The Texans have distributed post-game quotes from their stirring last-second win over the Dolphins.  The excerpts include comments from Miami linebacker Joey Porter regarding a critical call by referee Ed Hochuli during the game-winning drive.
Porter believed he caused Texans quarterback Matt Schaub to fumble the ball.  Hochuli ruled that it was an incomplete pass, and the booth didn’t call for a review of the play.
“I’m looking for an apology or something on Tuesday or Wednesday on NFL Network,” Porter said, “but it will be too late by then.  The game’s over.  That point in time, I know for sure that I had both his arms when the ball came out.  I mean, it wasn’t by accident.”
As to whether the call wasn’t subject to replay review, Porter said,  “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t.  I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t review that play.”
Here’s why.  Becuase if the booth had called for a replay review and if Hochuli had determined it was a fumble, it would have been the Chargers-Broncos ruling all over again.
By rule, the ball was dead when it hit the ground.  The Texans would have retained possession.
And Hochuli’s head likely would have exploded.
Just like Porter’s nearly did.


  1. I don’t understand… if Porter was right, by rule the ball was live since it was a fumble (according to Porter), correct?

  2. I did not see this play. Can someone who saw it write in this section that A) Joey Porter is right; or B) Joey Porter is wrong

  3. The officiating is crazy bad this year. Watching the Dallas-Zona game, my lord, they blew many calls, especially the Romo fumble. It wasn’t even close!! Maybe instead of fining players, coaches, etc for criticizing officials, how about fining officials for screwing up calls?

  4. I think Joey will be getting a letter from the league this week, but rather than containing an apology, it’ll probably request/require that he make a donation to a charitable organization.

  5. ALOT of bad officiating already this year. the NFL needs to get this under control. players will lose respect for the refs and that could be real bad. huchuli is on his last leg, and he is tipping.

  6. Usually I would think that most of this moaning and groaning by the players about the refs was just a result of the Cutler fiasco, but from the games I’ve seen, the refs really are blind.

  7. i saw it and thought it was without a doubt an incomplete pass. the arm was going forward, the ball came out with some trajectory, and hit a lineman in the back i think. i don’t recall any of the announcers disputing the call. i’d like to see it again but i don’t remember thinking it was controversial.

  8. When the whistle blows, the play is dead. So the fact that he ruled it an incomplete pass and blew the whistle, they can’t continue through and recover. The only answer is to rule any close play a fumble, then you can review and call it incomplete. Once again, it comes down to Guns Hochuli making a judgement call.

  9. I don’t know where people are pulling this “we have more bad calls this year than ever before” bull. You all have NO MEMORY! I have never watched an NFL game that didn’t have some call I knew for certain was wrong. If you can’t deal with human error, go watch sprinting or something where there is nothing to screw up. Most importantly, shut your god damn crybaby mouths.

  10. The refs have been terrible this year. The Arizona and Dallas game is another great example. I’m not a fan of either team but it seemed like the refs blew at least 3 calls in that game.

  11. longdarkface…
    what you say may be true BUT it is very clear that this year there have been many more “important” or “game deciding” calls that were blowed up.

  12. It’s true… every year is the worst anyone can remember… because every year there are blown calls, but generally, they don’t affect good teams or ruin seasons, and consequently don’t linger.
    Don’t forget the referees once issued an apology for missing a critical pass interference call at the end of that Giants/49ers playoff game… which was the difference in the game.
    What I have noticed this year, and it’s a function of not having full time officials, is there are a lot of situations where the officials don’t understand the rule, or how the replay system works, or what to do with the clock in a situation.
    It’s one thing to disagree with their judgment, but clearly their preparation has gone down this year.

  13. Actually the bad call (actually, non-call) came toward the end of that final drive. On the Texans’ completion near the goal line, when Houston called its last time out with 16 seconds left, the snap for that play occurred after the play clock hit zero. It should have been a penalty for delay of game and Houston should have lost its last time out. It’s irrefutable and subject to review; in slow motion, the clock is on zero and the ball is still sitting on the ground. Had it been called, the Texans would have been farther away from the goal line with 16 seconds left and no time outs.

  14. It was a fumble and a blown call to anyone who is asking.
    Almost as many obviously bad calls today as there were crazy finishes. How about that weak call of incomplete pass when Jammer picked off Cassel, even after review? Brutal. No effect on the end result, ultimately, but a brutal call.

  15. Uhhh….yeah…and that whole thing about Schaub’s arm obviously moving forward. I mean the ball ricocheted off of an O-Lineman’s head. Hard to call that a…ummm…fumble. Shut up Joey, and cry when you really have something to cry about.

  16. I sincerely think the refs are doing a fine job.
    a fan of the 1st place Minnesota Vikings (3-1 in the NFC)

  17. Is Hochuli part of a conspiracy now or what?? Every game the guy is involved in has some type of game changing call or non call. I saw the play and it was a fumble. The Dolphins got shafted. Period!!!

  18. and check out the reffing in the Lions – Vikings game…the worst I’ve seen …the Lions got the shaft big time on numerous calls…try this one … a guy is laying on the ground after taking a big hit and the Viking defender ends up on top of the guy ,who is clearly down ,and then strips the ball out which the refs ruled a fumble ..red flag comes onto the field for a challenge..refs look at instant replay and say the call on the field stands..What in the world are they looking at…the announcers were even questioning the calls in this game…soon Goodell will be fining them i suppose ..sure there is a blown call here and there but they seemed to be blowing calls by the handfuls now… that’s 2 weeks in a row for the Vikings..the refs are saving the mustached morons job in minnesota…HOW SAD

  19. MNFANINAZ, the Vikings are tied for first thanks to a terrible pass interference call on Detroit on your game winning drive, that is why you think the reffing is good this year.

  20. Just shut up Porter!!! the secondary fell flat on their face again & a lesser team beat us again!!! Andre Johnson kicked the fins ass again but the fault is the Fins secondary, not the bad officiating!!! Besides where were you when Schaub was running down the middle!!!

  21. Are the Feds are looking to put a RICO case on the NFL and/or the NFL Referees Association? Lots of names that end in a vowel wearing stripes on Sunday. Just sayin’, it’s curious.

  22. i wasn’t thrilled about the bad calls (there were several, even on that last drive… the fumble blown dead, the clock expiration no-call, etc…) but i won’t blame the loss on those factors. If the fins had their isht together, it shouldn’t have come down to all that.
    it DOES seem very unfortunate that two bad no-calls in that last drive did help Houston win the game… but Houston played very well, so give them credit.

  23. um correct me if im wrong but on the supposed fumble or incomplete pass. If its a pass then why wasn’t there a penalty for hitting an off. lineman. its not allowed to touch lineman before wr,rb,qb right. so that was a blown call no matter if it was a fumble or incomplete pass. joey has a right to be pissed at the officals for blowning calls.

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