Long-time Dallas sportswriter Randy Galloway has made his views known regarding the proper outcome of Tuesday’s brouhaha between Pacman Jones and one or more members of the security force that has been hired to protect Pacman from, well, Pacman.
Galloway says that owner Jerry Jones should dump “Pac-Rat” immediately.
Pacman repeatedly has made a fool of the only man in the NFL who wanted to help him,” Galloway writes. 
“What else is there to say?  Jerry should show Pacman the exit before Roger Goodell, who in a twist of irony was at Valley Ranch on Wednesday, does what the commissioner must do.  Suspend Pac-Rat again.”
Galloway’s voice carries extra credence because he initially supported the idea of giving Jones another chance.  Though it will hurt in the short term with Terence Newman facing sports hernia surgery, the team will be better off in the long run.
In hindsight, the Cowboys would have been wise to heed Dale Hansen’s classic, spot-on rant from earlier this year warning them against bringing Pacman to town.  (Hansen has a new take on the latest development, too.)



  1. Roger has already said “If he gets into trouble again…Pac Man will pay AND Dallas will face consequences as well.”
    Hey Dallas – Your going to lose a player AND a draft pick
    Here’s to AZ beating you this weekend! CHEERS!
    p.s. Suspend Pac this weekend so the Cards WR’s have even more fun.

  2. If you punch a cop, even an off-duty cop, and you know they are a cop shouldn’t you at least visit a jail overnight?

  3. i would not be suprised to see pac-rat get cut(prolly not this week). he hasn’t really done much on the field, and now he is back to his old ways off of it. jerry jones is (seemingly) a great buisnessman mind, and he is not getting a good return on his investment. is a player that doesn’t really contribute on-field worth the risk of causing lockeroom problems and possibly suffering consiquences from the league? i don’t think so, and one “baby bitch” is prolly all the cowboys need.

  4. shuxion says:
    Lenoard Little killed someone and is still playing in the NFL. Need I say more????
    I disagreed, but understood giving Little a second chance. But when he got another DUI, which he did, he should have been banned.

  5. Roger has already said “If he gets into trouble again…Pac Man will pay AND Dallas will face consequences as well.”
    When did he say that?

  6. Cowgirls are pathetic. They will do anything to try and win games even if it brings down the integrity of the league.
    Too bad that won’t get them past the first couple of playoff games, they still have got the choke artist romo at the help.

  7. “The only man who wanted to help him” Are you kidding, Jerry Jones couldn’t care less about helping Pacman Jones, Jerry cared about helping Jerry Jones and the Cowboys only. He wanted big talent for little money and didn’t care about anything else.

  8. Vox, why don’t you address the situation at hand. I’d love to get your opinion on Pacman. Was it a good trade? Are you happy you have him now? Did you think he would have more of an impact than he does?Are you bitter because everyone was waiting for something like this to happen and it finally did? Also, I’m trying to guess which part of my post you will repost and ridicule. But spare me that, it’s old news. Just give me a straight answer about Pacman.

  9. Wow. I thought Vox knew everything?!?! Im shocked that there is something about the NFL that he doesnt know.

  10. Who cares what Galloway has to say? The guy hasn’t been correct about anything since the days of Landry.

  11. Here is a question that you can look into for my lazy rear, Florio. Doesn’t Dallas have it in their trade clause that if Pacman doesn’t play, or suspended, or something like that then they get their draft pick back?

  12. Dale Hansen has a bigger axe to grind with the Cowboys than Florio does. All this proves is that you both have an agenda against the Cowboys, not that anyone was in any doubt about that to begin with.
    Quite frankly, in all of the recent Cowboys coverage on this site, the person who comes away with the least credibility is Mike Florio.

  13. well if punkman cant take the heat and would punch out a sportswriter – out of here.
    look at it like this, folks… one corner is hurt, they need punkman to be mature, step up, be a team player, and do his job. not get in a fight with another club employee. the guy is a walking ad for the springer show.
    he’s a turd, has already had too many chances, and at this point he should not pass go or collect $200.

  14. If pac gets suspened this year Dallas gets their draft pick back. If they are proacticve and cut him, they get zip. Dallas will probably wait and see that the commish does first.

  15. Galloway is right on the money on this one, great rant.
    Jerry Jones is clearly in desperation mode, trying to win a Super Bowl at all costs with these trouble makers.
    Time for another face lift, Jerry.

  16. Galloway is ranting idiot. Anyone who listens to any of the garbage he has to say is an idiot as well. He reminds me of Skip Bayless. Often wrong and never willing to admit it.

