Add Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers to the list of guys who’d like to kick Hines Ward’s ass.
A blindside block from the Steelers wideout on Sunday broke Rivers’ jaw, knocking him out for the game.  According to Andrew Siciliano of DirecTV’s Red Zone Channel, Rivers also is out for the season.
[UPDATE:  We’re told Rivers’ jaw is broken in two places.  We hope he likes milkshakes.]
It was a clean hit, and it didn’t occur away from the play.  It’s unlikely that Ward will be fined.
Meanwhile, we’re told that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs recently informed our friends at 2 Live Stews that Baltimore has a bounty on Ward for his wicked hit last season Bart scott.  We’re hoping to get the audio soon; it’s surely something about which the league will be interested, since bounties are verboten.
Back to Ward and Rivers — someone already has put the thing on YouTube.  So here it is.


111 responses to “WARD HIT ENDS RIVERS' SEASON

  1. It also didn’t please the Bengals much when later that day Ward was show-boating on a garbage time TD.

  2. Hines Ward – a player you despise unless he is on your team, then you love him.
    He is a great player, but it’s a shame he is so vicious that he is actually hurting people and knocking them out for the season now. I’m all for WR’s being good blockers, but that just takes what the NFL says about protecting its players and throws it out the window.

  3. I could(n’t) care less about either the Steelers or Bengals, but that hit is absolutely cowardly. Now a promising rookie is done for the year, I hope Hines gets his legs broke.
    Maybe the Ravens will sic their murdering MLB on Ward.

  4. Clean Hit? No… Unless I am mistaken you are not allowed to lead with your head. A.K.A. -spearing-
    Yeah, he should be nailed with a really good fine. And next time the rookie will be paying more attention.lol

  5. Judging by the way his head snaps back, looks like some helmet-to-helmet action might have gone on there. Hard to tell without a reverse angle shot.

  6. Ward is everything I love about football players. Relentless, likes to block, will sacrifice his body for a play. I bet he’d play with a broken pinkie.

  7. Clean hit? No… That is what you call leading with your head.
    A.K.A. -Spearing- Offensive or Defensive its still a penalty. He lowered his head and led with it. Now the Bengal rookie will be paying more attention next season I am sure, but yeah it was dirty as hell.
    Yeah and he will be well fined… The NFL is already ticked at him

  8. Clean hit? Helmet to Helmet hits are clean and appropriate? Might as well just sweep the leg. Hines Ward deserves a big ole fine for that one.

  9. Great block! Make no mistake, that was a statement hit by Hines Ward. Goodell fining him for ticky tac football plays won’t chagne the way Ward plays the game. A lot of old time NFL players are already sticking up for Ward and the way he plays the game. Even Goodell isn’t dumb enough to fine him for that clean block.
    You feel bad for Rivers, but having to choose between playing for the Bungles and taking the year off, you can say Ward did him a favor! Gotta keep your head up rookie!

  10. Ward used the crown of his helmet to hit a player in the chin such that he broke the player’s jaw. How exactly is that clean? Lets not confuse a good hit with a clean hit.

  11. Tom, I have to agree with your assessment. I used to respect Ward and wish that he was on the Ravens..as of late, I think he is a cheap shot artist.
    It is not just the Ravens that want his head there are a lot of teams now looking for him…..he will get his!!! I cant wait to see it!!!
    Although I love the guy, I sometimes wish Suggs would not open his mouth…

  12. How are these guys calling this a cheap shot or being too rough? Usually receivers are the ones taking the hits, and now that one of them is doing the hitting, the defensive guys can’t handle it? Suck it up and play football. As I tell my defensive players… always keep your head on a swivel.

  13. My comment gets down-rated because it is anti hurting players or because Pittsburgh fans don’t like to hear that their beloved Hines Ward is a headhunter for blindside hits?

  14. Ray Lewis ended the Steeler’s first round draft pick’s season and you don’t hear anybody in Pittsburgh whining about that.
    It’s football.

  15. I hate to admit this, but I think Hines is the WR equivalent of Rodney Harrison. I love Hines Ward, but if we wore Ravens purple, or any form of Ohio orange, I would hate him more than any other NFL player.
    That was not a cheap shot today, that was a good clean block. WRs have been taught for years to keep their heads on a swivel when they are in the middle of the field. I think he’s just serving notice that WRs aren’t the only folks who need to be alert…
    As for the broken jaw. That just sucks… I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt playing football.

