Travis Henry, the former Broncos running back who is facing federal drug trafficking charges, has been released from jail after posting a $400,000 bond.
While he is out, he will be confined to his home and monitored electronically. A Rocky Mountain News reporter showed up to Henry’s house today, and a woman answering the door confirmed that Henry was inside.
We have no comment, because this is private property, this is a gated community,” the woman said, before adding, “Please don’t knock on this door again. Thank you, have a nice day.”
Henry’s attorney, Harvey Steinberg, also did not comment.
Although Henry made millions in his NFL career, his lawyer said last year that “he doesn’t have any money.” The Rocky Mountain News reports that Henry put up his home as collateral for a $360,000 secured bond and posted the remaining $40,000 with an unsecured bond.

12 responses to “TRAVIS HENRY OUT OF JAIL

  1. oh great now he can sign with the bengals. How many kids does this guy have? And how many baby mama’s does he have

  2. Doesn’t he have like 6 or 7 kids? Of course he doesn’t have any money, that why he was selling cocaine..

  3. Travis better use the rest of his money to have his bunghole stitched up and a colostomy bag installed because he will be in the clink for a long time….

  4. I like the article that he had a 100,000 dollar car and 146,000 in jewerly and nine kids by nine different women. And now he is broke and had to put his gated community house up for collateral so he can be out on bond. What a freaking joke. I hope the judge throws the book at him. Way to be a father figure to your kids, dealing drugs and living the highlife while your kids got nothing. Your a freaking dumb sh#t and you soon will give up your gated community plush house for a 12×12 cell. KARMA AT ITS BEST!

  5. Great a woman answered the door… that means the world can expect a few more little Henry’s running around in 9 months. Like we don’t have enough already.

  6. lets hope they included some condoms with that ankle bracelet..mayhe can get some drywall work till he has to face the charges in Montana

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