Eagles running back Brian Westbrook was already nursing an ankle injury, and after Sunday’s loss to the Redskins he has another injury to worry about.
ESPN reports that Eagles coach Andy Reid said today that Westbrook has “fractured ribs.” He suffered the injury during the first half of yesterday’s game and returned after getting a painkilling injection. He finished with 12 carries for 33 yards and six catches for 51 yards.
Per ESPN, since Westbrook became the team’s starting running back, the Eagles have gone 36-23 with him and 3-7 without him.
There is no word on Westbrook’s status for Sunday’s game at San Francisco.


  1. Get the body bags out for the iggles. Skins just took it to them all game. Is there a better team right now in the NFL? Wait till the rookie WR’s are up to speed. Unstoppable.

  2. riggs007:
    Better team in the game? they aren’t even the best team in their own division. Who’d they lose to? Oh thats right, a 4-0 Giants team. How you can try to make the argument that the Skins are the best team in the NFL right now is absurd

  3. danpfeiffer – who did the 4-0 Giants win against? Lets be honest, a whole bunch of nobodys. I simply don’t think that the Redskins had their best stuff against the Giants week 1. But Jason Cambell looks like he might be the real deal. Not to mention, they just one two BIG games in their division back to back. I think they might give the Giants a run for their money.

  4. There are a lot of poor to mediocre teams in the NFL this year, so to say the Giant or Skins are two of the best isn’t saying a whole lot. Still very early in the season to even ranking teams like that anyway.

  5. Danpfeiffer:
    You have to live in DC to understand their ridiculous logic. Redskins’ fans live and die with each week of the season. They win and they are going to the Super Bowl and are the best team in the league. They lose everyone must be cut and fired.

  6. Redskins look pretty damn good right now. Nothing better than beating up on an overrated Philthy team. Well, beating up on an overmatched Dallas team was pretty good too.

  7. @limitedgoods – man that’s pretty stupid. I’m not a fan of a single team in the NFC east, BUT, you HAVE to admit that the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants fans are FAR WORSE.

  8. I cant speak about the fans in those cities since I don’t know, so you may be right and those cities could be worse, I didn’t say the skins fans were the worst, just explaining their “logic”. I do know the fans in DC and that is who my comments were aimed at.

  9. It’s not a problem. Andy Reid said, “I need to get the guys in better position to make plays.” I believe him, because he’s been having problems getting players in the right position to make plays for 10 years now. Since the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, the Eagles are a below .500 team. Sure, they have a couple starters out, but how much of a difference is Shawn Andrews gonna make when the opposing defense can pin their ears back knowing full well that it’s probably a pass play??? It bothers me, because he doesn’t use Correll Buckhalter AT ALL when Westbrook is healthy. I look atmost of the “elite” teams in the NFL (Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, etc)and they all usually spread out the running plays between two, and sometimes even three (Giants) running backs. It’s scary, because Andy’s never gonna let up, and he will keep passing. Remember,”It’s not the players, it’s the system.”

  10. Awww… I guess it’s time to raise the flag, don’t tread on me…. no, no, no that’s not it… where is it… oh here we go… A flag with the motto – There is always next year. It’s a Philly tradition right around this time each season.
    In all seriousness it’s deja vu of last year. Couple games they should have won, but didn’t due dumb on the fly coaching, mediocre execution, and the occasional really bad play.
    Skins, have been able to run a grinding type of offense, and a defense, even if it’s lackluster, effective at limiting scores. That combination alone means they’re are in top half of the league, and with a developing QB, players that will come off injury, and coaching staff fully meshing they are going to be at least in the top ten by years end. Of course the NFL can be a harsh mistress so we’ll see if it develops, but certainly looks good for the DC crowd.