  16. “Add Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers to the list of guys who’d like to kick Hines Ward’s ass.”
    Comments like these are why you’ll never be taken seriously as a professional journalist, Florio. You’ll always be a blogger and never a writer or even a two-bit analyst. You’re just a chump with a website.
    And since you won’t post this, I’ll just add that since you already admitted that it was a clean hit then the only real problem with this is the fact you don’t like Hines Ward. If it had been somebody else that you liked then you would’ve simply said, “Hey, he’s a physical player and that’s football.” Hines Ward is a physical player that plays a physical game. He wasn’t intending to knock the guy out for a season, he wasn’t intending to break the guy’s jaw, or any other intention save that of making a good hit on a guy. He made a clean, legal hit on the guy and the guy got injured. Happens all the time in football.

  17. Florio, I would agree with you that it was a clean hit, if it weren’t for the fact that Ward lowered his helmet and then brought it up right into Rivers’ jaw. Not to say it was intentional, but he probably will be fined for the hit.

  18. kaygee08 – I said nothing about it being a dirty play though. I even praised Ward for his style of play. I merely stated that in a league that is trying to protect its players, Ward makes sure to punish the opposition weekly.
    I love how he plays, I don’t like how it is now injuring talent on the other team. Nothing dirty about the play, it’s a tough game for tough guys and it’s a shame that on a simple block someone had to break their jaw.
    Knight3 takes Bishop7, check.

  19. I seriously think you skirts are what is wrong with America. You piss and moan about everything and cry when your football players hit each other. When did the USA turn into France?
    It’s the pussyiziation of America from the likes of you guys that will have us all speaking Chinese and bowing down to a dictator in a few years… Grow some balls. The guy threw a block, take the tampons out!

  20. I’m as big a Steelers fan as you’ll find but Hines dipped his head and led with the helmet. I hate the guy’s jaw got broken and I hate that Hines will probably get fined but it’s football. The implication is that Hines is a cheap shot artist is ridiculous though.
    Frankenberry (TSuggs) would do well to keep quiet. He doesn’t want any of what Bart got last year.

  21. Every here with a vag needs to watch the play in slow mo again. Ward’s shoulder pads are exactly at the bottom of the numbers on Rivers jersey. He hit the guy square in the front of his chest leading with the shoulder into the chest.
    If old Glass Jaw Rivers caught some helmet to the jaw on the play well, THAT’S FOOTBALL. This isn’t ball room dancing with the stars, ice dancing, swimming, or any other gay sports you clowns watch.
    Seriously, if you are bothered by that block never ever bother watching football again. Somebody may get hurt, and your feeling may be damaged even further!

  22. Ward will be fined because the player was defenseless to protect himself. It’s the same thing as when a db jacks a receiver on a ball that has been tipped.
    It would have been great if Ward hadn’t dipped his head upon contact.

  23. Ummm, last time I checked you are not supposed to lead with you helmet! Ward is a dirty player and will probably be fined and suspended. It’s probably safer for him anyway as a bounty will be out for his head.

  24. I’m not a fan of Pittsburgh, Tom, but I rated down your comment because you live in the world of fantasy football. I respect the hell out of Hines Ward. You don’t see receivers play off the ball like he does, and that’s why he’s a complete WR. There are a lot of good blocking wideouts, but the fact that he loves to mix it up with linebackers is great. Good for you Hines, keep knockin mofo’s out!!!

  25. How is a broken jaw going to end his season, unless it’s completely shattered and will basically never be able to move it again?
    Peyton Manning had his jaw broken back in 2001 by a helmet-to-helmet hit and only missed one play. And being a quarterback, he actually has to call plays and have people understand him.
    My father broke his jaw and was told it would need to be wired shut for 4-6 weeks (end up being 5 weeks).
    But then again, this is the Bengals we’re talking about.

  26. How did Rivers get a broken jaw?!?
    Ward puts his head down and goes up underneath the facemask of Rivers. It’s got to be a fine.
    Hines will get his.

  27. Ward was looking to put a block on a blind defender. He could’ve done that block a hundred ways that would’ve done the job without trying to injure the defender, and it still would’ve been a great block. Instead he INTENTIONALLY hit the defender in the most dangerous possible way. Thats dirty.

  28. Clean or not, Hines Ward better keep his head on a swivel. I’m sure some defensive players will have no problem laying all 5’11” of him out.

  29. Typical Hines Ward. Caught the guy off guard (yes it’s legal) and speared the guys face with his helmet.
    Should be fined, although the League has been as consistent as NASCAR as of late.

  30. Leading with ones head…repeatedly, should be grounds for a suspension. Maybe that idiot will finally learn that you can’t do stuff like that.