  17. If anyone thinks that any form of punishment is going to come down on ThugMan–excuse me–PacMan, you are kidding yourself. There were no charges filed, (because the urinating bodyguard has been paid off by Warden Jerry Jones) so the NFL has nothing to go off of in terms of having grounds for issuing a suspension. What will happen is the Commissioner will say that the matter is considered a team violation and will be handled by the Cowboys as such. Warden Jones will then take away Inmate #21’s food privileges and Cell Block D will go on to Arizona and beat the Cardinals.

  18. I absoulutely agree. I did not think he should have got a second chance. Hasn’t jerry jones learned anything from the steinbrenners. This cowboys team is very good but they will never even sniff the super bowl because lately all they signed are in some way cancers. I’ve known for quite some time that owens is fine if he is paid promptly. Tank johnson has realized that his big paydays could go away if he would have kept on his ways. Pacman has not learned anything and by the way how many picks does he have? How many big punt returns has he ran? The guy hasn’t even produced and hes acting up. CUT THIS GUY and let al davis pay him 40 mill over 3 years because that senile bastard would do that.

  19. Ray Lewis killed a man too, and he’s still playing in the league. If there were no charges filed and the cowboys don’t take action, why should the league take action?

  20. Coach Jeff Fisher is probably rapping to Jerry Jones.. “Jerry tell me how Pac Man’s a… taste like” what a waste.

  21. Honestly, is this guy really that important to the success of the Cowboys?? I’m just a bit surprised at the fact that he gets attention like he’s some sort of established NFL player. He had a few good games with the Titans, but so far with Dallas, I really don’t think this guy’s gonna be a difference maker down the stretch. With the playmakers on this team, not to mention their extremely strong and large offensive line and a defense that’s very good as well. I’m not trying to doubt Jones’ atheletic ability, because it’s obviously there. But, being an Eagles fan, looking at the division from the basement, I would love to think that losing this guy would drastically hinder the ability of this squad… but, that’s not the case. This team wouldn’t miss a beat without Jones, and they’d still be one of, if not THE elite team in the NFL. He definitely doesn’t make them worse in terms of his play on the field, but does he really make this team THAT much better?? I’ve seen most of the Dallas games this year, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this guy’s a stud. Maybe he’s the one carrying this team into the success that they’ve had so far this year… But, I don’t see it.

  22. According to SportsRadio 1310 – The TICKET…A Cowboys rep has said that no action will be taken against Pac by the team. Calvin Hill has requested info on the incident from Dallas police. The league is still reviewing the matter.
    *thumbs in ears, waving, with my tongue out*
    I’m a 30+ year fan of the Cowboys and had hoped they’d just cut his ass. But I guess it’s “win at all cost”, right Vox?

  23. What a great rant. I think every fan would love an owner that wants to win as badly as Jerry Jones, but he has crossed the line with his recent signings. If it was just TO, then I think that’s one thing because he’s not a criminal, he’s just a talented dooshbag. But Tank and Pacman is your way of saying you don’t care about the character of those you employ, at all. They were not signed because you want to see them turn their life around. They are thugs, and they won’t change, and that should be embarrassing to the Cowboys. When a team goes that route, it’s less impressive if they win from it. Nothing will stop Pacman from being the thug idiot he is, so cut your losses.

  24. Where are the stories about ACTUAL felons? You know, like Colt Brennan who is a double felon, yet drafted by…oh yeah. THAT is why it is swept under the rug.

  25. Release Pacman for getting inot an arguement, fight whatever happened. It is just stupid. So any player that gets into an arguement with someone should be disciplined. Ever since Godell got the job the league has gotten way too ticky tacky. You never heard about all this stuff about discipling players over stupid stuff when Tagliabue was in charge. Godell was a wrong pick for commish. Why do you think the owners took so long to pick this guy? They had their doubts about him and now they’re surfacing. Fire Godell.

  26. “Hey Dallas – Your going to lose a player AND a draft pick”
    Uh, yeah. How about giving us the precedent or the rule that states that. Teams don’t lose draft picks for individual player behavior. You can start in the recent era with Art Schlicter, Rae Carruthers, or Ricky Williams. Not gonna happen, Skippy.
    “They will do anything to try and win games even if it brings down the integrity of the league.”
    Just like every. single. team. in. the. league. The Cowboys are the Yankees of the NFL. Wish bad luck on them because they’ve won more and done more than your pathetic teams.

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