At a time when we’re expecting to see a full-fledged Favre-backed media assault on FOX’s Jay Glazer, who reported on Sunday that the former Packers quarterback spent 60-to-90 minutes helping Lions coaches prepare for their Week Two game against Green Bay, Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal confirms Glazer’s report, citing two unnamed sources.
One source told Wilde that the report is “absolutely” true.
Favre predictably has denied Glazer’s report.  What else could Favre say?  If it’s true, his legacy in Green Bay would be destroyed.
Our guess, then, is that Favre could try to persuade some of his friends in the media to, directly or indirectly, attack Glazer in an effort to undermine the credibility of his report.
But Glazer has the street smarts to realize this could happen, and he undoubtedly factored that into his decision regarding whether he trusted his source (or sources) on this one.
Still, if Favre is going to quarterback an effort against Glazer, Favre needs to broaden the assault to include Wilde.  Within the next few days, there might even be more reporters who need to be added to the list.


  1. I know this is slightly off topic, but I wonder what the langauge in the trade agreement says about this sort of thing. I wonder if the Jets are going to owe any sort of extra compensation to the Packers for this sort of behavior.

  2. I think it’s fairly clear that Favre doesn’t really care about his “legacy” in Green Bay. His status is cemented in the NFL record books and he’ll be in Canton, so his bitterness towards Ted Thomson and Mike McCarthy outweighs his concern about being loved in Packer Country.
    I’m not a fan of Ted Thompson either, but I think helping a division rival prepare for the game is out of bounds!

  3. Long term, if the report is true, this would be bad for both Favre and the Packers.
    The Packers need Brett Favre’s reputation in tact as much as Favre does. Brett holds a lot of potential value for the team when he does finally retire. Much like Michael Jordan for Nike or Lance Armstrong for Trek, Brett is an athlete who can be marketed long after he is finished playing.
    I’m guessing the Packers will try to squash the story as well. The long-term value of Favre’s reputation is too important to the team.

  4. “LEAVE Brett-ney ALONE!”
    Vikings check
    Lions check
    Okay Favre, whatcha got up your sleeve for Da Bears…?
    Maybe just go kick Ted Thompson in the seeds, that way you’ll keep your fan support (and ego support) intact in Green Bay.

  5. 1 big game and favre will have the media loving him again. Unfortunately, he came up SMALL yesterday and cost the Jets the game.

  6. “Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal confirms Glazer’s report, citing two unnamed sources.”
    lol, confirmed with unnamed sources. That’s friggin wild.

  7. Wonder what all the Brett Favre media “____ suckers” are going to say if THIS turns out to be true…

  8. Perhaps Glazer and Wilde should name their sources and stop
    the B.S. I understand that people who report news or sports
    news do not want to name sources ever. However are we to
    believe all stories? How many times have writers hoaxed the
    public with false information, books, biographies etc…
    The public is to believe that stories are not embellished or
    made up by writers for interest! Why not produce the sources
    in the Favre spent 90 minutes helping Lions coaches story?
    Jay Glazer and Jason Wilde, how do you know this to be true?
    My annonymous source tells me that this was made up!…and so
    it goes.

  9. LOL! LOL! If it is true, so what? That’s football! I have seen many HS and College coaches trade tapes or call around to get information over the phone. BIG F DEAL!
    It didn’t say in the contract that once player is released/waived/traded, the playbook is a secret and copyright of the previous team that it must remain confidential. It is all business and none personal!

  10. “Within the next few days, there might even be more reporters who need to be added to the list.”
    No doubt you’re one of them!

  11. I’m sorry, but how does Wilde “confirm” the report? Other then naming the same “unnamed” sources

  12. What an Idiot! Favre has not only lost the respect of the fans, but now his fellow players as well. Beware Jets, Mr. Incredible may throw you under the bus as well. (perhaps he should just stick to throwing interceptions)
    Perhaps he is buying in to Obama’s plan of “Sharing the Wealth”, or is this case, the wins. Apparently this did not work in Favre’s case, and probably wont work for the “Big-O” either.

  13. Farve: And then Rod if the game is close in the fourth quarter I would have Kitna throw two back to back pick sixes and then blame it on the receivers running the wrong routes.
    Rod: O.K. Brett. Thanks for your help.
    Farve: No problem. I gotta go call Dallas now.

  14. @wkheathjr – if he did this, YES, It’s a HUGE FREAKIN’ DEAL. I’d be upset as a Jets fan because he hasn’t moved on. I’d be upset if I was a Jets coach because obviously his head isn’t in the right place, and I’d be upset if I was Roger Goodell, and lately… he’s the last person you want to make upset.

  15. ESFN will cover his ass. Entertainment Sports Farve Network. If this were the Patriots it would be 24×7 attack on the organization.