  31. This is still the NFL right?
    Just checkin. Thought maybe the Dancin’ with Stars’ folks were bloggin’ here.
    The play is way too fast for any major conspiracies here… he just hit a guy who didn’t have his head up. That’s not Ward’s fault.
    If you guys keep goin’, we’ll be looking at this and saying… he’s head went back and to the left… back and to the left… musta been a second tackler…

  32. Fab5Philly – I’m respectfully disagree with your opinion. I’m not living in the fantasy football world, the NFL is changing the game in order to keep from players being injured in situations that could be avoided. I’m merely going off statements from the NFL and Roger Goodell. I like seeing big hits but I also like seeing both players get up and walk away from them. Accidents happen and players get hurt, but sometimes those injuries are avoidable.
    I have no problem with how Hines Ward carries himself and how he plays. The only problem is when situations like this arises. It was a clean hit and a legal play, but the NFL might deem it to be otherwise and that is merely what I was trying to say.
    To try and put it into a Philadelphia perspective, would you like to see Asante Samuel get knocked out for the season because of a block like this? I understand it is a tough game for tough guys (like I posted earlier, props to Vic Ketchman for the quote) but the NFL is trying to stop these kinds of hits so where is the line drawn?

  33. it’s a clean hit, hines lead with the shoulder
    i’d say the same thing if that was one of my team’s LBs stop being pussies guys, it’s football

  34. nice clean hit in my opinion…when had football become such a pussy sport that when you knock someones block off you get in trouble??? pussy league!!!!! GOOD SHOT WARD!!!!!!

  35. If a defensive player made this hit, everyone would be cool with it. It was in front of the play and completely clean. This is football you bunch of babies. I don’t want to see a player (even though it was a Bengal) get hurt. Get over it. Hines will take a hit too and get up with a smile. Where was Ocho Stinco today?

  36. Fact is, the anti-Wardites who flock to this site are seeing what they want to see. The replay shown here is not the best angle. If it were from the opposite sideline, you’d see Ward leading with his shoulder (completely legal) and the force of Ward’s body naturally drives his head (helmet) into Rivers’ jaw.
    An unfortunate result of a completely legal block that, frankly, maybe the Bengals should encourage their receivers to put on more defenders. Maybe they’d actually have a running game.
    Best of luck to Rivers, I hope he heals well. Suggs is a coward. Anyone who thinks what Ward did today was anything but clean, aggressive football is a pansy. Ward doesn’t owe the league a dime, but I hope his opponents keep encouraging his “me against the world” attitude, that’s what drives him to kick their tails each week.

  37. He did NOT lead with his head. Period. Stop saying it.
    Hines Ward is 5’11”. Keith Rivers is 6’2″. The shorter player hit the taller player at an upward angle, at a dead sprint. Of COURSE the blocker’s head is going to come into contact with the other player–that CANNOT be avoided. Simple physics. Not to mention anatomy.
    BUT… Ward’s head did not lead the hit–watch the video. Ward tucks his head (as you are taught to do) and hits Rivers squarely with his shoulder, or more accurately, the place where his neck meets his shoulder. Nice hit.
    Besides, if anyone wants to cry foul about a player leading with his head and debate about whether its deserving of a fine or suspension or burning at the stake, look at Polamalu’s hit later in the game that not only knocked his own helmet off, but knocked him out of the game with what looks like a concussion. Again.
    Funny how no one’s yelling about that one.

  38. Hines Ward is such a POS. They showed the hit from a good angle on NFL Network and he clearly lead with his helmet, as he does with all hits. How do you break a guys jaw that’s protected by a helmet unless you lead with your helmet? You don’t. Ward needs to get suspended because clearly the fines are getting his attention. He’s been doing this for years and it’s about time he gets called out.

  39. Certainly can tell who the Squealers fans are in this thread. Doesn’t matter what team you root for, it WAS a helmet to helmet hit and Ward should get a hefty fine for yet another such play. I’m not opposed to hard hitting football but it needs to be within the rules for everybody. Ward’s day will come – I just hope it’s during a game I’m watching.

  40. Hey Buzzkill, if an offensive player on the Ravens made a hit like that, oh never mind, that would never happen.

  41. Somebody take a donation for all of these poor defenseless 250 lb linebackers out there. It must suck having a man 50 lbs lighter than you knocking you on your ass in a football game.
    I’m going to start a petition to turn the NFL into a flag football league. You guys are all with me right!!! Nobody will ever get hurt, we won’t keep score, everybody wins, and we all get orange slices and pop after every game!!!! Let’s change the team names to things less aggressive like the rainbows and the pixies.
    No more mean ole WR’s that want to throw a block to spring a teammate for 5 extra yards… Screw that. New rule. You much get written permission from all LB’s before getting in front of them to attempt a block.
    You guys need to turn in your man cards.
    oh, hey Foolio… Why no piece on the low hit to the knee of the KC Qb today that ended his season? The Titans players were low and late on that play. Doesn’t it fit into your anti-Steelers agenda or what you twat?

