In the wake of the Lions’ decision to place quarterback Jon Kitna on injured reserve, some league insiders aren’t happy with the fact that, only days before shutting him down, the Lions were trying to pawn off Kitna via trade.
Sure, everyone knows that Kitna has a back injury.  But the concern (as it was explained to us) is that it’s bad form to try to trade a guy who is hurt. 
Even if the Lions soon release Kitna from IR, the fact that they slid him into the category that suggests a season-ending injury on the heels of trying to get someone else to take him off their hands will hurt the credibility of the current front office.


  1. so your telling me the front office of the Lions HAS credibility to lose?

  2. If the party he was traded to knew he was hurt and still wanted him, why would ut be such a big deal. You know what you are getting. Its not like anyone was lying saying he was fine. Teams draft injured college players assuming they will be fine, so trading for an injured player would amount to the same thing.

  3. The original post of news is failing to mention something. Kitna is healthy – He is absolutely fine. The Lions tried to shop Kitna to the league to see if they could get anything and when they didn’t they decided to place Kitna on IR because it would allow them to demote him without demoting him. The Lions are in an evaluation mode now which requires them to look at the talent they have on their team and moving forward and that moving forward process involves their 2 younger quarterbacks, Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton. Kitna is now on IR so they don’t have him at practice and on the sideline screaming at the horrible OC and talking to the media about how bad the offense is. Placing Kitna on IR was to get rid of him, not because he is legitimately injured.

  4. All irrevelant, the Lions were straight up and honest about the injury. This is a non story with no revelance. If a team had traded for Kitna it would have been with the understanding that he is injured.
    What’s the problem? There isn’t any.

  5. You realize you are implying “Honor among thieves”?
    Honest front offices in sports is comparable to saying there are honest people in Congress and the Senate!

  6. The Lions front office credibility has been credebacled.
    E Smith…..future GM & Pres of Football Operations

  7. “Teams draft injured college players assuming they will be fine, so trading for an injured player would amount to the same thing.”
    Except when they draft an injured college player (Michael Bush) they do it with the anticipation that said college player will eventually be good. With Kitna, when he recovers from his injury he’ll still be Kitna.

  8. Breaking News:
    Goodell and the NFL are trying to trade the entire Lions organization to the CFL or UFL.

  9. The Lions have a front office? Oh, that must be where they keep the cleaning supplies for the stadium. My bad…

  10. It seemed to me like Kitna was fine and they just couldn’t pawn him off. That being the case is there any oversight on the IR or can a team place whoever they want on it without any real backlash?

  11. “um, it didnt stop them from getting quite a bounty for Roy Williams… ”
    Yeah, and what a bounty. I am sure they will turn those draft picks into more busts.

  12. It’s a great move. It lets them keep Kitna to trade in the off season when a team might be willing to make a move. Remember, Kitna has 2 years left on his deal.

  13. Another thing that I don’t think has been mentioned is Kitna has shown a mental breakdown due to his displeasure over the firing of Mike Martz. He clearly didn’t like the new playbook, and if you saw the first regular season game with him calling a timeout and yelling at the coaches about the plays being called in his helmet…all this just wasn’t tolerated by the coaching staff.
    Kitna won’t take a snap in a Lion uniform ever again. But they do eventually need to see what Drew Stanton has. If he could stay healthy, he has the potential to be the Lions’ next QB. And I don’t think Orlovsky will be there at the end of the season. All they can do now is get through the season, at least win 1 or 2 games and prepare the next GM for a very difficult job ahead of him.

  14. Since when do the Lions have any credibility, front office or otherwise ? They could possibly beat Pop Warner or maybe even high school teams.

  15. Either Kitna is going to be released with a nice injury settlement, or the Lions are going to have to fight one hell of a grievance. I expect it’ll be the former, and Kitna will be a free agent, bags packed for Minneapolis.

  16. trying to bench and trade the starting QB, and trading one of their premier wide outs to a playoff team in your own conference is starting to sound alot like MIAMI DOLPHINS 1-15 season.

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