The Wednesday injury report is out, and the Miami Dolphins continue to have . . . no injuries to report.
Fins’ fans shrug at this trend of no reported injuries, and plenty of them don’t like that we keep pointing it out.  But here’s the reality — after one fourth of the NFL season, plenty of players have something wrong with them.  The fact that a guy fully participates in practice doesn’t mean he’s fully healthy.
Indeed, the “probable” designation means that the player is virtually certain to be available for normal duty.  And so any player who has any type of injury should be listed as “fully participating” in practice on Wednesday through Friday, and as “probable” on Friday.
But not in Miami.  They’re all healthy.  And not just healthy enough to play.  So healthy that there’s not even a single body part on any of the 53 players that is damaged even in the slightest.
Apparently, these aren’t men.  They’re cyborgs.


  1. im a cyborg and we to get hurt its not like we are all robot c’mon florio get it right you ment android

  2. Hmmm. This report only brings one thought to mind: Get a Life Florio. Stop trying to report non-news.

  3. This just makes me think you are jinxing them. In another two weeks their entire team will be on IR.

  4. Don’t you have something more important to post? Like, maybe how there is a rumor that you and Al Davis were seen in a steamy-windowed car at makeout point last night?

  5. this is the opposite of the patriots i suppose..better to list no injuries than fake injuries….
    on a side note, since tom brady’s surgery was successful on his acl ….i hope they fix that ailing shoulder and foot injury that he has…its not like he doesn’t have free time on his hands now

  6. Non-news? This is clearly injury-report shenanigans! Add another asterisk to go along with the “Perfect*” season…

  7. Oh sweet yet another issue that only Florio seems to care about. You bringing this up every week is pretty ridiculous. I’ll never really understand why you get your panties in a bunch over some of these things.

  8. Theres only two names I’d like to finally see stay off that list for a year…
    Yeremiah Bell and Ronnie Brown

  9. Florio, it’s not that us Fins fans “don’t like” that you keep posting this story. It’s that you routinely post this and then refuse to acknowledge that there there is no Dolphins player who appears to be limited by injury in the first place. If you think there are players who should appear on the injury report yet do not, please name them.
    Those of us who actually watch the games see a roster that in no way appears to be limited by injury. (Talent, sure, but not injury.) No one is noticeably slower, no one appears unable to make certain moves or motions, no one is riding pine because they’re hurt. You swung and missed last week on your attempt to make it sound like Derek Hagan had been inactive because of an unreported injury.
    Meanwhile, Donald Thomas is still on IR.

  10. players on IR don’t count mr.”desides” …
    if you don’t believe the dolphins have no injuries, do you believe the first drop of the season came in game 4 for the dolphins ? that pennington threw only 1 INT so far ? that ronnie had 5 tds against the patriots? yeah, sh*t like that happen and not being injured too, i haven’t seen any dolphin player go down in any game so far so yeah it’s very much probable that this roster is healthy… do you want them to put a broken nail or a swollen liver because of all the booze they must’ve drank after that win against san diego ?
    gimme a break… what are you going to do now to prove them wrong ? dislocate one of joey porter’s finger while he’s sleeping, put it on tape and send it to the league ? lol, get over it, geez

  11. since this is at least the 3rd week in a row its been brought up…
    who has missed any time on Sunday over the last few weeks ?

  12. IR players are not on the injury report…
    anyways, i don’t understand why you don’t believe this. Do you believe me when i say:
    -the dolphins threw 1 INT so far
    -Ronnie had 5TD against NE
    -The receivers have one drop in the season and it came in game 4
    yeah, sh*t like that you know ?
    and to top it all:
    -i don’t remember ANY dolphin player stay down after an injury so far this season, we’ve had David Martin this week and we’ll see what happens with him but he just seemed shaken up by a big hit
    give them a break will ya? what are you going to do? sneak into joey porter’s house while he’s sleeping and dislocate one of his fingers, put it on tape and send it to the NFL? lol get over it

  13. I think Florio may need a new shovel with all this digging nonsense. Seriously, who cares? The injury reports are fudged by most teams anyways.

  14. I think Florio’s point is that it’s highly unlikely that not even one player would be slightly injured, considering it’s a quarter of the way through the season, as he said, and that he’s wondering if the team is trying to pull off some sort of shenanigan with the injury report. Seriously people, if it’s such a big deal to you that he keeps bringing it up, stop coming to the site! It’s his site so he can do with it as he wishes. Since you keep coming, it’s obviously not bothering you that much, so keep your whiny complaints to yourselves.

