The Cleveland Browns have announced that tight end Kellen Winslow has received a one-game suspension.
On Sunday Winslow publicly criticized the team for its handling of his recent hospitalization, which he said was a result of a staph infection. General Manager Phil Savage and coach Romeo Crennel said the public criticism was inappropriate and that Winslow could be disciplined as a result.
Today Savage released a statement detailing the reasons for the suspension.
“The Cleveland Browns are committed to winning and taking care of our players,” Savage said in the statement. “We are also committed to protecting the privacy of our players, particularly with regard to medical issues. To that end, following discussions with Kellen Winslow and his representation, the Browns agreed to make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of his recent medical condition. …
“His comments and behavior on Sunday evening, however, were unwarranted, inappropriate, and unnecessarily disparaging to our organization. His statements brought unjustified negative attention to our organization, and violated the team-first concept of our football squad. Therefore, disciplinary action will be taken in the form of a one-game suspension without pay for conduct detrimental to the club.”
Savage acknowledged in the statement that concerns about staph infections (which have hit several Browns players in recent years) are legitimate, but he insisted that the team is doing everything in its power to keep its players safe from staph infections.
“As an organization, we have worked hard to ensure the safety and well-being of our players. Consistent with this effort, we have consulted the team’s medical experts to ensure that any instances of staph infections are evaluated and treated thoroughly and expeditiously, and in accordance with the recommended standard of care. Further, steps have been and continue to be taken on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to protect our players and personnel at our training facility and stadium.”
Winslow has not spoken publicly since the suspension was announced. He is expected to miss Sunday’s game against the Jaguars and return for the November 2 game against the Ravens.


  1. The Browns need to tear down their facility and build a new one. The one they have right now is not a good place for a player to be. Its that simple!

  2. Ahh, I would have loved for the Eagles to have gone after Winslow more aggresively instead of Gonzalez. If only this happened a little earlier in the season.

  3. With the rampant staph infections that have been plaguing the Browns’ locker room, Winslow has a right to question whether or not team management truly cares about the safety of the players. While one can’t blame the Browns management directly, clearly more needs to be done to protect these players from dangerous bacterial infections. Winslow spoke out because he felt neglected and scared. Despite past asinine comments, he needs to be given the benefit of the doubt on this issue. It is, after all, his body and his career that he’s putting on the line for the organization.

  4. well that sounds like a giants sack of shit on the browns part
    the browns are embarrassed that another player has a staph infection so they tell him shut up and not say anything? which leads to rumor mongering, IE, severely swollen testicles and even STD’s.
    then it comes out that they told KW2 to shut his mouth,and he speaks out against the browns.
    and the browns say it was unjustified…HAH

  5. Good luck enticing any free agents to Cleveland… “Come play for the Browns, we are better than the rest of the league at dealing with — but not so much preventing — staph infections!”

  6. So basically, he’s suspended for revealing the reason for his hospitalization, something he has the right to do.
    Hey, Savage, Crennel, Lerner, got a great suggestion for you guys: clean your training facilities! Instead of being angry that Winslow stated he contracted a staph infection, why don’t you fix the source of the infections in the first place?
    No wonder the Browns have come back down to Earth.

  7. I think this is bush league by the Browns. If they want to limit players disparaging the organization, then maybe work on nipping the bacterial outbreak problem in the bud.

  8. If I was Winslow, I’d put in a complaint to the league, as well as in the court system. They aren’t taking care of their players, and their facility is obviously a biohazard of some sort.
    This is a whistleblower situation.
    Remember years back when all those Giants players were getting cancer? MRSA can kill, you know. Are we going to wait until someone dies?

  9. sounds to me like the Browns were mad that Winslow let the cat out of the bag on the staph issue…. Winslow’s biggest mistake was admitting the truth publicly.
    i hate to side with winslow, but i’m with him on this one. the team’s poor facilities/medical care caused this issue, and its’ a recurring one. can’t the league fine or suspend the browns?

  10. does the cba contain any whistle-blower provisions which might apply? would federal law preempt anything that has been collectively bargained?

  11. There it is – Free speech in the NFL.
    BTW- You can count on a player strike after next year! Guaranteed!

  12. Amen. The Browns’ front office is embarrassed because they lied when they said they weren’t commenting due to Winslow’s wishes. This is grade-A crap on the part of Phil Savage.

