Despite rampant rumors and speculation that running back Fred Jackson’s absence from the Bills’ online roster and depth chart arises from the fact that he has been traded to the Chiefs as part of a package that will bring tight end Tony Gonzalez to Buffalo, Bills V.P. of Communications Scott Berchtold tells us that Jackson’s absence from the web site is the result of an internal error.
“Fred is very much a part of our team,” Berchtold said via e-mail.
Besides, why would the Chiefs want Jackson?  They’ve got Larry Johnson, Kolby Smith, and Jamaal Charles at running back.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Bills won’t get Gonzalez.  Still, we think his most likely destination is the Giants.

12 responses to “JACKSON IS STILL A BILL

  1. Well, The Chiefs probably want to trade LJ before the deadline too. Getting Jackson would give you a nice double threat target. Smith and Charles would also get plenty of touches, because until the Chiefs draft Tim Tebow, their QBs are crap. I call bull on the “website glitch” Gonzo will be a Bill tommorow.
    I’d much rather see him in an Eagles jersey, though.

  2. I think he will be a Bill Tomorrow….I would also love to see him as an Eagles but that wont happen. Did you see LJ today he was horrable he got ran over trying to block a DE. He stinks make a deal Philly make a deal!!!

  3. Jason Peters is also missing from the OL depth chart, but he is listed on the roster. Fred Jackson is on neither. The webmaster is likely drunk.

  4. CountSnail,
    Im a HUGE Gator fan…right now the chiefs would be better off drafting matt stafford or sam bradford. Tebow’s game doesnt project well to the nfl he will have to work on some things. I can see him being a much better middle linbacker than nfl qb, but he does have the passion and the drive, not to say he cant be a nfl qb someday. Hes a great college qb

  5. Trade your promising #2 back and spell Marshawn with an unproven division 2 back that scored a preseason touchdown on the Colts? That basically qualifies a RB to play high school football. Fred Jackson and a pick for Gonzalez? *phone hangs up*CLICK*

  6. part of a trade for the Lions’ Roy Williams? Bills need a solid #2 receiver.. Detroit needs running back help (among many other things…)

  7. Sam Bradford is the best QB prospect in College Football. Stafford and Tebow are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

  8. Tebow? Noooooo.
    Florio, Jackson to the Giants? Did I miss something where they cut/traded/vaporized their 3 best RBs in Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward? I’m sure Jackson is a fine ST’er and all, but the Giants don’t really need another RB. What the Giants need is a big playmaking WR that will actually practice. Who knows, perhaps Gonzo becomes a Giant?

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