  15. This is the closest you’ve gotten to addressing my question, but are you now saying that it was perfectly proper that Brady was always listed as injured but fully participating and probable for gameday then? Because you did complain about that for a whole year too. Which is it?
    As you said, every football player is probably battered and bruised. So should everyone be listed as fully participating, probable?

  16. I’ll tell you whats going on. Bill Parcells’ is notorious for making the “training room” a very uncomfortable place to be, so unless you are really can’t practice, like Donald Thomas who is on IR now, you’re not going to report your injury. Plus, this was a point of emphasis in the offseason, getting in good shape so you can avoid injury.

  17. And for the record, Martin was the only Dolphin that got banged up this week, but he really just got the wind knocked out of him and he returned. So yeah…no one is hurt. Deal with it.

  18. What’s dumb here, is thinking that this is news. It isn’t important, we understand you have to post something, but passing this off as something important than trying to make us believe that it is, is an insult to our intelligence, Florio.

  19. There was an article in the Miami papers about this in the last few weeks.
    The players said there is a bigger difference between being injured and being hurt on a Parcells team than there is with other teams.
    If you’re injured, you don’t play. If you are hurt you will certainly play … or you will be on a bus back to West Va…….

  20. And maybe somewhere, someone gives a flying crap. Keep writing the same story over an over and maybe 2 people will care eventually.

  21. If this is a story: name names. Who is injured that they’re not reporting? Who isn’t practicing? Who isn’t playing on a Saturday.
    If you can’t name anyone, have no suspicion or no “inside source” then let it drop and stick to reporting real news – that’s why people come to read this site.

  22. I have to agree with Navyation. If you don’t like a story, just keep scrolling, that’s what I do. It’s not rocket science people. It may not be interesting, but I think its a valid point to make. It makes me wonder how many times a team has a had a clean injury report for 4 weeks straight and how many of them were Parcells teams. Maybe there is a trend.
    Just keep scrolling is the main bullet point of this presentation.

  23. hey the Dolphins dont know what there doing, Florio, everybody predicted they would be 2-2 and be running a wildcat formation to success right?….uhhh yea.
    What were you saying about their injury reports again?

  24. “players on IR don’t count mr.”desides” …”
    Thank you for stating the obvious. You missed my point: that the Dolphins have not made it 4 games into the season without a single injury. Someone HAS gotten hurt and was placed on IR. If someone was hurt, they would show on the report. They aren’t on the report because… they aren’t hurt! I understand this is a foreign concept, especially this year when it seems everyone is going down. But the conditioning program worked.
    Again, I would like to know the names of the players who are injured, yet are not being reported as such. I understand this would require most of the people here to actually watch Dolphins games, something they’ve probably never done, and so such a list will never be assembled.

  25. As a Pats fan I actually applaud Parcells/Sparano for this if it is true that they are circumventing the injury report. I think injury reports are f’ing stupid and give other teams a heads up on what body part of a player to go after. Yes I know why they have the stupid reports…gambling.. Whoopdedoo.

  26. Doesn’t probably mean they have a 75% chance to play? So if they feel they have a higher than 75% chance to play, couldn’t they keep a player off of the injury report?
    And aren’t teams required to report if a player didn’t participate, or only partially participated in practice?

  27. From the Miami Herald:
    Believe it or not, the Dolphins’ injury report didn’t list a player for the fifth consecutive week. And as unfathomable as it might seem, it might really be time to start believing it.
    A deeper look doesn’t suggest any ”oversights” of injured players, either.
    At Wednesday’s practice, all 53 players were accounted for, and no players were relegated to a stationary bicycle.
    That included tight end David Martin (who sustained a back injury in Sunday’s game) and wide receiver Derek Hagan (who was inactive Sunday).

    Jeez, dont you have some cell phones to hawk or something?

