The NFL has fined Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown for the way he celebrated his five-yard touchdown run in Sunday’s win over the Chargers.
Brown wouldn’t say how much the fine was for, but he did say he learned his lesson.
“Too much,” Brown said of the fine. “Enough to keep me from doing it again.”
Fines for celebrations in the NFL have ranged from $5,000, which three Steelers got in 2006, to $30,000, which Joe Horn got for his famous cell phone stunt in 2003.
Per the Sun-Sentinel, Brown celebrated by doing the Cupid Shuffle with offensive linemen Vernon Carey and Ikechuku Ndukwe. League rules allow individuals to celebrate spontaneously but bar players from engaging in scripted group celebrations. Brown acknowledged that he and the offensive line practiced the dance last week.
UPDATE: The Miami Herald reports that Brown, Carey and Ndukwe were fined $10,000 apiece.


  1. I can’t figure out what’s lamer… Millionaires practicing dance moves at work or the NFL fining a harmless TD celebration.

  2. A Joe Horn mention? Really? Without any sort of funny comment about his plans to play for a competitor has ended with a season of no workouts/interviews/jobs even from WR strapped teams?
    This post is above you guys at PFT. I feel like Florio would have done the right thing, and taken a jab at a guy who thinks he is better than he is.

  3. Seems like the league found a new revenue stream in these times when there’s a chance for a blackout every week.

  4. Someone/multi players need(s) to whip out the soulja boy for a celebration… then when they get fined they can say they saw it in Madden ’09 and get into a big legal battle over the fine with the league

  5. Seriously, First I would like to hear florio’s opinion on this.
    Second, this team won one game last year, they didnt have alot to celebrate before
    Third, it was a modest dance with his OFFENSIVE LINE, just as much as a celebration for them and his recognition of their work.
    Fourth, get the quote that Jake Long said about it, he knew they deserved it but didnt want to get fined by the “No Fun League”
    Fifth, this was no Joe Horn, TO, Chad Johnson, ikey shuffle. Cut the guy a break

  6. Amazingly, or maybe not, the officials didn’t throw a flag. I guess it’s difficult to catch something like several extremely large men frolicking in the end zone in front of 50,000 people.

  7. Those of you defending these celebrations do at least recognize that it’s behavior like that, going unchecked, that leads to the egomaniacal monstrosities like Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens and Joe Horn (oh, oops), right?

  8. Why do people complain about people being fined for celebrating. These guys are professional athletes and should act professional. Act like you have been to the end zone before and let the scoreboard do the talking for you. Grow up and stop being stupid and stop costing your team penalty yardage and yourself money from being fined…if people are really going to a game just to see the celebration then they need to be shot anyways.

  9. This just in:
    Warren Sapp said the Cupid Shuffle “disrespects” actual ballroom dancers such as himself.

  10. I think Goodell’s plan of focusing on these inconsiderate douchebags is a better use of resources than wasting time on guys like Pacman. In the grand scheme of things what Brown did was waaaay more harmful to everyone than anything Pacman has ever done.
    Of course I’m being sarcastic…

  11. Buckfutter,
    Ronnie’s dance did not approach the slippery slope “that leads to egomaniacal monstrosities”. What you refer to is contemptuous in nature. A dance in the endzone among teamates is simply a celebration of the achievement of a TD. If there was an overt effort to disparage the opponent in any way, then I would understand an unsportsmanlike fine and penalty.
    There is nothing contemptuous about two big, doughy lineman doing a shuffle after a TD.

  12. What’s even funnier is that the ref not only didn’t throw a flag, but he also smiled a little. (Maybe it’s because he knew Ronnie would be fined anyway.)

  13. “gjr5017 says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 9:23 pm
    Why do people complain about people being fined for celebrating. These guys are professional athletes and should act professional.”
    I take it you’ve never played any sport and have never felt the emotion of scoring (giggidy). So if you celebrate for getting a job promotion should your employer fine you?? I guess the NFL is training these guys to be robots.

  14. At the end of the game when Brown got the final first down.. that was the only thing that I thought the league may look at after striking LT’s usual pose. Dancing with the linemen is funny, but apparently players should wait til they get to the sidelines now before they start to bust a move with each other unless they want to donate 10k a piece to the human fund.