  42. I’m all for calling out dirty plays/players (see my recent rants about Kimo von Oelhoffen – oh wait, you can’t) – but in this case, I’m pro-Ward. I actually feel for the guy (Ward) – b/c I’m pretty sure his intent wasn’t anywhere close to the actual result of this hit. To me, it even looks like Ward actually tried to position himself in a way that would do no REAL damage. Sure he lowered his helmet a little – but he also turned his head the side to deliver more of a “glancing” blow (or to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact altogether).
    Ward is the type of physical-but-not-overly-violent-or-injurious player I like to watch play (Sterling Sharpe was another similar type of player). He has that tough, spectacular playing style – but is no Jack Tatum or some horse-collaring idiot.

  43. JPeezy is an internet tough guy.
    The hit damn well involved two helmets. Moreover, while it may have been legal, it was unnecessary to the development of the play. A simple block would have sufficed.

  44. You can tell the posters who have never played football. That was a clean, hard hit. How exactly would you have him make the hit? Maybe he could yell to give him a warning next time.
    Part of the game is to physically intimidate the other team, so you want to make the hit as hard as possible. He was trying to get his head on the front side to avoid the block in the back call. I’m not even a Pitt or Cincy fan, just a fan of good, physical football. The NFL is trying as hard as it can to make it a finesse game, but there are still players who bring it like Hines Ward.

  45. In my opinion, it was a clean hit. Ward hit him high, if he wanted to end Rivers’ season, Ward could have hit Rivers on the knees, shredding ligaments. However, the NFL will likely fine Ward in retaliation of the Steelers’ and Ward’s questioning of recent fines. They are trying to show that Goodell is the boss. I am glad Ward on the team I pull for.
    The hit that no one is talking about is where Troy P. led with is helmet. C. Bensen rang Troy’s bell rung and Troy lost his helmet. Troy should be expecting a fine for that hit, even though he got the worst of it. That kind of hit could have been a whole lot worse than what it was.

  46. He led with his right shoulder not his helmet. He intended to light the guy up and he did just that. It’s a shame Rivers got hurt but I don’t think it was an illegal hit.

  47. Funny how Ocho mentions the double standard, but Hines Ward is a shining example of a double standard.
    Its O.K. for DB’s to be the head hunters on WR’s, but when a WR fights back and gives them some of their own medicine it’s labeled dirty. In my opinion WR’s receive the must punishment when it comes to “hard hits”. Now we have a guy who is returning the favor and it’s “oh poor them?” Give me a break.
    Florio’s clear hatred for Hines continues to be obvious which leads me to question why this clown even comments on Football. You know there are other, less physical sports out there. Maybe we should check if progolftalk.com is available.

  48. Adambhoy – posting that tucking your head in is proper tackling form is ridiculous. That is the last thing you ever want to do. Tackling with your head up is the proper technique.
    Regardless of how this plays out as I didn’t see the play real-time, can anyone tell me if Hines Ward left his feet when blocking? It appears that he leaves his feet in the slow motion replay, but a lot of that could have been from the impact and whatnot. Can anyone tell me about this part of it? At this point it doesn’t matter what we say because the NFL will have its own judgment call and that will be the final decision (barring an appeal).

  49. How many times is the exact same type of hit laid on a punt or kick return where a would be tackler is pursuing the returner down field, and is then de-cleated just like this when they too arnt looking? You never hear a word about that. This crying and making a big deal about every hit is getting a little over the top. Hine’s hit wasn’t helmet to helmet, and he led with his shoulder, its just unfortunate that Rivers broke his jaw. Someone posted a comment that Ward will be fined because the LB was “defenseless”, to my knowledge, this rule only applies to WR/TE/RB attempting to make a catch.

  50. AFKfootball, what do you mean it was “unnecessary to the development of the play”? It was right in front of the play. Do you understand the game of football? Legal block. Keep it up Hines. Cry me a river. Just because no other receiver is as tough as Hines doesn’t mean his hard hits are illegal. He is smiling at your comments. Go Hines. What is a simple block? One by a Bengal’s player?

  51. “Moreover, while it may have been legal, it was unnecessary to the development of the play. A simple block would have sufficed.”
    Oh, we’re sorry, AFK, we didn’t realize you were an expert in the amount of effort and force a player should put into the way he carries out his assignment on each play.
    Could you enlighten us? What exactly is a “simple” block? Clearly, you know more than the four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver does. Should he have thought to himself “Hey, I’m not going to do what I’m paid to do, because there are ‘simpler’ options”?
    That could be the biggest pansy comment we’ve heard yet, and that’s really saying something.

