With multiple Cowboys gone for multiple games after a devastating loss in the desert, the next challenge on the horizon for the franchise is the looming suspension of cornerback Pacman Jones.
Both Adam Schefter of NFLN and Chris Mortensen of ESPN have reported on Monday that a decision is coming within the next 24 hours.
And the kicker for Jones could be the involvement of alcohol in last week’s incident.  Per Mort, one of Pacman’s conditions upon reinstatement was full compliance with the terms of any pending probation.  Jones is on probation both for guilty pleas in Georgia and Nevada.
Probation arrangements commonly include a commitment to the avoidance of alcohol.  Based on multiple media reports, Jones was drinking last week.
So that fact, if true, could provide the fuel for a suspension. 
But that could be a tough sell for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who said on Friday that it is “ridiculous” to even discuss a possible league-imposed suspension.
Still, it sure sounds as if Commissioner Roger Goodell is prepared to do whatever is necessary to address the problem.
“[T]his is a very important issue to me,” Goodell said during a Monday luncheon in Tampa.  “And I agree, it is a privilege to play in the National Football League.  And I believe that message has been clearly heard by our players and coaches and everybody associated with the NFL.  And I believe Adam understands what’s expected of him.  I am disappointed to hear that he was involved in something last week.  We’ve been collecting the facts on that so I can make a judgment on that. . . .  He knows he is running out of rope with respect to this.  And if he’s not going to behave responsibly and reflect positively on the NFL, the Cowboys and himself, then he won’t play in the NFL.”   
The comments drew “rousing applause,” according to Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel.
Goodell also threw a barb at Jones for his well-publicized attempt to change his name from Pacman back to Adam.  When asked by a member of the audience about “Pacman Jones,” Goodell said, “What a shock. . . .  And by the way, it’s ‘Mr. Jones’ now.”
In the league’s eyes, however, Jones’ name soon could be mud.  Or dumbass.  Or both. 


  1. Pac got busted for drinking a non-comishened alcoholic beverage. The Commish is truly wise………..I may have mispelled comishned but screw it.

  2. Could the Georgia authorities also be interested in this development? Pacman (who changed his name to reflect his new approach to life, guess he is back to Pacman)may be looking at a suspension of his freedom of movement, not just his ability to play pro football.

  3. Kinda sounds like Goodell is already laying the groundwork to let Pacman off with little more than a slap on the wrist.

  4. We can only hope this trash gets suspended and is not allowed to come back.
    Jerry Jones should be ashamed thinking he can bring guys in that are horrible cancers to the locker room and turn them around. Have another facelift Jerri.


  6. he deserves expulsion from the NFL. Goodell needs to make the Personal conduct rules rain on Pacman. He’s a Turd. Big time

  7. Do the Cowboys a favor and ban him for life… he sucks anyways. The Cowboys could put their crippled punter in there at CB and do better. And don’t even get me started on his punt returns…

  8. Haha…
    Goodells barb = One giant FU to the Cowboys courtesy of the league office
    I expect a 4 game suspension at the minimum.
    Vox Veritas: you’re dissembling for Mr. Jones and the Cowboys is going to be in overdrive the rest of the season. Just wait to see how bad it gets when TO has a meltdown after the 10th time Brad Johnson can’t get him the ball downfield.

  9. tell Goodell to put forth as much time fixing/training the horrible reffing that is occuring throughout the nfl …that he should be absolutely embarrassed about

  10. I am a life long Die Hard Americas Team fan. I gave pac the benefit of the doubt. But seriously, they have to have body guards with him to keep him out of trouble. He deserves to be gone. And people say Jerry only cares about Dumbass while he is playing for the Cowboys and that is it. Well what more should he care about. He gave the dumbass an opportunity. He gave him bodyguards (Is that a violation of the salary cap) and held his hand inorder for him to turn his life around so he can contribute to the Cowboys. He OWES HIM NOTHING at all. What more should he do? Adopt him? Pay for him to get an education? pay him to watch his Grand Kids. IT is up to ADAM Dumbass Jones. Not Jerry Jones. As much as the Cowboys need him, I do not care. To hit the angel on your shoulder because he disrespected his hoe just shows (for the fiftieth time) that he is destined to wind up like Travis Henry and Troy Hambrick.