  15. beselfish, (nice name, in this instance), it’s not about disparaging opponents. It’s about doing things to draw attention to yourself, highlight your accomplishment, and get yourself on the highlight reels. And what does that lead to? Increased press leads to an increased estimation of one’s worth. Which leads to? More begging for attention. It’s really not a complicated formula, and it IS what has lead to the excessive “personalities” running amok right now which are, in fact, doing a great deal of harm to the game itself. It may not seem it on a case by case basis, but when individuals make efforts to make themselves bigger than the game, then it’s the start of a problem. Ronnie Brown is, by all accounts, a pretty good guy. And he also, supposedly “learned his lesson”. Too bad no one got through to Terrell Owens earlier, or the league could have avoided a lot of embarrassment. I consider Owens’ and Johnson’s antics to be an embarrassment to the league. When the league takes steps to actually nip the problem in the bud, I think they are doing a helluva job.

  16. “ronmexico says:
    I take it you’ve never played any sport and have never felt the emotion of scoring (giggidy). So if you celebrate for getting a job promotion should your employer fine you?? I guess the NFL is training these guys to be robots. ”
    I don’t think anyone complains if a RB going out and has a drink after the game to celebrate having a career day….however, I think if someone got a promotion, and immediately started making an ass of himself in front of the entire office most professionals would probably have a problem with that.

  17. I love celebrations even if it’s a jerk like TO I don’t care who it is it’s fun to watch as a fan.

  18. BuckFutter,
    You are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I agree that the NFL should curb the efforts of players who try to make themselves bigger than the game but, there is a distinction between the “bigness” of Joe Namath and that of T.O. The bigness of Joe, who was flamboyant, elevated the game. The “bigness” that T.O. has attempted to achieve is contemptuous and disparaging in nature. There is a clear distinction here, in my view. The NFL evidently doesn’t want to deal with it so they broad-stroke it.
    In addition, they exacerbate the problem by dealing with it under the category of sportsmanship. This creates confusion which, if gone unchecked, may depreciate the value of competitive success and achievement and negatively affect those who look up to the game as a model for success and achievement.
    Who want’s to be called unsportsmanlike simply for celebrating success? No one. And if you can’t celebrate success in your chosen profession, doesn’t this affect attitudes toward success in a wider context? It’s a slippery slope I wouldn’t wish on the New England Patriots (and I’m a Dolphins fan!).
    When coaches say there are life-lessons in football (and competitive sports in general) they are not kidding around!

  19. I do not understand why this rule is in place. I could see a “delay of game” if necessary but…c’mon…it’s entertaining.

  20. I can see the league’s point, but imo if you are going to fine choreographed group celebrations, you should fine ALL choreographed celebrations.
    I think Jimmy Johnson should pay the fines. That SOB owes us bigtime. He set back this franchise many years by forcing Dave “the idiot” Waandstadt on us as head coach.

  21. It’s a joke these guys get fined for celebrating. As long as they aren’t overtly taunting the opponents, it should be ok to celebrate by yourself or others. It’s part of the entertainment whether it’s an elaborate celebration or not.

  22. Spare me please… I’m tired of the “why celebrate” and “act as if you have been there before” comments… I think WE keep forgetting that’s it’s a GAME… and if you have ever played football and scored a TD.. you feel happy… some people express their emotion more openly than others but you have to be able to express it none-the-less. I’m not saying go over board with it but come on… a 3 sec. dance? Gimmie a break… it’s a game… you are supposed to have fun.

  23. jjcruiser says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 9:50 pm
    This just in:
    Warren Sapp said the Cupid Shuffle “disrespects” actual ballroom dancers such as himself.
    ^^^ this is the funniest post in the thread here. I don’t understand the fines, $10k? really? REALLY? there are smaller fines for hits people make on the field. there was NO harm in this endzone dance, regardless of how retarded it was. i thought the dance was stupid, but i’m not against players being allowed to have fun & celebrate as long as it is not making fun of the other team or personal. this is starting to get ridiculous, the NFL needs to check itself.
    and to everyone saying “act as if you’ve been there”, clearly YOU’VE never played football. When you score a TD, you are very excited and happy…. let the players be happy.

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