  13. In the NBA players get suspended or fined when lying how the got hurt (I.e. Monta Ellis), but in the NFL you get suspended when you tell the truth? Wow. Seems as if Phil Savage is worried about the wrong thing. This whole thing was “debacled” from the jump. I agree with the above posters that the facility needs to “blowed up”. What a traveshamockery.

  14. I have always said Cleveland rots from the head down: first, there is the ultra-aloof buffoon who owns the team; secondly, the arrogant toad who manages the team; thirdly, the coach who is too busy eating his way to gigantism to coach. Now, it’s Winslow…next Anderson…next…Quinn’s ass may get off the bench.

  15. This guy has been and over rated under producing punk piece of spoiled brat since he entered the league! The Eagles learned their lesson with this crap after TO….he’s really helping the “Boy’s”! Crap like this belongs in the NBA….and take Schocky for the token!

  16. Kellen Winslow is bigger self absorbed jerk than TO or Ocho Cinqo. The only difference is Winslow has never done anything to speak of. I ham a Stiller fan in Browns country and have watched this jerk whine and cry since the day he got here. Did you ever notice is first class dad never shows his face in Cleveland. Because his son is an embaressment to him and his team. Cleveland’s best performance performance of the year was when his ugly ass was not suited up. Watch for the samething against the Jags.

  17. I guess you would have to say
    that it takes big balls
    to criticize your employer
    publicly like that.
    Yuk yuk…..

  18. Hey Florio, do us and the Browns players a favor. Contact Greg Aiello and ask him if a front office can be fined or suspended for having “facilities detrimental to the team”

  19. You cannot tell the truth in Cleveland. It is why I was banned from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns blog for admonishing the front office, specifically Phil Savage for his total ineptness as the Brown’s GM. Savage, plus a totally absent buffoonn of an owner is why the football equivalent of why the Titanic is sinking in Cleveland. Winslow simply blew the whistle on the inordinate amount of staph infections Browns’ players have received, and he was given a suspension for going public. Time for an overhaul in Cleveland which translates into Randy Lerner needs to sell the Cleveland Browns to someone with a a real interest in ownership, fire Phil Savage and start over with a bona fide NFL head coach.

  20. I disagree with favrefromover who wrote that Bret Favre had
    something to do with negative remarks made about the Browns.
    It was Bill Parcells of the Miami Dolphins who was the main
    catalyst for the negative attention received by the Cleveland

  21. **stop!**
    I have been around athletic trainers and paramedics for the past 15 years. They have all said that it is nearly impossible for someone to have staph and be released in 3 days. No hospital in their right mind would release someone that soon, in that condition.
    Personally, I think that K2 never had staph and actually had something else…something embarrassing, like grapefruits. He probably just said staph since it was the first thing he thought of, he was mad they lost, and knew it would take the focus away from his real issue. I think the Browns suspended him b/c he brought up staph again and it wasn’t true…making the team and organization look worse. What if the Browns were trying to protect him and he “blowed” it? We will probably never know now b/c of HIPPA and that no one will admit it now. What a disaster.
    Who knows…maybe this is just some ploy by his sweet agent, Mr. Rosenhaus.

  22. I have always thought that if they kept a stats for biggest waste of talent and number of times your mouth has gotten you in trouble that Kellen Winslow would be a pro bowler. However getting suspended for speaking out on a real issue would be really petty.
    Florio, any idea if Winslow’s contract has any performance/participation escalators in it that the team could avoid by having him out for a game?

  23. People, they quartined the training facility 18 months ago the first time this happened. Winslow feels like a piece of meat? It’s all a contrct ploy. He had a chip on shoulder in training camp when they wouldn’t extend his contract which doesn’t expore until after 2010. They also allow ‘Evil Kenievil’ Winslow to earn back vitually all his contract money after his stunt biking career ended…but he feels under appreiciated. Throw your GM under the bus for respecting your right to privacy. Buy a bar of soap with all that cash, and when you get back on the field, learn to lay a block!

