Oakland interim coach Tom Cable is sick and tired of seeing yellow flags fly at the Raiders. He’s not buying that there’s some sort of league conspiracy against the Raiders, either. (Not sure whether he’s asked for Al Davis’ thoughts on the subject.)
He actually blames the players for drawing flags at a “ridiculous” rate and vows to do something about it after the Raiders were flagged 14 times in Sunday’s win over the Jets. (I misread a quote earlier. Cable isn’t “ready to rip someone’s lips off,” but he is perturbed about penalties.)
Give Cable credit for trying to instill some discipline in the Raiders despite probably being a short-timer as the head coach, but perhaps he ought to relax. After all, when asked about the Cowboys’ penalty problems, laidback Wade Phillips pointed out to the Dallas media Monday that teams’ penalty totals don’t correlate to wins and losses.


  1. He should rip Jamarcus Russells lips off for being such a bust. He’s Akili Smith, but dumber. This organization, if I can even call it an “organization”, is a complete joke.

  2. Your summary of the Cable quote is incorrect. Cable took the blame for the penalties on Sunday, saying that he had his players too fired up, on edge, aggressive and “ready to rip someone’s lips off.”

  3. Florio….Time to up your meds…OR actually read the articles you link to.
    Cable was saying he wanted his PLAYERS on edge, aggressive and “ready to rip someone’s lips off.”

  4. Boy if that isn’t taking a story and re-telling it all out of context….I believe what Cable said was:
    “he wanted his players on edge, aggressive and “ready to rip someone’s lips off.”
    C’mon now…wadda-r-u a freakin Raider Hater or a reporter?

  5. You guys should really do a better job of reading before you type.
    Cable did not say he wanted to rip someone’s lips off.
    He blamed himself for penalties because he had the defense so fired up they were ready to rip someone’s lips off.
    He was referring to all the offside and neutral zone infractions committed by the defense.

  6. Cable said “This penalty thing is ridiculous.”
    Florio Translation = “He actually blames the players for drawing flags at a “ridiculous” rate.”
    Do you always run around with a gas can waiting to douse any small fire?

  7. Is Wade Phillips nuts ? Something tells me that teams that draw 10 penalties a game are far more likely to lose than those that draw 5.

  8. raiders and discipline.
    Okay, my PFT bingo card is full.
    not sure how lining up offsides is an aggressive penalty. Little quick on a snap count I can understand,but lining up offsides? what’s cable oging to do, paint shoe prints on the field for the dopes to stand in?

  9. C’mon Tom. You wouldn’t be the Raiders if you didn’t make stupid, multiple false start penalties at home, or call time outs giving the kicker a free kick and ability to adjust, or sign a often injured free agent WR to a ridiculous amount of money and then talk that receiver out of retiring.
    Ahhhhh those Raiders, at least you have hope for the future though, D-Mac is obviously going to be a stud, and if they can get better receiving talent and pass blocking JR might be pretty damn good too.

  10. Playing too aggressively and excitedly may have cost the Raiders over 100 yards in, but it would have been a whole lot worse if they hadn’t been in Favre’s face and had let him sling it at will. Its a fine line, but when you get a good result like the Raiders did here you generally have a good balance of tenacity and discipline.

  11. Being one of the few Cowboy fans on the planet with some commom sense,the hatred this site shows them is incredible.Your site does its one liners from games and says since the media covers Dallas so much that the atricle from Sunday’s game will only focus on the team that won.However,in your typical hypocritical fashon,you refrence the Cowboys and their situation in every article you post.This site,along with every other site,knows who butters your bread.Who cares what happens in Seattle,Buffalo,St.louis,etc.You can hate them all you want,but without the Cowboys you guys wouldn’t know what to talk about

  12. Before the NFL watered down what the defensive players could and couldn’t do,If the Raiders didn’t get 100 yards or more of penalties during a game they NEVER won.Hines ward was right,todays nfl might as well be the FFL(flag football league),Even ncaa players aren’t subject to all this crap!

  13. teejones41 says:
    October 21st, 2008 at 7:13 pm
    if they can get better receiving talent and pass blocking JR might be pretty damn good too.
    LOL … the WRs and pass blocking are average it’s JR who is below average … both coaches Kiffin and Cable had to short the playbook for JR … what does that tell you?

  14. Penalties, while a problem in past seasons. have not been a problem this year for the Raiders. Other than some questionable officiating in the DEN game (hitting a receiver on the ground when not downed?). The rest of the year, including on the road, the Raiders have been pretty clean in the penalty dept. This week, obviously, was a set back.
    This may come as surprise to most of you, since I know (by your comments) that you don’t actually WATCH Raider games (or most others). You just pull pud to the 30 year old stereotypes that ESPN perpetuates. I watch every game, every down, twice, no matter how bad the result. I want to know what is actually happening on the field, not in the dead-air that is between Mark Schlereth’s ears.
    Jamarcus a bust? Not even close, and we are entering start #8. The kid has some “it” and “it” is developing each and every week. I, of course see this, by ACTUALLY WATCHING THE GAMES.

  15. JSpicoli……quit reading my mind…well said!….all these haters here know is whats regurgitated by ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Propaganda Network).
    A bunch of friggin’ lemming!

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