  52. Tom–
    Poor choice of words on my part. Keep your head up obviously, but don’t lead with it, or you risk neck injury, all players are taught, blah blah. I was trying to emphasize that Ward hit Rivers with his SHOULDER, not his head. Any head-to-head contact was incidental, in my opinion.
    Point is, to hit with the shoulder you have to avoid hitting directly with the top of your head. That’s what I saw Ward doing.

  53. One thing about the fines being handed out more often recently, and everyone’s reaction: the benefit of instant replay can make plenty of hits look savage and as though the intent were to injure.
    The fact is, football is a game of instant reactions that don’t happen at 1/8th speed, and if he was indeed trying to put his head in front (if he hits head straight up, he could get called for the block in the back), a slight increase in speed on Rivers part puts it helmet-to-helmet.

  54. “Clean or not, Hines Ward better keep his head on a swivel. I’m sure some defensive players will have no problem laying all 5′11″ of him out.”
    I’ve been hearing that for years. The difference is, he expects to get hit and knows it’s coming. Defensive players aren’t used to getting jacked up by an average sized WIDE RECEIVER. These guys blast offensive players all day long and get nice and pumped up when they get in a good shot but, heaven forbid these same players are on the receiving end. Oh my god, I can’t believe that big, mean 5′ 10″ WR bully hit him so hard. How dare he hit HARD? Won’t a ‘regular’ block on a guy 40-60 pounds heavier and 4-5 inches taller than you do the job?

  55. All you mouth-breathers calling this a clean hit please do the rest of us a favor and don’t reproduce.
    This hit is the textbook definition of helmet-to-helmet which is, by the way Florio, illegal.
    Ward is obviously guilty of an illegal and dirty hit and will not only be fined but should be suspended.
    If Goodall truly has a pair he will suspend Ward a minimum of 4 games. Especially in light of Ward basically thumbing his nose at Goodell and telling the press last week that he was going to keep up the cheap shots even if he gets fined.
    Florio, you owe the readers an update saying that after watching it again you think this was an illegal hit. It clearly was. Even my 9-year old son just watched the replay and said it was obvious “the one guy hit the other one in the face with his helmet.”
    Florio, if you really think this was a legal hit, I’ve lost all respect for you. You can’t possibly be that blind.
    By the way, all you Pittsburghers who want to rate this post low, have at it. You’re only confirming what the old song says “everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people.”

  56. Blitzburgh makes a good point– the Ravens’ D has, in fact, ended the season of TWO rookie RBs: Rashard Mendenhall and Mike Hart. And nobody’s complaining about that.
    The fact is, the Ravens’ defensive players talk a good game about how tough they are, “this is our house”, Ray Lewis is strutting around and dancing like he got the Holy Ghost.. then when a WR lays a block on one of their guys, all of the sudden they’re just shocked– SHOCKED!– that somebody could stoop so low as to lay a *gasp* hard hit on a player..
    Grow up. It’s football. And if this is the biggest gripe the Bengals have about this season, then they need to re-prioritize.

  57. If he led with his shoulder how did Rivers break his jaw? Hines Ward is a dirty player in my opinion, although I respect the fact that he plays hard until the wistle.

  58. Someone mentioned “those who played football”
    I played football for 8 years, and was always taught to hit with my head up.
    You put your head up to protect yourself, as well as the other player. Put that head down and you risk serious spinal injury, or spear the opponent.
    Ward struck his jaw with the crown of his helmet, that is illegal. Period.
    His reputation as such a great guy, and great player for the NFL really precedes his play on the field. Had Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, or Terrell Owens(other “great” receivers) made this vicious, illegal hit the media would be asking for them to be crucified… but not Hines Ward, he’s such an awesome guy! What a blocker! Such an amazing receiver! I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t love him!
    You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see Ray Lewis demonstrate how to make a real, clean, vicious hit on Ward week 15.

  59. man – what a bunch of pansies – for the most part – let’s get them all little flags that they can pull off rather than make contact and maybe get hurt…
    I have no problem with Ray Lewis’s hit on Mendenhall – it was FOOTBALL – and Hines was making a block – shame what happened to Rivers – but shame what happened to Mendenhall too…
    Football is a violent game – played by violent men – that is why it is popular – If I want to watch great athletes perform with no violence I will go to a ballet…

  60. Ever hear of wide receivers taking plays off? How about WRs who are afraid of going over the middle or getting hit? In fact, there are cornerbacks who didn’t like to tackle, just cover. Here we have a 5’11 wide receiver jacking bigger defenders. Luv it, not to the point of injury, but receivers get jacked all the time, it’s nice to see someone with the balls to hit back. I’m not sure whether the hit was legal or not, too close to call, let the league decide. Funny, didn’t he get fined for slapping a player on the helmet, taunting?While I’m not a Steelers fan, I think Hines Ward plays the game as it’s meant to be played, rough, not as a pansy.

