Cleveland tight end Kellen Winslow was upset at Browns general manager Phil Savage for not contacting him while he was hospitalized with a staph infection. The Browns are apparently upset with Winslow for making his beef with the GM public.
Coach Romeo Crennel told reporters today that Winslow could face discipline for saying “things that he didn’t need to talk about with the media.”
Of course, the Browns put Winslow in a position to have rampant speculation about his condition by refusing to release any information about it. It turns out the team wanted to keep quiet that there was yet another staph infection in the Cleveland locker room. Now Winslow, who spent three days in the hospital, could be in hot water for expressing his frustration about the situation.
“We’ll investigate it and determine if anything needs to be done,” Crennel said. “My policy is to keep family business in the family. So whatever I do, I do and I’m not going to broadcast it.”
[Editor’s note:  G.M. Phil Savage also has responded to Winslow’s contention that Savage didn’t check on Winslow while he was hospitalized.  Taco Bill has the visual evidence.]


  1. Nice to see Shockey and Winslow upholding the reputation of the “U”
    If I were a Browns fan I think I would rather see Heiden as my starter.

  2. The Brown’s organization is bordering on being very unethical…telling players to keep quiet about something that has ended careers is ridiculous. The NFL should be on top of the Brown’s like white on rice to get the place cleaned up. Seriously, all we hear about is players safety, shouldn’t that include medical safety in the locker room?

  3. If they fine Winslow for his reaction to this fiasco, the Browns can forget about signing any new FAs anytime soon. Good God that front office is a mess.

  4. Did Savage need to release the info? Doubtful, I don’t think anyone would be surprised by Winslow missing a game for non-football related reasons.

  5. He pretty much said something that was completely obvious… I don’t even follow the Browns that closely, but I know Cleveland hospitals = Staph infection.
    It started with Bently, and can be argued that it was the reason the guys career is pretty much over.

  6. So, essentially the Browns are saying, “We gave you staph, we let the world (via PFT) think you had big swollen balls due to an STD, and now we’re gonna fine your ass for talking about it?”
    Stay classy Browns.

  7. A staph infection………he must have really been scratching his nuts good after the Browns last home game. Remember Kellen, wash throughtly, then scratch.

  8. Maybe they could take whatever they fine him and buy something to clean their Staph Infected facility.


  10. So…help me out here. Did the staph infection CAUSE his balls to swell up to the size of grapefruits? Were the two unconnected? Or did he just not have grapefruit-sized balls…i’m confused…

  11. the browns should be fined for their problem with staph and then fined for trying to keep it quiet. MRSA is no joke and it should be very well documented and communicated when someone comes down with it since it is extremely contagious.
    Not looking good for their org.

  12. Back when he wrecked his cycle, kellen and his old man were up in arms about wanting to keep his medical condition “in house”.
    Now the browns do exactly that and this is how the winslows respond?
    Pick a hand kellen, and live with it. (just make sure it isn’t one of braylon’s hands)

  13. The soldier also made his wife sleep on the couch because she forgot to get him flowers for his birthday… what a puss.

  14. Winslow must have some big balls ( he did for a while) to make comments like he did. He is part of the team and he needs to grow up and not feel like a sad “sack” about what he thinks is happening to him.

  15. At some point the CDC will step in and shut the place down. It’s probably better to take care of the problem before that happens.

  16. that crying sound you hear is junior soldier whining because phil savage didn’t call him to ask how his balls felt while he was in the hosptial. between manos di piedras who masquerades as a wide receiver (braylon), and I’m a f-ing soldia Winslow, they have a real dysfunctional family in Cleveland. Time to clean house Phil. Get rid of em’ all and start over again.

  17. Bucco- Although the economy and school system sucks… Cleveland’s hospitals are top notch… the Cleveland Clinic (where majority of the Browns are operated on) is rated among the top 5 hospitals in the world.
    Joe Jurevicius developed his staph infection 2 months AFTER surgery while in Colorado.
    The problem is the Browns training facility… where the staph originates.
    IMO- both parties are at fault. Savage should have dropped him a line… but PS is known for not really giving a damn about players he did not draft (or sign). On the other hand K2 should remember the Browns did give him a 2nd chance after blowing out his knee during his famous impersonation of Evel Knievel.

  18. I don’t know why he thought Savage would come see him. Doesn’t he know staph infections are contagious.
    Can they really fine he for those comments. The Browns should have to put in every players contract that if they get a staph infection they get a 1 million dollar bonus.

  19. I’d rather see heiden and Dinkins in than Winslow. The Browns have a rookie, Martin Rucker, who appears to have some of the physical attributes of Winslow, minus the baggage (that may or may not also be a swollen testicle reference). However, Rucker suffered an injury in preseason. If he gets into games and produces, given how well Heiden and Dinkins (and the rest of the team in general) performed, there’d be no reason to keep Winslow. He’s too beat up to perform at a high level for a long time like Tony Gonzalez.
    Let’s just remember that Winslow was whining about his contract before the season started. Unfortunately, teams have realized that if they jam Winslow up at the line, he’s a non-factor. Maybe he feels like he’s doing more to earn his paycheck if he goes out of his way to talk to the media…

  20. No matter what you think of Winslow, and lets face it, the dude’s a whiner, he does actually have a good point. Why does Cleveland seem to get so many staph infections? Off the top of my head, LeCharles Bentley, Joe Jurevicious, and Kellen Winslow have all had them recently. I’m not saying I like the guy, but it does seem to be getting to the point where the NFL needs to figure out if the health of Cleveland’s players are being threatened by something other than Hines Ward.

  21. You know they won’t bench him. Crennel knows that Winslow is his only viable receiving option since Buttfingers Edwards drops passes.

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