  11. kellyb9, you must be SHROOMING. Did you see what the Giants did to the Seahawks without their number one receiver Plaxico Burress yesterday? The New York Giants are right now clearly head and shoulder above the entire NFL, not just the NFC east.
    And as for the Redskins go, as a logical football fan I simply cannot believe that they are as good as people are giving them credit for. Sure they’re 4-1, and sure those wins included the Eagles and NFC east favorite Cowboys. But recently the Cowboys are so consumed with getting T.O. the ball that their list of priorities should read as follows ….
    Cowboy’s priorities.
    1.Getting T.O. the ball
    2. Winning
    And the Eagles run their entire offense through Brian Westbrook, and we all saw that the Philadelphia Eagles were clearly in control of that game up until Brian Westbrook broke his ribs on their second drive of the game. Had he not fractured his ribs then the Eagles probably win. Oh yeah and the Eagles also sat out their second best offensive option (DeSean Jackson) early on in this contest and barely let him get back into the game. Why Andy did that he only knows.
    If anything the Redskins are is damn lucky that two good teams have fallen on hard times. Now the skins won’t play a worthy opponent for another seven games when they play the Giants. From now until they play the Giants, five out of those six games will be against sub five-hundred teams. They are the Rams, browns, Lions, Steelers and Seahawks.
    The way it looks is that the Skins will have a damn good record by seasons end, but it won’t be due to them being good. It will be due to them being lucky.

  12. @ Fab5Philly:
    Seriously? Come on man, as recently as 2003, Reid was taking hits because he platooned his running backs. Reid was using Westbrook (117 atts.) , Staley (96 atts.), and Buckhalter (126 atts.) nearly equally. At the time everyone wanted him to commit to Staley. Man,
    Eagles fans (and I am one) love to bitch.

  13. midnightgreenomen, if you expect the Steelers to be sub-.500 at any point this season, you are headed for certain disappointment.

  14. “Cowboy’s priorities.
    1.Getting T.O. the ball
    2. Winning”
    Talk about “shrooming”. Did you see the game yesterday?

  15. “And the Eagles run their entire offense through Brian Westbrook, and we all saw that the Philadelphia Eagles were clearly in control of that game up until Brian Westbrook broke his ribs on their second drive of the game. Had he not fractured his ribs then the Eagles probably win. Oh yeah and the Eagles also sat out their second best offensive option (DeSean Jackson) early on in this contest and barely let him get back into the game. Why Andy did that he only knows. ”
    This is what makes me ill. The kid can make plays. But since Andy is of the mentality that he’s not ready simply because he’s young, he won’t use him to full advantage. Theres also some, albeit quiet, talk that McNabb is getting all jealous like he did with TO. DeSean is getting a lot of press, and a lot of hype. He makes a play and its HIM, not that McNabb threw him the ball well, and that irks him I think. If McNabb could stop worrying about HIM being the team, and just be a part of the team, this is a dangerous team. Just imagine if he embraced TO instead of shunned him and got jealous.

  16. After the their first drive and the DJax punt return, the Eagles O played like crap – except for the one desperation 4th quarter drive where, for the 2nd week in a row, they couldn’t punch it in from the 1 or 2 yard line. What we know today is that Westbrook broke two ribs early in the 2nd drive, neatly coinciding with the implosion of the Eagles offense.
    Meaning, once again, that the Eagles’ O is almost completely dependent on Brian Westbrook. Without the versatility and skills he brings to the field, nothing else works on that O. IOW, he’s the only real playmaker, the one guy who can make his own shot; the others are just role players.
    After years of asinine excuses such as “having to do better than that” and “needing to put players in a position to win” it is clear that Emperor “Offensive Genius”, Andy Reid, is all flab and no clothes. His arrogance is so great that YEARS after it was evident that his “system” did not and could not repeal the laws of football physics, he STILL does not have the personnel to sustain a power running game OR the WR/TE talent to sustain his preferred pass-first WCO against quality NFL opposition. This despite being EVPFO since 2002. His “system” cannot take mediocre talent and lack of balance use it to beat sensible balance or superior talent. ‘Tain’t happening.
    The Eagles will not contend, especially in the NFCE, until Andy gets the personnel to implement, and then actually implements, a more traditionally balanced offense where talent, especially at the skill positions, matters more than his effing “system.” Assuming he actually can and will do this – which I strongly doubt – it will likely take several years; meanwhile, McNabb’s prime years are passing (no pun intended, but the guy really should run more).
    Ergo – it’s end of days (or should be) for Andy Reid. Time for the Eagles to lose 300 pounds of ugly fat, and get a head coach with his feet on the ground and that knows what it takes to win consistently in the NFL is who is on the field, not on the sidelines.
    Bill Cowher, anyone?

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