The NFL has come down hard on Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson for drilling Bills quarterback Trent Edwards on Sunday.
Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Wilson was fined $25,000 for roughing the passer.
Although Wilson wasn’t penalized on the play, which occurred directly in front of referee Jerome Boger, Schefter reports that the NFL told Wilson he unnecessarily drove the passer to the ground, violating Rule 12, Section 2, Article 12 (2) of the NFL Official Playing Rules.
That rule states: “a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down and land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up or cradle the passer with the defensive player’s arms.”
And if Wilson thinks that fine is steep, Schefter reports that it could be even worse: The league noted in its letter to Wilson that he was fined twice in 2007, once for a late hit and once for a horse collar tackle, and that “future infractions can lead to increased disciplinary action.”
The hit, which knocked Edwards out for the rest of the game, can be viewed here.


  1. wilson deserved it, this guy is a cheap shot artist, he is an oversized safety that belongs at linebacker and all he does is committ reckless penalties.

  2. Honestly, its to the point where the NFL should just start playing two hand touch football. Seriously, every time there is a “good” hit on a player, the kind that makes the fans smile, there ends up being a fine. I can understand protecting the players but some of this stuff is total BS, especially when you start fining players for plays that flags were not even thrown on.
    once you start fining for plays that players werent even flagged for, you might as well start giving teams points for plays that you can see holds/facemasks/etc. its only fair that if you can continue to penalize players, then why cant you continue to reward them 🙂 haha this would be funny as hell actually
    but anyways, let them play football. quit making this into backyard touch football.

  3. $25,000 for a clean, hard hit? This league is becoming a joke. And for all of you who think that was a cheap shot, you must be newcomers to this game…go back to the soccer field where you belong.

  4. For once I agree with the NFL. The fine is justified because he definitely drove the guy into the turf. If Edwards is ok, I don’t think the league steps in, but he got pretty messed up on a dirty hit. The NFL stepped in and did the right thing by hitting him with a fine and not a suspension.

  5. Yeah, it knocked him out of the game… but I thought it was a good, clean hit. A devastating hit, but a CLEAN hit. This is tackle football, folks.

  6. While I agree that the NFL is going overboard on competitive penalties and fines, I have to agree with the league on this one. Wilson did not need to slam his body into him on this hit and if he hadn’t, Trent Edwards most likely would not have had the concussion and left the game.
    As for people complaining about fines on plays that were not penalized, this is not new and there is nothing wrong about it. As we have seen every week this season, the refs are human and cannot get everything right.
    If Reggie Bush would’ve been seriously injured on that big-time facemask by Chad Greenway, should Chad not have been fined because the officials totally missed it? Of course not. That was a blatant violation of the rules that are in place to try to protect players safety in this physical game and these rules need to be enforced – if not on the field, then after the fact – or both.

  7. If Wilson had played during the 60s or 70s, we’d be lauding him as one of the greatest hitters of all time. Could you imagine if guys like Butkus and Lott had played under the current rules?

  8. it seems like people dont realize the initial contact may have been clean but the rule is what it is. wilson tried hard to make the play, delivered a great hit while the ball was being thrown and thats what he gets paid to do. i agree he needed to do his job but jamming your helmet into the qbs jaw when the ball is already out is unneccesary, hence a fine for UNNECCESARY ROUGHNESS.
    anyone who has played the game at any level knows it takes a lot of effort to move a properly buckled up helmet up over someones face like that. u cant accidentally force your head down that hard. meaning this was done on purpose.
    the people that make and enforce the rules know the difference, and therefor clearly viewed wilsons helmet grinding as an intentional act and this would warrant a fine as it is a clear violation of the rules

  9. That rule states: “a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down and land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up or cradle the passer with the defensive player’s arms.”
    Are they serious with this? Cradle the QB? So a DB who is usually smaller than today’s QBs has to wrestle a QB now, when even in Pop Warner you are trained to tackle not wrestle someone to the ground. So as you are trying to wrestle the QB instead of hitting him, it gives him time to get rid of the ball. Absolute garbage statement and reason. As a Pats fan I still feel the hit on Brady was clean as the Defensive players are to get to the QB as much as possible, and this hit was much cleaner. Driving him into the ground they say. Sorry Wilson but apparently you need to do some Cirque Du Soleil acrobatics in mid tackle so you don’t land on top of the person you tackle.
    The fine is not going to hurt Wilson as they all get paid enough, but the mind set behind the decision is what’s disturbing.