  24. wow, first joe the plumber gets the stalin treatmernt, now winslow gets it…. savage knows how to attract the free agents: come get staph, and we will suspend ya for bitchin’

  25. nice facility browns. who the heck would suspend a player for this? just goes to show you what lengths some will go to to hide their dirty secrets. no one will want to sign with cleveland after this…both the staph & the treatment of winslow

  26. I have to side with getofftheschneid on this one.
    Initially, I was on Kellen’s side. But this just doesn’t make sense. Savage and Crennel are on the hot seat right now with the 2-4 start. Would they really suspend one of their most talented players, and subject themselves to a harsh review by the player’s association, if there wasn’t more to this story?
    I don’t know if Kellen made up the story about staph. But one thing is for sure: If it wasn’t true and the Browns tried to deny it, no one would believe them.
    Either way, according to the statement from Savage, they agreed not to discuss the situation. Kellen did anyway, and brought a lot of selfish and negative attention on the team as a result. That sounds detrimental to me, no matter what.
    Plus, here is the kicker and the reason I trust nothing from Kellen anymore: his agent is Drew Rosenhaus. Remember TO and Chad Johnson??? Keep in mind that agents do not get paid on a player’s old contract, only a new one they negotiate. I put absolutely NOTHING past Drew Rosenhaus. Without any “proof” nothing can really be accused. However, a lot of underlying distrust in Kellen and his “representation” influences my opinion.

  27. I never thought I’d side with the ‘Soldier’ but I do here. He was complaining that he never heard from Savage, I wonder if this was face to face.

  28. Hey jfiling,
    You beat me to the punch on the article link!
    I wonder if Romeo will get suspended for confirming it was staph? Wouldn’t that be “conduct detrimental to the team”?

  29. This league has turned in to a bunch of cry-babies who can’t take criticism. Get your thumb out of your mouth Savage. While you’re at it, tell Goodell to quit whining too. If there is a criticism, fix the issue, don’t kill the messenger.

  30. getofftheschneid…RE: **stop**
    You don’t know what you are talking about. My son had MRSA in hi left arm from a small cut that was infected and he was in the hospital for 3 days and released. Once the doctors find an antibiotic that your body accepts, and it begins to work on the staph, they release you with medication. Winslow did not have any type of surgery lately (shocking) so he could have had MRSA anywhere from a scratch, scab, or cut. The Browns need to look elsewhere for the problem…maybe the practice fields…chemicals put on the grass or turf. This team is a mess right now. Time for Romeo to go the way of the eight track and take Anderson with him.

  31. As a Browns fan, I’m ok with this. I wouldn’t mind Winslow being traded either.
    He’s NOT getting the separation he did last year. Plus, he doesn’t know where to line up. Last year Jurevicius had to tell him where to line up and this year Donte Stallworth took over that job.
    If you’re that dumb to not know where to line up, you shouldn’t play.

  32. Winslow was NOT suspended for saying he had staph.
    The bottom line is we don’t know if he has staph or not because the Browns front office can NOT confirm what Winslow truly had due to his medical records being private.
    I don’t have an in with the Browns organization, but the word I’ve been reading on various sites is that this situation is not as cut and dry as many of the readers making comments are making it out to be.
    This is mostly a contract issue. The Browns were looking to deal Winslow but the fact that he was in the hospital meant they couldn’t get the value they were looking for.
    Winslow may or may not have had staph, he may or may not have had elephantitis. We don’t know, we probably never will know. But it’s typical Rosenhaus client BS…player wants new contract, player bitches for new contract by becoming team cancer. Don’t immediately fault the Browns here.

  33. @ jfiling:
    Thanks for the article…and I totally respect T. Withers at the AP.
    With that, I am still not convinced that the Browns are confirming that he actually had staph. There are not any quotes in the article about it…it just states that Romeo apparently confirmed it. It’s a point against my theory but I am still not convinced.
    As for a player being in and out of the hospital in 3 days, if you say it is possible and has happened, I am not going to argue. My concern is that once someone contracts staph, they are more likely to get it again. Of the professionals that I have talked to about this, it is very unlikely that he had staph if he was only there 3 days. I still think that there is a lot more to this story.

  34. Listen, winslow and his old man were up in arms about trying to keep kellens medical condition private when he wrecked his motorcycle. Now the browns keep quiet and this is how the winslows react??
    I think that the winslow camp wanted to keep this shit on the downlow, but when rumors started about STD’s, he pulls this crap.
    Why would the browns want to keep this hush hush? their staph issues are well documented, i dont think one more case would be a reason to keep it under wraps.
    I also think that the browns would like to call out kellen as a lying sack of shit, but that will hurt his trade value in the offseason.
    oh, and i would suggest doing a little research on how each of these staph infections occured before assuming that they all were contracted at the browns facilities. a little background might go a long way in making some of you commenters look less ignorant.

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