  29. Florio: “Indeed, the “probable” designation means that the player is virtually certain to be available for normal duty. And so any player who has any type of injury should be listed as “fully participating” in practice on Wednesday through Friday, and as “probable” on Friday.”
    Let’s just start by saying that this is not true. Maybe Flrio misremembered what the word probable on an NFL injury report actually means. Probable means that a player has a 75% chance of playing on Sunday. (Questionable means he has a 50% chance; Doubtful means he has a 25% chance.)
    So “Probable” does not mean that you have to report every bump or bruise. If a guy is 90% likely to play it does not have to be reported. If a guy is 80% likely to play it does not have to be reported. Check your facts Florio. The NFL does not require reporting every minor injury. A team only has to report an injury if a player is 75% (or less) likely to play.
    But the bottom line is that the Dolphins are healthy. I believe that is primarily because of good conditioning. Also, they played a very soft Patriots team in week 3, so that gave them a good chance to rest their tired muscles. (Oh by the way, tired muscles don’t need to be on the injury report either.)
    The litmus test for this comes on Sunday. Have the Dolphins had any last minute DNP’s? No. Have any players been limited on gameday in any way? No.
    It’s non-news Mikey.

  30. Last year under Cameron the Phins were decimated by injuries, I kept complaining about the obvious lack of conditioning. Isn’t it possible that the new regime noticed this and instituted a conditioning program that is showing results? This team is much more fit than last year, give credit where credit is due.

  31. Truthfully Guys,
    It is pretty incredible that the Fins only have ONE player injured all season, even for a day or two. When you look at other teams injury reports for the next game there are around 9ish people nearly every time. Especially when you look at all the off season injuries and the injuries from last year for the Dolphins it is simply incredible. Being very very young helps the cause of the phins. And i think most of us (even if the fins aren’t your team) are legitimately happy that the phins aren’t getting injured and they are winning games.
    oh and btw – that 1 pick everyone is talking about came on the last play of the jets game. (one hander, freak play, while being interfered with…)
    the AFC is a different conference with all the injuries.
    and the phins are just saving time by not having to have conferences about players who are injured or wont play… and hence can concentrate on the betterment of the team. if they are hurt they wont be active and if they are sort of injured they wont be starting, thats the way its gonna work this year.
    granted all this hype means that 15-20 players will get hurt in the Fins-Texans game…

  32. “Someone HAS gotten hurt and was placed on IR.”
    And the story behind that, just to remind everyone, is that PFT never “reported” it when rookie OL sensation Donald Thomas was placed on IR. In fact, PFT never really said anything about Thomas’ remarkable story. So while it missed one of the bigger stories out of the Dolphins’ training camp (late-round pick blows everyone away to become the starting right guard with many comments about him being the best OL) and then the season-ending injury, it keeps harping on the lack of Dolphins injuries — which appears to be real — with absolutely no insight, just a lot of whining. Oh, and PFT thinks that a 75 percent chance of playing equates to “virtually certain.”

  33. @AllPro and rsalas . . . .
    “Probable” does not mean “75 percent.” It means that the player is virtually certain to be available for normal duty.
    There is a misconception in some circles of the media (and, as recently as a couple of years ago, the league) regarding what “probable” means. It basically means that the guy is hurt in some way, but will still play.
    My point is that, after four regular-season games, at least one out of 53 players is going to be hurt in some way, even if all of them are practicing and playing. Anyone who has ever played football at any level knows that you don’t make it through four games with your entire team perfectly healthy.

  34. Everything I have read says that Probable equals 75% likely to play. Can you provide a link that states otherwise?
    Also, if probable means that a player is virtually certain to be available for normal duty, why not list every non-injured player as probable?

  35. “My point is that, after four regular-season games, at least one out of 53 players is going to be hurt in some way, even if all of them are practicing and playing.”
    Donald Thomas. Hurt his foot against the Jets in the season opener, went on IR. There’s your one guy.
    Your turn, Mike: list at least one player whose performance has been noticeably limited in a manner that can only be explained by an unreported injury.
    The only then-Dolphins player who did not participate in the offseason conditioning program is Jason Taylor. It’s likely not a coincidence that he’s been banged up. The Redskins apparently don’t have a great conditioning program, as evidenced by their rash of defensive injuries.

  36. Guys, there is an easy answer to all of this. Sporano obviously turned off injuries and player fatigue.

  37. i’m just curious as to who exactly you think is injured? i’ve been watching all the fins games and haven’t seen anyone not be able to finish a game.
    yeah it’s rare, call it a fluke, but honestly i don’t see or hear about any injuries… even in the dolphin forums, even in the local papers (read online of course).

  38. is anyone else noticing there seems to be a significant higher number of dolphin fans on this site than any other team? and from all over the country too! i read comments on all the articles posted on my beloved PFT, and the fins stories always seem to get the most comments.

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