  10. I remember that there use to be a rule called spearing which was called when you used your head as a weapon. If they are going to call penalties on a “horse collar” tackle, then they need to call penalties on spearing. The real question here should be why the zebras didn’t call it? If the player gets fined after the fact I wonder if the zebra will get fined also?

  11. Ridiculous. How is any defender supposed to tackle the QB? If you are going full speed to get there how do you “stop short” to protect him?

  12. this is about protecting your product, QBs are important
    for finances, ticket sales, merchandise, and ownership,
    Teakettle, if you dont like it go watch kimbo slice and mma

  13. Im neither a bills or cards fan but this is clean, a safety came on a blitz and the bills did not have enough protection to pick it up. A play like this affects the stragedy of a game, even if the QB did not go out for the game they would have to modify their protection package and keep another back in to block. Wilson was flying in and is a big hitter, if he had dropped a shoulder into the ribs and the QB had left the game with a couple of busted up ribs someone would be screaming about that to.
    Im all for protecting every player from unnecessary injury but the hit was not cheap and it was not late. The QB had the option to bring the ball back down and try to get away from the hit but he decided to stay in the pocket, commit to the throw and try to be successful. I give both players credit for doing their job.

  14. As a Bills fan, knowing that play changed the complexion of that game and maybe of our entire season, I want to be mad and yelling cheap shot and he deserved to be fined.
    But I just don’t see it.

  15. “a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down and land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up or cradle the passer with the defensive player’s arms.”
    That statement there makes the QB’s seem softer than baby shit!! Damn, I thought they were playing football!!
    When you practice tackling with the tackling dummy, they teach you to wrap up and drive it into the ground. Wilson made a perfect form tackle, too bad the league is acting like a bunch of b!tches on this one.

  16. It was a good play that did not deserve a penalty and it was a play that deserved that fine. Wilson is a tough player who plays to the whistle. He had an opportunity and he took it. I bet he walked to the sideline and said, “that will cost me some money”.
    It was really no different than the hit on Boldin. He got lit up, helmet to helmet, which is against the rules. At the speed of the NFL game, you can’t prevent hits like that. The players play within the rules as much as they can, but when a hit like that happens, everyone gathers their panties and starts to whine.
    This is not new. Jack Tatum was villified for his hit on Darryl Stingley that left Stingley paralyzed. It was a legal hit (at the time) with Stingley not looking for Tatum because he was looking for the ball. Tatum never apologized, because it was part of the game.
    We can all sit here and say “let them play”, but if you were the guy signing the game check, you would probably want some protection, too. I remember some dude from GB planting Bradshaw like a ragdoll. The NFL came up with the “in the grasp rule”, and everyone cried about it. The NFL rescinded it, because strong qb’s were being punished and the long ball went away.
    These kinds of plays occur all of the time. Players get injured and some lose their careers over it. They know what they sign up for and they know the rules. Stop whining about it and let it happen. The fines are nothing consequential to a guy who makes the money. The dude in the AZ game is a fringe player, pay wise, but I am sure that he will be compensated for it.

  17. This was a fine hit, the second Edwards let the ball go. Yes, he fell on top of Edwards, but he did not pile-drive his body into Edwards. There is no way that Wilson should have been fined more than the guy that hit Boldin was!

  18. So, when you’re running full speed at the qb – you should slow down so you don’t hurt him….that’s freaking crazy.
    Edwards has no muscle on him…if he didn’t get cracked Wilson wouldn’t be fined. The ref was right there…no penalty, just a good hit.
    B.S. fine
    Put a flag on the qb…everyone else plays tackle…qb will play FLAG football…that’s where this is headed.
    Wilson’s HIT WAS CLEAN AND HARD! Exactly what every player, fan and owner expects.

  19. $25,000 for an easy win after knocking out the starting QB? I think any defensive player would gladly pay that. What player doesn’t try to KO the QB? I hope the entire team steps up and donates to that cause.

  20. The NFL no longer stands for National Football League.
    With the way the want to coddle these babies, they should put flags on them like my 9 year olds league.
    The new NFL = National Flag League!!!! That way these cry babies won’t have to worry about the contact anymore.
    Football is suppose to be a CONTACT sport. Too bad the powers that be don’t understand that!!!!!!

