excited about his team.



And there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be fired up.  He bought the team nine years ago, and despite immense financial success the franchise hasn’t done so well on the field.

This year, in an ultra-competitive NFC East, the ‘Skins have followed a lackluster opening night loss with four straight victories, including wins at Dallas and at Philly.

The success of the team also validates Snyder’s decision to hire Jim Zorn to coach the team, and to give ever-increasing authority to Vinny Cerrato, who some league insiders have privately predicted could never get a similar job with any other team. 

Given the current success of the Redskins, Cerrato probably won’t ever need to try.

30 responses to “DAN SNYDER IS FIRED UP

  1. He is so cute isn’t he? Sure he charges crazy prices for Food and Beer at FedEx, but he cares. Yes he’s made some stupid decisions since he bought the team (signed Jeff George, Let Trent Green go and traded away Brad Johnson, Neon Deion, Mark Carrier, Adam Archuletta, Fired Marty Shottenheimer, Hired Steve Spurrier, and let Uncle Gibbs trade away draft picks for players like TJ Duckett and Brandon Lloyd), but he spends the money on the team in the hopes it will win.
    It would appear the curse of John Kent Cook (ex owner Jack Kent Cook’s son) is finally over. Or at least I hope it is. HAIL SKINS!!!

  2. Ok I retract my previous post that “He’s so cute isn’t he?” As notkrisroe stated he is a douche. And it would appear he made his “WOOOOOO!” comments while coming off the field? If he starts showing up on the sidelines like PigFace Jones does during games that would be very disappointing.

  3. As much as I hate to admit it, the Skins look pretty good. Really, the entire NFC east looks to be among the elite of the NFL.
    I thought the skins would be pretty bad this year with a a new coach, new offensive scheme. If they keep playing this well, the NFC is going to be a very very brutal place to play.

  4. Um that didnt look or sound like Dan snyder….. I think he has a body double to protect him from assassination

  5. Now, why cant more owners be like that. He owns the team, he should be able to be pumped about his team winning. He’s made some stupid decisons but now he’s making good ones in picking Zorn. Good for him and good for the NFL. Better than some owners that you dont even here or know about.

  6. What people is Dan Snyder not allowed to get fired up? Funny how some of the people calling him a douche are probably the same dorks that paint there face, get beered up and make asinine, idiotic comments thru the entire game..And as far as the NFC East being the best division in football, well, I dont disagree, but I’m quite sure the Panthers and a handful of other teams would be more than happy to play anyone from the nfc east any time, anywhere

  7. I work at Chuck e Cheese, and right after the game Snyder came in and ordered pizzas for everyone.
    FYI, he is still there playing the pop the weasel game.

  8. Yes, the Redskins are playing well…so far….the season is still young…their start is amazing…but let’s see how they finish before crowning Snyder & Cerrato.

  9. funny everyone giving the nfc east to the redskins after 5 games. i still think the eagles will be there in the end. once they get some guys like andrews and westbrook completely healthy they’ll go on a run.

  10. Good for Snyder, it’s great to see him happy about his team.
    Hey, the man tries to win and he’s happy when they do, wtf is wrong with that?
    The hating on this board is off the hook.

  11. I’ll take 4-1 after three divisional road games. Snyder should be happy. Now for the Rams. Hail!

  12. The NFC East is definitely tops in the NFL this year. But since they each have to play 6 divisional games against quality teams, their records could suffer. Its like the NFL’s version of the SEC. The shittiest thing is that at least 1 of the 4 won’t make the playoffs while an arguably undeserving team (like one from the NFC West) will. That said, the Redskins now have all their road divisional games out of the way and looked good winning 2 out of the 3. The Giants still appear to be the class of the division though…

  13. I always find it amusing when high-level executives get fired up about something. There’s something that just seems so fake about it to me, like they feel they should be fired up so then they follow the executive handbook: 1) Clap 2) Raise Voice 3) Announce accomplishments.
    I’ve been enjoying watching the Redskins this year though. I think Zorn could be the real deal, we’ll have to wait and see.

  14. “If you don’t like the beer prices at FedEx Field, don’t buy any.”
    I don’t anymore. Hand full of mini’s of my favorite liqour $12, 2 large Coke’s (one if the first half and one in the 2nd) $8, Buzzed throughout the whole game………….PRICELESS!

  15. I don’t think the Redskins should really be that much of a surprise. They have a QB that has steadily improved over the past 3 years, and certainly has all the tools, including a running game, to win alot of ball games. I don’t blame Snyder, damn I’d be fired up too if after week one everyone in the NFL had the Redskins in the basement of the NFC East. At this point, I wouldn’t mind Al Davis calling the plays for the Eagles… maybe he’d mix in a running play or two after the first drive of the game.

  16. Vox Veritas – you would rather have your stretchy faced owner there on the sideline? Snyder isn’t out there to be in the public like that dallas douche. He lets his coaches coach and doesn’t get in their way. He has every right to act like an idiot and be pumped up like any fan.

  17. “you would rather have your stretchy faced owner there on the sideline? Snyder isn’t out there to be in the public like that dallas douche.”
    Did you type that with a straight face? Snyder has been one of THE most public owners and has challenged Al Davis for the number of bad decisions made against his team. If Zorn goes 8-8, he will be gone also. If the great Gibbs couldn’t do it, why should anyone think that a guy who’s only coordinator experience was for a few weeks in the offseason. It was you people calling a stupid hire. Winning 4 games doesn’t change that.
    The Redskins are just as likely to be in 4th place after 16 games as anywhere else. Yeah, they’ve got a couple of guys but they don’t have 53.

  18. First fo all…you morons that are saying Daniel Snyder is an idiot, you have no idea what you’re talking about. There are two things I hold him accountable for over the past 10 years….taking Jack kent Cooke off the stadium…and…trying to charge fans to attend practice.. Otherwise, he’s one of the biggest fans we have and fortunately, he is the owner. For every bad player picked up, I’ll match ya’ with a good player acquisition. Some of you idiots simply can’t come to your own conclusions, someone else needs to give yiou one. Hail slackers!!

  19. What a clown. I’m a life long Redskin fan but this guy is a tool. Show some class and save that crap for inside the locker room.
    Why in the world would you, as the owner, want to provide bulleting board material for rematches with Dallas and Philly.
    I wish a Philly fan would have poured beer on his $2500 suit.

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