In the same week that actual lame-duck Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren reportedly chewed out his team for its sluggish start, perceived lame-duck Colts coach Tony Dungy has tried to talk his team into better performance.
Per the Associated Press, Dungy wants more passion, urgency, and consistency from his team.
It’s just energy and making things happen and not being denied,” Dungy said.  “It’s two guys flying to get to the quarterback and the ball ends up coming loose.  It’s Robert Mathis diving from six feet behind the guy and stripping the ball.  Sometimes you just have to do that.  You have to go get a second block.  You have to run over people.
“You’re not going to be able to come from 15 points down, from 17 points down week after week after week.  It just doesn’t work that way in the NFL.  So, we have to work to eliminate that.  A lot of it is just knowing what we’re doing and not having critical errors at the wrong time.”
It’s not quite the same ass-chewing in which Holmgren engaged, but for the mild-mannered Dungy it’s the closest he’ll ever come. 
And the common thread is that, in each city, the head coach’s successor already has been picked.
Though Dungy hasn’t said he won’t return in 2009, the players surely are wondering — and that year-to-year accountability that helps keep players focused and motivated and driven has necessarily been undermined.


  1. Tony, don’t forget that you are only a disciple. Let God be the one to decide if your players are giving enough, you just act on His information.

  2. This whole “lame duck” thing is overrated in these cases. They’re not like Lane Kiffin or the Rams guy (see… I’ve already forgot his name) who were simply placeholders for a year (or in their case, 4 games). Dungy and Holmgren are HOF caliber coaches! Football players RESPECT that type of pedigree… something Kiffin and the other dude didn’t have. These guys are well respected throughout the league. Players that laydown for these guys are going to lose out in the eyes of other teams and coaches… .and I think they know it. It’s not as if the successors aren’t already there. Those guys are paying attention, too. And how are they going to look at players who dogged it for a HOF coach? You think they’re going to want them around when they take over? I doubt it. Wade Phillips has less credibility in Dallas than either of these two guys. I like Wade… I think he’s an underrated coach, but he’s in a BAD situation, NOT to his making. But Holmgrem and Dungy? Me thinks they have nothing to worry about.

  3. I could see a great scenario for all of us True Diehard Bears Fans. Tony Dungee graciously retires. Bill Polin, on Dungee’s recomendation hires Luvy Smith to replace him taking advantage of the fact that Dungy and Smith are the closest of friends both professional and personal ways of life. Ted Philips wakes up and somehow gets rid of Jerry Angelo after he sees what Angelo has cost him in terms of poor drafts and overpaid veterans, the rest of the Bears coaching squad follows Luvy to Indy or resigns. He hires someone in the NFL to serve as a consultant (like the DA COACH for ex.)He hires Gayle Sayers as GM. Ditka hires Mike Singletary to coach, Singletary brings back Ron Rivera to coach the defense,and has Dan Hampton coach the D-line and brings in Doug Plank to coach the Secondary. Turner remains as the offensive coach due to the fact he’s now got a system installed that everybody seems content working with and not to mention his role in developing Orton as a top flight QB.

  4. I truly don’t think the “lame duck” thing is hurting the Colts. Their offense is driven by precision and timing. And with the O-Line injuries and Payton Manning being out all of training camp they are just out of sync.
    They might need to give more effort on Defense, but that might be because they are not used to being under the pressure of the offense not delivering. And beside the Chargers are having the same problem in the hustle and effort department and they don’t have a lame duck coach (at least not until they lose a few more games).

  5. pitch87mph says:
    Apperantly you favor coaches that are expected to win multiple super bowls, but only manage to win but one. Holmgren/Dungy under achevers with what they have had to work with.

  6. Let me start this off by saying I hate the Colts. Its nothing personal but I can’t stand them as division rivals. Every time a Peyton Manning commercial comes on my blood pressure shoots up and I feel the sudden desire to puke. I relish in their struggles this year because, frankly, they’ve been so damn good for so long.
    But this is a class team run by class guys. That’s one thing that always stood out about this team. As a bitter division rival they’re one of the few teams I see that help the opponent up off the field when they’re down. They never showboat (at least not in Nash) and hardly ever talk trash. But, most importantly, they won’t sell out just to win a few more games.
    Look at the Ed Johnson situation. They really dug themselves in a hole by cutting a very solid but underrated player when depth at that position didn’t afford them that luxury. They made a statement that values and decency outweigh performance and winning… and I firmly believe they would have been a completely different team on defense if they hadn’t done so.
    I think the statement the Colts made should be recognized. After all they did exactly what everybody seems to think all the other teams should do. It says a lot about that organization.

  7. Dick Vermeil would be the logical choice there. Could you imagine, Dick’s tears with (Na)Polians whine. Boo hoo hoo.

  8. “It’s not quite the same ass-chewing in which Holmgren engaged, but for the mild-mannered Dungy it’s the closest he’ll ever come.”
    Mike Florio = Tony Dungy?
    The only logical explanation for that statement.

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