  21. I am really shocked that everyone thinks that this was a clean hit. Initially, the hit was clean but what got him fined was the OBVIOUS headbutt-follow-through (New term)! This tough guy BS that everyone is spitting out on this board is laughable. The reason why all of the old footbal players cant walk and guys like Andre Waters brain was a blob before he turned 50 is because there were no rules to discourage this crap. Plus, Wilson is a known cheapshot artist who has been playing reckless for years, maybe thats why he cant stay healthy.

  22. Here’s a question. If the league determined that Wilson was unnecessarily rough and the Ref who looked at it didn’t, will the ref get a fine an/or disciplined for not flagging it? Not flagging a $25,000 fine is a pretty big deal…

  23. nice hit. i’m sorry trent is out.
    maybe he could’ve ended it a bit less aggressively, ie. not pushing his neck forward and thereby forcing trents head harder against the turf,
    but 9/10ths of the hit is clean as a whistle.

  24. told you so. This was an easy one, obvious dirty play but it does nobody any good now, the damage is done. Hopefully adrian starts playing like a professional instead of a punk.

  25. they should replace fines as punishment for nfl players and instead force them to watch dane cook movies, that would reduce the amount
    of players being subject to the personal conduct policy.

  26. buffalo1 says:
    October 10th, 2008 at 5:50 pm
    told you so. This was an easy one, obvious dirty play but it does nobody any good now, the damage is done. Hopefully adrian starts playing like a professional instead of a punk.
    Just sour grapes because your beloved Bills ahd their butts handed to them>????
    Watch the video…..Trent’s hips and shoulder hit the ground first.
    How is a guy that is traveling at full speed suppose to stop??? The NFL sucks and till all the “players” start playing the game like it is suppose to be played, the game will continue to suck!!!!

  27. What about the 500$ fine for a uniform violation by Trent Edwards???
    Quarterbacks are to wear a dress while on the field at all times.

  28. If that was Tom Brady on the ground all of you morons would be singing a different tune. But Trent Edwards gets his face and head mutilated by that savage Wilson and everyone talks it down like it’s no big deal. The league wants to protect the quarterback and that’s what they’re trying to enforce. There should have been a flag thrown it was a helmet to helmet hit on the quarterback…as far as I know that’s illegal in todays NFL.

  29. NTMID8R3 get your head out of the sand, it was not a clean hit. The league does not come down hard on players for questionable on the field actions.
    “How is a guy that is traveling at full speed suppose to stop??? The NFL sucks and till all the “players” start playing the game like it is suppose to be played, the game will continue to suck!!!!”
    The player is not suppose to stop, c’mon nobody is saying you can’t hit the QB as hard as you want. If AW would have just lowered his head and chopped trent in half with his shoulder it would have been fine, but he came in making head to head contact and following through with his head and driving the QB’s head into the ground, obvious infraction. The NFL is the greatest game on this Earth which is why we are all no this message board complaining a week after the fact.

  30. What is the game of football coming to? Why is it that a good hit makes a player a cheap shot artist. I was taught as a player that you must wrap a player up once you put a hit on them. What Adrian Wilson did to Trent Edwards was wrap him up after he laid the wood to him. Trent Edwards is listed as 6’4 231lbs, Adrian Wilson is as 6’3 230lbs same difference. The man got caught because his lazy ass lineman could’nt or would’nt pick up the blitz. We get a good chuckle when a player on punt or kickoff coverage get lit up and call it a great block. Here you have a player that is a big hitter and you try to take his nuts off when he delivers what the referee saw as a clean hit. The game of football is a violant sport, you are paid to play for four quarters. I guess it’s okay when a little DB try’s to take say a Brandon Jacobs head on and gets drove. Give me a freakin’ break NFL. All rules are changing to protect the offensive guy who will clown you once he gets to the endzone. They call them defensive players. They are there to shut you down. Mr. Wilson delivered a clean hard hit and wrapped him up as he was taught, that’s what he was drafted to do. I read that one read commented that he should be playing linebacker. Quartersbacks are bigger, wideouts are bigger, so why not SS. Maybe Trent pissed his line off and paid the price. Think about it? Until next time man-up dudes.

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