Months after being unceremoniously cut by the Seahawks, former league MVP Shaun Alexander might soon be reuinted with a guy who knows a thing or two about him.
Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Alexander will visit the Redskins on Tuesday.  If he passes a physical, he could be under contract by the end of the day.
The ‘Skins are concerned about a knee injury to backup running back Ladell Betts. 
Alexander previoulsy drew interest from the Bengals, Lions, and Saints.  He expressed optimism that he’d have a new team after the first week of the season, but remains unattached.
In Washington, Alexander would play for former Seahawks quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn, who returned to Seattle in 2001, a year after Alexander was drafted.

15 responses to “SHAUN TO GET A NEW GIG, FINALLY?

  1. good for him. its bout time tho,hopefully he will be all healed tho. but why the hell is he gonna go to the skins?? they got 3 solid RB’s in portis betts and mason

  2. I always loved Shaun and wish him the best of luck throughout his career. He will always be considered a Seahawk in my book.
    Did things no Seahawk has done before:
    Led the team to a Super Bowl
    Set a single season touchdown record.

  3. Terrible, we need someone with more toughness and balance then alexander. I hope betts isnt hurt too bad but that knee injury looked terrible, like his knee flipped in all the way backwards.
    I couldnt believe he layed on the ground for like 10 seconds then hopped up and walked off the field unassisted.

  4. ‘Skins need him now that Betts is out. If Snyder signs him for a year/$10 mil. It sure would make the Seahawks look like they underpaid with him lol.

  5. As a Seahawks and Redskins fan I can only say ; Oh no not again !
    and Why me !
    Shaun Alexander is a nice guy though.

  6. Hopefully they won’t waste a good draft pick on a RB who’ll never play, like Gibbs did a couple years ago.
    Seems unlikely that a guy who got cut and is out of the league right now would get $10 mil for a year, even from Daddy Warbucks Snyder!

  7. What a waste…I hope this doesn’t mess up team chemistry. Rock Cartwright can get the job done as a #2 back in this league; I just don’t understand the panic move to get Alexander.
    And what’s with the old “Snyder overpays” jokes? The Skins haven’t spent hardly any money in the last 2 offseasons. Those jokes are almost as old as the “Bengals are jailbirds” jokes.

  8. Good…being a seahawk fan i thought Alexander’s release was a year too late…the Fed Ex guy averages mroe yards per carry than Alexander..he is cooked, but Skins fans can enjoy his dancing behind the line, fumble at key times and his in ability to catch a screen pass while going forward……or maybe he will complain to Zorn that he didnt get a goal line td carry like he did to the walrus after Holmgrem allowed Hass to punch it….good riddance

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