  61. AFK = typical skirt who never played a down of football.
    If making a block on a guy 1 step away from tackling a ballcarrier is an “unnecessary development” I suppose throwing and catching the ball don’t have much use in football either. Why do they pay O-linemen if blocking to spring a runner is unnecessary???
    Also, please explain what a “simple block” is. Ward had three options on the play.
    1. Be a typical “me guy”, pansy assed primadona WR and let the LB tackle the runner.
    2. Make a weak attempt at a block with an arm and hope not to get a holding call or get run over.
    3. Make a physical football play and sacrifice his body to help a teammate gain more yards.
    Ward threw a shoulder right into a LB’s chest and made a great block. Unfortunately in the process his helmet hit below Rivers facemask. Tough shit, it’s a contact sport.
    I see some skirts here crying for a poor defenseless LB, what about all the WR’s that go across the middle to catch a pass and have their backs turned to charging defenders. Should those defenders not lay a hit on them because it is not “face to face”?
    Some people get a bug up their butt about a WR making a block but neevr have a problem with a LB or DB making a brutal hit on a WR going across the middle.
    I swear football is too tough and violent for some of you. Seriously, just go watch baseball or figure skating….

  62. Can somebody tell me where all the outrage for Cedric Benson’s helmet to helmet hit on Troy Polamalu is?
    Seriously, if you are against helmet to helmet hits there is one right there. Polamalu gets into position to make a tackle, and instead of running around him or just falling down Benson had the nerve to lower his helmet and try to run Polamalu over, which resulted in a concussion and Polamalu leaving the game. Even knocked his helmet off and messed up his hair.
    How long should Benson be suspended? I can’t imagine tow football players running into each other at full speed and having their heads bump together not be a fineable offense right guys??
    Oh, and Halftime, you kid is a retard just like his daddy.
    Eja642, Ray Lewis spent the better part of the last 10 years vs the Steelers getting run over by Dan Krieder. His old over-rated ass better stick to just being the 3rd guy to jump on a pile and 1st guy to celebrate. Ask Ed Reed and Bart Scott how they like Hines Ward blocks…
    Face to face on Ed Reed:

    Destroying Bart Scott

    “It was a good block. If I was in Hines Ward’s shoes, I probably would have taken the same shot,” Brandon Johnson said. “You really can’t blame him.”
    “I’m mad about Keith getting hurt,” Ocho Cinco said. “I don’t think (it was a cheap shot). The play is going on; players are going after the ball, a crackback block, which is what it is called. You have to have your head on a swivel at some point.”

  64. Bill Romanowski says it’s a clean hit and that compound fractures of the jaw are quite common in WR-to-LB engagement.
    This kind of stuff only seems to happen to one Wide Receiver in the NFL. I won’t count Steve Smith since he does his damage after helmets are off on the sidelines.
    With his reputation and the whole Bounty Bowl 2.0 coming up, I think Goodell will not only fine him but maybe even suspend him a game.

  65. Hahaha what a great block, if you play the Steelers and forget about Hines Ward you will the price. Enough said

  66. Lol funny all you Ravens fans call Hines dirty when you’re “best” player is a murderer, and an overrated one at that. Put your bounties up, the Steelers will come to win AND take heads, not just look for revenge.

  67. I hate to see players get hurt, but that was definitely a clean block. Wide receivers lay themselves out in the middle of the field all the time and take vicious hits. Hines was leading with his shoulder and and finished with his shoulder. From watching the game and seeing all angles, if there was any helmet contact, it looks completely accidental.
    As for defensive players calling out a wider receiver…are you serious?!? They try to take a guy’s head off every play and then they get hit hard and all of a sudden it’s dirty? Cheap hits take the integrity out of the game. Clean blocks and hard playing make football the game that it is.

  68. Good clean hit.
    Rivers was clearly involved in the play and chasing the player with the ball.
    Ward clearly lead with his shoulder.
    Nothing wrong with the play other than Rivers breaking rule #1 as far as personal safety goes by dropping his eyes and not keeping his head on a swivel.
    I’m a big Rivers fan, don’t really like Ward and it’s unfortunate that Rivers was hurt, but that is football, especially if you play it without any awareness.
    It’s a pity the reaction of so many people on here, it would appear that I am in the minority in wanting football to remain a contact sport, the pussifiers are really out in force or maybe it’s just the vocal minority striking again.

