Word around the league is that the Lions are shopping “everyone” as the trade deadline approaches later in the day on Tuesday.
OK, they’re probably not willing to trade anyone — but several veteran players are being actively shopped, including but not necessarily limited to quarterback Jon Kitna, receiver Roy Williams, and receiver Shaun McDonald.
The Lions have wisely been coy in their public comments regarding the situation, lest they be perceived as sacrficing any leverage they might have.  That said, the belief in league circles is that the Lions are trying to get what they can for guys who likely won’t be with the franchise in 2009.
As to Kitna, reports are surfacing that, if he isn’t traded, he’ll be placed on injured reserve.  Once on injured reserve, Kitna could be released once healthy.  Kitna said Monday that he believes he’ll be able to play within a couple of weeks.
If so, he’ll apparently be playing for someone else.

14 responses to “FIRE SALE IN MOTOWN

  1. If Kitna goes to another team does his “Win Guarentee” stay with the Lions or carry over to his new team?

  2. Detroit needs to stockpile as many picks as possible for the new G.M. next year. Here’s hoping they make some decent deals.

  3. hopefully the titans really are involved in some of those roy williams rumors.
    and on a side note:
    “I wonDer if Any cLubs couLd Allow Some picks to upgrade at receiver right away?”
    Interesting use of caps. Cowboys fan?

  4. Hey Philly. Dump Greg Lewis and swap your first and second for Roy Williams and Detroit’s second. Then play Fraction, White Lightning, and Roy Dub. Win a couple games, make us like McNabb again.

  5. Pea Tear Griffin says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 9:10 am
    “Can you even trade a guy who is injured? In Madden you can’t. ”
    More importantly, in ‘Madden’, can you get Madden to get us arse on an airplane to do his next job??? 🙂

  6. If I were some team, I’d try to get McDonald. I definitely wouldn’t go after Roy Williams, that waste of talent…

  7. The Eagles have two #1’s and Lito Sheppard. Trade a 1,2, and 3rd round pick along with ANY of the extra wide receivers for Williams(Not Jackson or Curtis). If the Lionesses want picks to rebuild that will certainly suffice.
    The Eagles don’t even need to give up Sheppard now. Then they can get back the 2nd or 3rd rounder at the end of the year for Sheppard with Jake Ikwenague (sp) ready to step right in and play the Nickle in 2009.
    This would mean that the Eagles gave up a whole 3rd round pick and a 2nd or 3rd WR for Roy Williams.
    My goodness Andy, you can’t manage a clock to save your life don’t screw this up too!

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