Maybe we never noticed it before, or maybe it’s unprecedented.
Regardless, the Associated Press has on multiple occasions this year published in-game reports based on actual or perceived officiating errors.
On Sunday, the AP sent out an item regarding a disputed field goal in Kansas City, during the game between the Titans and the Chiefs.  Kicker Nick Novak boomed a 49-yard try above the uprights for the home team.  (Which suggests to us that maybe it’s time to get bigger uprights.)  The officials concluded that the kick was no good.  Chiefs coach Herm Edwards disagreed, and tossed the red flag.
But Edwards was informed that, by rule, kicks that go above the uprights aren’t subject to review.  The decison prompted Novak to stomp around on the sideline.  Holder Dustin Colquitt threw his helmet to the ground.
Regardless of whether the call on the field was accurate, the officials rightly decided not to review the play.  Last week, the referee erred by examining a similar kick outcome via replay during the game between the Eagles and the 49ers.  In that case, the official did not overturn the decision that the kick was good.


  1. You would think with all the time this site spends bashing the refs that they would watch the official review on NFLN. The officials did the right thing in both cases. Stop trying to bash the officials even when they are correct. It makes you look like asses.

  2. the officials in the philly / san fran game never ruled the kick as no good. they called it good on the field, and then went and looked at it again, for whatever reason, and then came back and said the call on the field stands. might wanna revise that last sentence of your post.

  3. When it happened in the Eagles game, didn’t the announcers say that it shouldn’t be reviewable for this reason? Didn’t you call them idiots for saying it?

  4. Mike Pereira was pretty clear that the referee last week did not err in reviewing it because the field goal was ruled on the field to have passed through the imaginary box that would exist if you drew a line from the top of one post to the other. That ruling may have been incorrect, but because that’s how it was ruled, it was reviewable.

  5. I was at this game sitting right behind the fg post in question. Everyone in our section (109) was going crazy yelling that the fg was good. We talked about how the goal posts need to be lengthened or something. The coolest idea was to have a laser shoot out of the top of the goalpost and destroy the ball if it hit it so you would know it was good. This fg call cost the Chiefs the game. Just kidding, the Chiefs stink and the game was terrible.

  6. this is pretty simple folks, as clarified on the tv broadcast … by rule the outside edge of the ball has to be inside the inside edge of the goalpost … the ball obviously went over the top of the goalpost – that’s not inside the post. case closed. but i do agree, maybe we need to lengthen the goalposts another 10 feet or so, that should deal with this problem. have a feeling it’s going to continue to be an issue

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