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ESPN reported earlier today that 49ers coach Mike Nolan could be fired as soon as next week. 
Jay Glazer of reports that Nolan already has been fired.
Not next week.  Now.  Right now.
It makes sense.  With word out that the move was coming next week, it made no sense to let Nolan twist in the wind.
It’s unknown who’ll take over.  Presumably, the job goes to Mike Singletary.
In a transcript of a Monday press conference, which was circulated by the team via e-mail after Nolan was fired, the fourth-year head coach addressed whether he has received any statement of support from ownership.
“You always want to have support,” Nolan said.  “But I know what my job is by having the job.  My job is to work with our players and our coaches and try to put together the best game plan to win games, that’s what my job is.”
In response to another question, Nolan said, “I am the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.”
Unfortunately for him, that’s no longer accurate.

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19 Responses to “NINERS NIX NOLAN”
  1. Wrathchild says: Oct 20, 2008 7:51 PM

    Did they fire his suits as well?

  2. drew says: Oct 20, 2008 7:58 PM

    Go get your dancing shoes. Go get ’em Niners fans. I don’t need mine, I’m going bare foot baby!!!!

  3. Gonads says: Oct 20, 2008 8:02 PM

    Christmas comes early in the Florio house. Mike loves seeing guys lose their jobs.

  4. RobJH says: Oct 20, 2008 8:04 PM

    At least the 49ers organization did the deed with class instead of dragging the whole process out for weeks (like that team across the bay).

  5. Slow Joe says: Oct 20, 2008 8:06 PM

    Denise DeBartolo York needs to sell the team back to her brother, who won five Super Bowls with it. The Yorks are clueless when it comes to running a professional football front office.
    OR, and this would be their best bet, they should hire someone for a role like Parcells in Miami. Mike Holmgren would be perfect. Then after hiring him, leave him the h3ll alone.

  6. screaming sheep says: Oct 20, 2008 8:07 PM

    Berman isn’t happy about it, keep the tape running, he may go into a cussing fit.

  7. CompanyCalls says: Oct 20, 2008 8:08 PM

    Wow that blows. Mike Nolan is a great coach. I don’t know if its his fault as much just lack of mental execution from players but maybe they consider that more of his job too. I live in the bay area..first Kiffin now this? Terrible.

  8. centeredwarrior says: Oct 20, 2008 8:08 PM

    I feel bad for Nolan – he did what he could with the talent he had, and Alex Smith’s growth seems to have been hindered by losing Norv Turner to the Chargers. Still, I’ve always wondered what Singletary could do if given a chance. I hope he gets the job, I’ll bet the Niners show significant improvement by the end of the season, and wouldn’t be surprised if the “interim” status gets made permanent.

  9. 4evrnyt says: Oct 20, 2008 8:08 PM

    Thank you jeebus

  10. LiveNBreath Football says: Oct 20, 2008 8:11 PM

    This is a very disturbing trend firing coaches mid-season. Does it really help the team in the long run? Teams need time to develop with a coach. You can’t get that if the coaches disappear quickly. Also, sometimes the problem isn’t the coach. This is just owners looking for a quick fix, that doesn’t exist in football.

  11. titans_fan says: Oct 20, 2008 8:15 PM

    Interim coaches are 3-1 so far this season… its the “in” thing to do

  12. drew says: Oct 20, 2008 8:17 PM

    “he did what he could with the talent he had”
    most of that talent was his drafting, and his free agent spending.
    he had total control when he came to San Fran.
    I’ll give him credit though, he did draft Frank Gore and Patrick Willis.

  13. Hollywood Wags says: Oct 20, 2008 8:18 PM

    I’m sure they’re gonna turn the corner now.

  14. Greg B. says: Oct 20, 2008 8:26 PM

    Geez, pretty soon the NFL Network is going to run out of thosetaped bumpers of head coaches saying “I’m …. you’re watching NFL Network”. Maybe they saw this coming, because they ran the Mike Nolan one a lot this past week.

  15. LewD says: Oct 20, 2008 8:37 PM

    “Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin”

  16. Vox Veritas says: Oct 20, 2008 8:40 PM

    “Denise DeBartolo York needs to sell the team back to her brother, who won five Super Bowls with it.”
    I don’t think the other owners would be too quick to approve a sale like that, given Eddie’s felony conviction and all of that league hot water he got himself into with paying players under the table in the 80’s and 90’s. Eddie didn’t do much beyond spend a lot of family money, Carmen Policy repped the team at owners meetings while Eddie was out by the pool drinking vodka martinis and scamming on the help.
    A lot of people don’t know this because it happened at a time when the local SF media was completely in the tank for the 49ers, but they got busted for laundering election campaign money on his watch, too.

  17. TorVikeFan says: Oct 20, 2008 9:33 PM

    Nolan accomplished more in SF with a less talented team than Brad “Clueless” Childress has in Minny with a much more talented team. Every minute that passes without an announcement that Childress has not been fired shocks me.

  18. Jersey49erFan says: Oct 21, 2008 12:51 AM

    “Wow that blows. Mike Nolan is a great coach. I don’t know if its his fault as much just lack of mental execution from players but maybe they consider that more of his job too. I live in the bay area..first Kiffin now this? Terrible.”
    Mike Nolan is a great coordinator. He was horrible as a head coach. He made mistakes this year that even rookie head coaches do not make. He gameplans horribly, he is the worst game manager.
    And you know what there is talent on the 49ers roster. Frank Gore, Josh Morgan(who had a breaking out party against the Giants), Joe Staley, Vernon Davis(jury is still out but he has been huge for Gore with his blocking game and still gets lots of attention from defenses), Chilo Rachal(who could be promising as a guard). They are a better line and a qb from having a good offense.
    And on defense they got Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Dashon Goldson, Tarrell Brown, Nate Clements. They too need more help on the line.
    They have the talent where despite JT O’Suckivan as QB it could be an 8-8 team and Mike Nolan has made that talent take a nose dive. No team properly coached in the NFL commits that many penalties even if they have piss poor talent. No head coach should decide to not use time outs when driving for a score with 50 seconds left in the half. No coach should be this bad at picking when to use instant replay. Nolan was awful as a Head Coach and needed to go esp seeing as the front office actually doled out the cash needed to assemble a team.

  19. mrmagoo says: Oct 21, 2008 11:13 AM

    At least he’s got a few good interview suits to wear on that new job hunt.

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