  69. Hines Ward has taken some of the most savage hits I’ve ever seen a receiver take and he gets up smiling. Defenders have been trying to separate Ward’s head from his shoulders for years. He has had his share of injuries. It is unfair to label him as a headhunter or cheap player. His hits are clean and related to the play. He’s not just hitting for the sake of taking a shot at somebody.
    Hines Ward is a Steeler and Steelers always play tough.
    That doesn’t make it any easier on Scott or Rivers. I’m sure Ward never thought he was going to break Rivers jaw. Football is the most violent game in pro sports. Injuries are a major part of the game. This year more so then others.
    I hope the best for Rivers because no one wants to see a young get hurt like that. I also hope Ward doesn’t get fined or change the way he plays because nobody will take an easy shot on him. The proof is in the film on him from seasons past.

  70. LOL – look out!! The Ravens have put a BOUNTY out there!! If this were the 2001 Ravens, it might mean something. The 2008 version? Not so much.

  71. “Ward will be fined because the player was defenseless to protect himself. It’s the same thing as when a db jacks a receiver on a ball that has been tipped.”
    No its not, its a block. The defensive player can be blocked. Defensive players don’t have an inalienable right to run around making tackles without being blocked. Its part of the game. Equating it to being a defenseless receiver is the retarded garbage the Ravens were spewing on local radio, because their vaginas were hurt. Its incorrect and ignorant.

  72. Ward could have easily blocked the LB without breaking his jaw and taking him out for the season. He goes for hits that hurt people INTENTIONALLY. It’ll come back to bite him.

  73. Hey, I can’t wait for someone to Jack Hines up. He thinks
    he is such a bad-@ss. You know, DBs and LBS around the
    league are lining up to LIGHT him up. It’ll be fun to
    watch Hines take one. If I was an NFL DB, I would be
    the first in line to do it.

  74. haha that hit was great. i love how angry these hardass LBs get about Ward’s hits when he is a wideout who is a target all game long. Its one thing for Jeff Feagles to get upset about gettin lit up on a special teams play but cmon these Defensive players get paid to be the hammer all game long. if you happen to get cracked by a WR thats YOUR BAD and i will laugh at you HAHAHAHA

  75. Clean hit all the way. Ward led with his right arm and shoulder and hit Rivers on the front side of his left shoulder. Classic de-ceater. I hate to see Rivers out for the season, but I’ll bet he looks upfield next time. I can hear Goodell goose-stepping to his fine book allready.

  76. “JPeezy says:
    Oh, and Halftime, you kid is a retard just like his daddy.”
    You are proving my point about the world being full of stupid people.
    Here’s a tip for you: When you call someone else a retard, make sure you don’t disclose yourself as one in the process with your obviously deficient grammar.
    I’ve got a simple yes or no question: Did Ward hit Rivers in the helmet with his helmet – yes or no?
    Anyone who says no please go back to my original post where I ask you to please not reproduce. Either that or at least get an eye exam.

  77. If Ward keeps leading with the crown of his helmet like that, he’s risking serious injury (paralysis, etc) to himself in addition to the others. The rules against hits like that are as much to protect the hitter as they are to protect the guy being hit, and for Ward to continually flaunt them is unfortunate. Kids are taught from the day they first put on a helmet to “see what you hit” or risk serious injury to yourself and others. Ward clearly thinks he’s above all that with the way he’s dropping his head on hits like this.

  78. JPeezy got it right baby . . . this IS football the last time i checked, right!? Offensive skill players get leveled EVERY week and we all sit back and watch ESPN cracking up, but when a WR lays a defensive player out cold, you guys wanna whine like a bunch of women! Hines gets his head ripped off on every route over the middle and gets up smiling bc he IS the definition of football, steeler football!

  79. I thought it was clean, but since some guy’s 9 year old son thought it wasn’t, well, that’s pretty convincing stuff.

  80. I have reviewed the play over and over. It looks like he led with his helmet to me. I do not see his shoulder hitting River’s. Appears to be helmet to helmet to me.

  81. I hate to see someone break his jaw. We all do. Answer me this why when someone gets hurt it is a cheap shot? he did not lead with his helmet. Come on people this is football. Keep fining the steelers we will keep playing physical football.
    Times like these Troy’s comments are right on the money. PANZY league

  82. was warren sapp fined for his hit on chad clifton a few years back? was he suspended? They were both overtly physical hits but both in the end clean
    Rivers is a rookie who will learn to have his head on a swivel…and hines has and always will be gunned for by opposing teams because of hits like this it won’t happen any more or less now
    Ward is the first to admit he will continue to do this because defensive players try to make these kinds of hits every play…Does anyone think any NFL player would have made that hit at 50% with the risk that Rivers sheds the block and makes the tackle? no way
    He will get fined if Goodell’s weekly eeny meeny miny moe game lands on his name(or does he do it some other way)

  83. Ward also planted Ed Reed of the Ravens (yes, that’s right….Mike Florio’s favorite team) into the turf this year. He plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

  84. I’m not steelers fan by any means, but just because a player gets hurt doesn’t mean the play was dirty. I thought this was football. Have you people ever seen a real spear hit? Its all helmet. Hines made initial impact with his right shoulder and his head was inside the pads, thats textbook. Yes he was bracing to hit a guy 2 inches taller and 35 pounds heavier than he is but he didn’t spear Rivers. You all know Hines goes all out when he plays, thats his style so a hit like this isn’t an out of the ordinary play for him either. I can’t believe what I’m reading here, you guys act like nobody has ever been blindesided before.

