Though Emmitt might think the phrase “caveat emptor” is a dentistry term, it actually means “buyer beware.”
The Saints would have been wise to remember that message before sending a second-round pick and a fifth-round pick to New York for tight end Jeremy Shockey.
Shockey, in his first year with the Saints, already is popping off.
For starters, he thinks that the team bungled the diagnosis of his sports hernia.  “I’m worried that this thing could have been taken care of in camp, like it should have been,” Shockey said after Sunday’s 30-7 loss to the Panthers.  “If it wasn’t misdiagnosed in camp like it was there’d have been no problems. . . .  Next time I know.  When I get hurt I’ll get three or four opinions besides just the team’s.”
Shockey also thinks he was brought back too quickly.  “It’s not a three-to-six-week recovery time,” Shockey said.  “It’s really a five-to-seven-week.”
He’s now concerned that something else is wrong.  “I feel a spot in my leg that wasn’t there before,” Shockey said.
Doctors should check to see whether it’s related to the stick that permanently resides in his keister.  

28 responses to “SHOCKEY, BACK TO HIS OLD SELF

  1. Wow, what a terrible person. He’s still hurting and he wonders if he was misdiagnosed. FINE HIM!
    Seriously Florio, this is the best you can come up with? A player questioning the MEDICAL STAFF and attributing those feelings to the team? I swear, I wish you’d go back to being the guy no one ever mentioned because you used to report REAL news. Now half of your stories are nothing but molehills turned into mountains.

  2. This guy is the definition of an asshole. He hasn’t even been with the team for half a season and he’s also opening his trap.

  3. Uhm… why can’t Shockey be pissed about the team misdiagnosing his injury? Teams often get criticized for not caring about what is in the best interests of the players and trying to force guys to play through injuries. The interests of the team and maybe even team doctors through the team is the organization, not the player.
    I don’t see anything wrong with this, especially if it’s still hurting and the team rushed him back.

  4. Wow, that is CRAZY. I can’t think of one person who thought that Shockey would become a pain in the ass distraction once everything does not work out.

  5. And this is why NY laughed all the way to the bank with that trade offer. You get rid of a whiny guy with a glass vag and get compensation for it way above his value.

  6. Shockey has a problem with his team and chooses to try to resolve it in the press instead of keeping it in house. Same old Shock. Wait for it – a couple more losses and he will be telling the press the reason New Orleans is losing is because they don’t get him the ball enough and they make him block.

  7. If Jerry Reese didn’t get enough credit last year when 7 of his 8 draft picks played in a winning Super Bowl effort, how about stealing a 2nd and a 5th from NO for this joker?
    Whomever created the expression “Addition through subtraction” maybe have been thinking about when the Giants finally rid themselves of this joker. Long live the champs.

  8. Apparently none of you actually READ the article. He says nothing about the TEAM. It’s the medical staff he has taken issue with.

  9. This guy is an infection. The Giants made a great move dumping him. They are laughing all the way to the draft pick bank. How much was it the Saints coughed up for his paycheck on top of the draft picks they traded away ? And it bought them all of 6 games ?

  10. nps6724 says:
    October 19th, 2008 at 11:01 pm
    Apparently none of you actually READ the article. He says nothing about the TEAM. It’s the medical staff he has taken issue with.
    Correct that this time its the medical staff he’s ripping. Next time it will be either the coaches or his teammates and the time after that…maybe he’ll be ripping his next team. With him, the point is, he’s never happy and never understands the correct forum for his gripes isn’t the media but behind closed doors. He just doesn’t learn.

  11. From Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times Picayune post game chat:
    Jeff Duncan, T-P: Shockey said he was going to get in touch with his doctor in Philadelphia right after the game. I would consider him questionable for next week. He admitted he was less than 100 percent in teh game and you could really see it on that one long catch he had in the open field because his speed just wasn’t there. The guy is obviously tough but he’s had a run of bad luck since getting to New Orleans. Shockey specifically said after the game that it wasn’t the Saints’ fault and that he is his own worst enemy with injuries. He did say the injury was misdiagnosed during training camp and should have been taken care of then. He did qualify that by saying the MRI machine was bad and contributed to the faulty diagnosis.
    I’d believe the local media before the national ones who aren’t around the team everyday

  12. nps6724 says:
    Apparently none of you actually READ the article. He says nothing about the TEAM. It’s the medical staff he has taken issue with.
    Who is it, exactly, that YOU believe pays and hires the medical staff for the New Orleans Saints?

  13. I hope the no talent smuck never graces the NFL fields again.
    Let him get his hernia fixed and go to work somewhere outside of
    pro football.

  14. “Who is it, exactly, that YOU believe pays and hires the medical staff for the New Orleans Saints? ”
    The point is the article tries to spin it as Shockey badmouthing the team like he did in New York when it isn’t even anywhere close. The OWNER hires the medical staff while the TEAM plays football. They are two different entities under the same umbrella. But far be it for New York fans to understand something as simple as that.
    Jesus Christ, it wasn’t like he even said anything remotely scandalous or edgy. He said he’d get other opinions next time. Big deal. Tons of players do that every year. This is just more sensationalist garbage that Florio has been spilling ever since he went quasi-legit.

  15. I thought he was pissed about his groin injury and that was missed diagnosed in trainig camp and re-injured on the first play this sunday when he did the splits. The whole article is what he said about his groin, not his hernia.

  16. The point is he can not keep his trap shut and deal with issues with out going public
    NO thank you for the draft picks guess you will be drafting a TE next year

  17. I was at the Panthers / Saints game yesterday and I got some good laughs watching Shockey yell and complain to the referees, the Saints’ coaches, his teammates, and anyone else in earshot. What a team cancer he is.

  18. I occoured to me that Flori is back to his old self. Jeremy Shockey has a legitimate point. If he’s hurt, he’s hurt. If he feels that the Saint’s physicians were not 100% accurate, he likely right! I’d get a second opinion as well, because the Saints doctors are employeed by the New Orleans Saints and their job is to do what’s in the best interest of the club. We’ve seen this before. And judging by the performance of M. Colston, the Saint’s trainers haven’t done a very good job in evaluating injuries…Forget the fact that Reggie Bush sat out of practice with a swelled knee most of last week…and then found out his cartilage was torn. Florio is a moron who sees an opportunity to stir up a hornets nest. Most don’t realize, but ask Shockey’s teammates from Miami, and NY, and New Orleans..He’s a great teammate and a great player. He blocks better than Gates and Gonzalez and is the most complete TE in the game. He’s firey and people hate that. He’s a stud ..Florio is an absolute moron like most media types who try to turn nothing into something. Kudo’s Mike..You did it again..It’s all over the news that Shockey’s disruptive etc…You’re a typical media-tard!

  19. What is funny is Florio consistently calls out team doctors when guys get concussions and go back in games, but then tears down a player who complains (without venom, mind you) about that same care. Just like a lawyer, talking out of both sides of his mouth.
    And if you look at how many Saints players have been injured this year, either on IR or out for several weeks, I wouldn’t put much stock in the Saints medical staff or trainers either.

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