  11. I am pro-pac and I think he needs to go for the year…one or two games is meaningless to him…he needs help or he will end up dead just like his dad…football is secondary…if he can’t get it, he can head his ass back to the getto and get it over with…

  12. Wow, he’s “Running out of rope” sounds like a stern warning is coming for pacman. Too bad that’s not what we were told would happen to pacman if he decided to F up again. Great work, commisioner jones.

  13. hesawinner is right. It does not sound like a banishment to me. 5 games into his reprieve from the gallows and he screws up again. Just Pull the dang lever.

  14. Funny the first time from the fake Vox. After that it is just dumb.
    Let the real Vox make his own comments; he does not hide nor does he need any help from a wanna be.

  15. You know, as a Skins fan I’d rather see them leave Adam Turd-Pac Jones in there. If he goes, I’m afraid they might find someone to replace him who can actually cover guys.
    But, he deserves to be out on his ass, and probably doing time for violating his probation.
    How many reclamation projects have to go bad for Jerry Jones before he sees the light of day?

  16. “Based on multiple media reports, Jones was drinking last week.”
    Were the paparazzi there or something?

  17. “Vox Veritas: you’re dissembling for Mr. Jones and the Cowboys ”
    Don’t use words that you don’t understand.

  18. If turdman jones is not banned from the league pemanently, we will know that Mr. Goodell likes Mr. Jones’ “back- pocket” PAYOLA!!

  19. Seriously, if Pacman isn’t banished from the NFL, then Goodell has to go down as the worst commish in NFL history. He’s two-faced, and hands out punishments based on his mood that day, or who didn’t pay him off. He let the Pats get away with multiple forms of cheating, he also burned all the evidence…incredible. Then he hammered the Niners for bullshit tampering charges, and didn’t do a thing about all the other tampering that goes on. He reinstated Pacman after all the crap he’s done and told him zero tolerance…and now he’s dragging his feet, and even allowed him to play last week. This is a joke, just like Goodell. I hope Pacman gets what’s coming to him…this thug does not deserve to be in the NFL, but in Goodells world, playing football is not a privilege, it’s a right that can be easily bought.

  20. Should be ZERO-TOLERANCE … time to cut that rope!
    It’s less than short. I think Goodell may let the law make the decision based on his statement. If probation gets revoked so are his playing privs!

  21. Jerry Jones deserves whatever he gets from these idiots he brings in. His ego is so big, he thinks he is a god.

  22. Goodell won’t do anything to hurt his buddy Jerry’s team, especially now that they have all these injuries. Everyone knows that Goddell is in Jerry “egomanica” Jones pocket.

  23. “Seriously, if Pacman isn’t banished from the NFL, then Goodell has to go down as the worst commish in NFL history.”
    No… that would be the guy that let the 49ers off easy after getting caught cheating the salary cap with several players. That set a very bad precedent that led directly to more cheating on he part of other clubs. Then they got caught cheating AGAIN with the tampering and got off light AGAIN.

  24. “Were the paparazzi there or something?”
    No, they never have press…at a party for movie premier. The event was for the new movie “Max Payne”. Ironic that “Pacman” would get snagged at an event associated with a video game character.

  25. Vox you’re an idiot. The Niners were “tampering”? They were talking to Briggs about a contract extension which would have been needed to be resolved prior to any trade. It wouldn’t make sense to trade away a fairly high pick for someone for half a season. As it turns out, the deadline for Briggs to be traded had ended two weeks earlier, and neither the Bears nor the Niners realized it. The Bears then were afraid they’d lose Briggs, so they filed tampering charges because the Niners talked to him about a contract extension. The Bears ended up with Briggs, and the Niners lost a pick completely, and had to switch picks with the Bears…that’s not getting off lightly.
    Getting off lightly, the Pats, every other team that has actually tampered(long list)and the Cowboys. Jones should not be in the NFL ever again…sorry you can’t see the forest for the trees.

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