  85. The criticism of this hit is ridiculous. Hines Ward made a block during a running play. Simple as that. How is it a cheap shot if it occurs one yard away from Matt Spaeth running the ball downfield? The block allowed the Steelers to gain extra yardage. The goal of the downfield blocker is to BLOCK the closest defender with the best angle to make a tackle, that’s all he did. But, it was one hell of a hit, not a cheap shot.

  86. Looks to me like the initial contact was Ward’s right shoulder to Rivers’ left shoulder. Given the angle they collided, it looks to me like Rivers’ head snaps forward and down due to the sudden stopping. As his head snaps forward, his jaw hits the back of Ward’s helmet – probably where the injury occurred. Bottom line – clean hit – at least in my opinion.

  87. Someone earlier asked if Ward left his feet to make the hit. He most definitely did not. His left foot was on the ground at the time of impact.

  88. a quote by Peter King, longtime Sports Illustrated writer, about the Hines Ward block:
    “Hines Ward’s textbook de-cleating block of Cincinnati linebacker Keith Rivers — resulting in a broken jaw for Rivers, which likely will cause him to miss the rest of the year — is a great example of why Ward’s teammates love him and so many opponents loathe him. There was nothing wrong with the block, which had Ward come in from the side, catching Rivers unaware. It’s just a vicious but legal football play made by the best downfield blocker among all NFL wide receivers. Opponents will look at tape of the play and think Ward didn’t need to explode Rivers the way he did, but that’s nonsense. Ward went all out, and when you do that in this game, sometimes people get hurt.”
    You guys are posting comments on a blog site, this guy has been writing for Sports Illustrated for years. His credit is thru the roof. Your biased opinions about a player who knocked out your teams DBs on perfectly legal hits are irrelevant. I believe this matter is closed. Leave the writing to the sports writers, idiots.

  89. I’m not a Steelers, but wooo-weee what a block. Thats why you always have to have your head on a swivel, so you don’t get your jaw broke. And I hear you people saying that he should’ve never hit him like that, you tell me how he should’ve blocked him? Hit him half a**? No, thats how you get hurt in the NFL when you don’t play at full speed.

  90. “Leave the writing to the sports writers, idiots.”
    So then I take it we will never hear from you again.

  91. Halftime you mongoloid, you are the one that needs to go back and watch the video clip again. The hit was shoulder to chest. Led with the shoulder, landed it straight into the chest. In the process of that the helmet grazed Rivers chin just under the facemask.
    I’m very sorry you are so butt hurt about a hard hit in an NFL game. Go cry about the hits Ike Hilliard, Brodie Croyle, and Troy Polamalu all took this weekend too. Football is a violent game, please switch to watching table tennis. Hard hits and tough blocks make you cry way too much. Put your kid up for adoption so he doesn’t grow up to be a pussy too. Sounds like it may be too late.

  92. Halftime
    Since helmet to helmet hits are illegal in the NFL, why is it that every single sports commentator, writer, and analyst is calling the play a clean block? If this was helmet to helmet they would be saying the opposite…no? I even heard a sound bite where Coach Lewis said it was a good clean hit with as unfortunate outcome, injuries happen. This is football, what’s your problem?
    Peezy is right, if this pussification of America is what you preach in your own house, I bet little halftime gets wedgies and wet willies all day in the play ground. Grow a pair.

  93. I saw it when it happened and watched it over and over, and the way Ward just takes his head into Rivers’ chin is just malicious. If he doesn’t get fined and suspended, Goodell has lost any credibility for the previous fines for this head hunting cheap shot artist. All of you Ward apologists are mouthbreathing meat strokers. 2 years of JV football and you talk like pros. Great, if your children survive childhood under your parenting, I will be sure my child waves as he is driving by your kids correctional facility.

  94. Ok- so a legal hit (no flags) causes more uproar, but a bounty is acceptable? Help me understand.
    Keep playing the way you do, Hines. This is football.

  95. Some of you haters are unbelievable. Ward didn’t lead with his head. He CLEARLY made the hit with his shoulder. There was NOTHING dirty about that or most any other of his hits. Some of you are just mad that he’s decleated your so-called “fearsome” defenders on numerous occasions and let them know who the biggest badass on the field really is…….#86………..the best blocking and posession reciever in the history of the sport.

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