  16. “wkheathjr says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 9:37 am
    LOL! LOL! If it is true, so what? That’s football! I have seen many HS and College coaches trade tapes or call around to get information over the phone. BIG F DEAL!
    It didn’t say in the contract that once player is released/waived/traded, the playbook is a secret and copyright of the previous team that it must remain confidential. It is all business and none personal! ”
    It is significant, because if this story is true, then he is basically urinating in the faces of all of the Packers fans that have supported him both with their hard earned dollars in paying his salary, and loyalty towards him as a player. The Packers are a publicly owned team. Let us not forget that Favre was drafted by the Falcons and it was the Packers who traded for him and gave him the opportunity to flourish in Green Bay. IMO, Brett would gain nothing but revenge by providing info to the Lions. He isn’t in the same conference as the Packers, so he isn’t helping the Jets by doing this. If this is true, then this is nothing but sour grapes, by a sack of crap.
    I have never liked Favre. He comes across to me as nothing more than a spoiled brat. If he was a loud mouth black wide receiver, then IMO he would get a heck of a lot more criticism.
    I don’t think the true believers in Farve, (“cough” Madden and Kornheiser “/cough”) will change their views on Favre. Their lips appeared to be glued to Favre’s ass.

  17. @ kellyb9,
    Its pretty obviously to me you haven’t played HS or college football. Many teams run same play frequently throughout the season but they pick out the plays they believe will work well against opponent’s personnel and make some adjustment to the blocking scheme. The key is to create a mismatch to your advantage and then hand signals are changed to ensure that opponents doesn’t study your hand signals.
    So with all the phone calls and trading tapes to make game plans prior to game is legally regardless of who call first! The bottom line is that it boils down to who SHOW UP AND EXECUTE WELL ENOUGH TO WIN THE DAMN GAME! If you lose then you deserve to cry and whine like sore losers do. If you do your homework and study/plan then hope that 33 players show up and give it 110% then you win.
    The only thing is that the media is making big deal out of it and then guess what? People like you start to complain and then stupid rules are created to shut media up!

  18. The Lions should pray this story goes away. They gave up 447 yards that day to the Packers so it begs the question, how many yards of offense would the Packers have gained if Favre didn’t help them out?
    Favre’s reputation be damned, at this point, I would love to see him traded to the Biqueens. The way he played yesterday in losing to the Raiders added to Col Klink’s brillant play calling, it would insure a Packer blow out, as opposed to just winning the game as the Packers have done the last 5 times in a row.

  19. @ Filbertkiwi71,
    Let me say this that I am Panthers fan and have supported them since 1995 so I have no tie with Packers nor Lions nor Jets. I really care less but I’m happy for Aaron and Packers doing well and Jets is doing alright.
    Now, as for your view on Brett Favre urinating on loyalties, that’s your opinion but you have to understand that in every sport, team got to do whatever at all cost to win the game even if it means calling players with hard feeling against old team. Yes, Packers is owned by city and people, but ultimately the final decision belongs to the management, not fans, so therefore Brett Favre would be urinating on the face of management.
    And beside, this is the cuthroat world of NFL and it is all business. Even it was business trying to pay Brett to stay retired…
    So I will conclude this saying this: Revenge or venganence or pissing in old loyalty’ face… what make you think Brett Favre is the first to do this? Or last? I can guarantee you many players before Brett have done that and a hundred thousand will continue to do that after Brett. So what do you plan to do about it? I can only see one word “whine”. Its just that the media got to target the “legend” rather than another great players who haven’t broken almost every record in the book.

  20. Glazer and Wilde are both in thrall to Ted Thompson. Both of them have previously reported stories about Favre, fed to them by Thompson, that turned out to be false. “Unnamed sources”? Note that they DON’T say “unnamed sources with the Lions.” Besides, even if this is true, what could Favre tell them that they couldn’t figure out for themselves by watching film?
    Until there’s proof in the form of phone records or something else, this story has as much credibility as Cinderella.

  21. “WILDE CONFIRMS GLAZER’S REPORT ON FAVRE” ??? No he didn’t. All he did was cite some “unnamed sources”, as did Glazer. I have no respect for reporters who go with stories without citing their sources. How do we know they aren’t making them up ? How do we know the “source” isn’t making it up ?
    As someone in Madison, WI. who has read Wilde every day here in the Wisconsin State Journal since Wilde came to town, it’s been clear that Wilde has something against Favre. His tone and attitude has definitely been anti-Favre the past 3-4 years or so. No question. Not sure why, maybe Favre cancelled an interview with him, maybe Favre kicked his cat, who knows, but he’s definitely had an agenda toward Favre, and it’s clear to anyone who’s read him on a daily basis.
    One really has to look into who floated this story to Glazer and/or Wilde ? It sure wouldn’t have been the Lions – being that they lost badly and it would make them look even more inept, if true. So, “who” in Green Bay would want to try and ruin Favre’s legacy ? Hmm ?
    I wonder if this ends up being another lie about Favre – like the one perpetuated by Ted Thompson on Favre unretiring in late March, and then re-retiring again two days later was, if the media will report THAT with as much zeal? My guess is no.
    Mike Florio: “Favre predictably has denied Glazer’s report.” Gee Mike, what if it isn’t true ? Was he supposed to just accept the report, even if it’s a lie ? Good lord, what a foolish comment.

  22. Favre’s most telling statement is that he just labeled the Jets loss to da Raiders his most disappointing loss.
    Jeez–you would think the loss of the SB to the Broncos or the loss in the NFC championship to the Giants last year or the loss in the NFC playoffs when he threw 6 picks to the Rams would have been fairly disappointing.
    But, nope, Brett believes an overtime loss to Oakland, in which both teams were playing for nuthin’, was his most disappointing IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER (per his own words.)
    It kind of tells you how meaningful the years and adoration in Green Bay meant to him: apparently nothing, except, of course, for that $12 mill a year and the millions in endorsements.

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