Several readers have advised us that former NFL running back Tatum Bell, whose football career apparently ended when he swiped the luggage of Rudi Johnson upon learning that Rudi had swiped his job, is now working as a cell phone salesperson.
He’s apparently back in the Denver area, which means that he’s certain to be recognized, given that he played for the Broncos n 2004, 2005, and 2006.
Bell made big news in early September for the incident.  Stating “Tatum Bell’s not no thief,” he claimed at the time that he thought Johnson’s bags belonged to Victor DeGrate, a former member of the Lions who’d asked Bell to retrieve his stuff.  DeGrate later refuted Bell’s account.
In the wake of the initial report of Bell’s bellhop routine, several league insiders told us that Bell would not find other work in the NFL, since a reputation of stealing from teammates is the kiss of death in the locker room.