Falcons quarterback Mike Vick, who is serving time after pleading guilty last year to federal conspiracy charges, reportedly will plead guilty to related charges in Virginia.
Vick is expected to enter his plea on October 30 in Surry County, Virginia.  He’ll participate in the hearing via videoconference.
The apparent goal in pleading guilty to the state-court charges would be to secure early release from federal prison.  Presumably, prosecutor Gerald Poindexter has offered Vick a deal that would not require him to serve any additional jail time.
Currently, Vick is due to be released from federal custody on July 20, 2009.  He’ll be eligible for residence at a halfway house as of January 20.
We previously believed that Vick had a strong basis for seeking a dismissal of the charges under a peculiar Virginia law that prevents multiple prosecutions arising from the same overall set of facts.  But if pleading guilty secures style points with the federal government and requires no additional incarceration in Virginia, it seems to be the smarter move.
Lost in all of this is the fact that Poindexter somehow bungled potential Virginia charges based on the killing of dogs that were deemed to be unfit to fight.  For reasons still not clear, a grand jury refused to indict Vick on those counts, even though he admitted to participating in the killing of dogs in the document pursuant to which his federal guilty plea was memorialized.
Also, the charges arising from alleged (admitted) dog killing arguably would have been immune to attack under the Virginia “double prosecution” law, since Vick was never actually prosecuted by the feds for killing dogs, but only for conspiring to engage in interstate gambling and interstate dog fighting.


  1. How many of us are still surprised Vick even served ONE day behind bars? I know I am. So, if I’m reading this right…if he will please plead guilty to state charges the state will not put him back behind bars (even though he, ya know, pleads guilty).
    This is justice?

  2. “For reasons still not clear, a grand jury refused to indict Vick on those counts, even though he admitted to participating in the killing of dogs”
    What do you know, there are still Mike Vick fans out there…

  3. “double prosecution”
    Swear to God, I read that as Double Penetration. LOLZ.
    BTW, wouldn’t Vick be AMAZING in the Wildcat offense?

  4. Just to clarify my last comment, I do not support Mike Vick, and do not believe he should play in the NFL again, but it seems to me, Miami would be the place he would have the best chance of succeeding. That is if Parcells would take him.

  5. Michael Vick, 2009 quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. Put him in the spread with Peterson and let the dogs loose! (Pun intended.)

  6. Vick int he wildcat offense would be known as the shotgun…well actually he was more of a runningback anyways so I guess you’re right after all…
    “the whole world love Mike Vick” I think the whole world just love some third person

  7. While pleading guilty to the State charges may help him get out of jail easier, it may make it harder for him to get into Roger Goodell’s pigskin league.

  8. he has served his time now he wants to get out and us his talent to make him millions and he will have no problem. look at packman he has had how many run ins with the law. he will stay away from marcus because he wants back in the nfl.

  9. Let’s see how much skill he still has after not playing football for three years, three of his top earning years I might add.
    Similar to Pacman, he is a punk who will try to act like he is not really a punk anymore until confronted with a situation when he will resort to acting like a punk again because he forget to act like he wasn’t a punk, because in the end, he will always be a punk.

  10. Michael Vick was the most entertaining NFL QB to watch hands down, and I will be very upset if he does not get to show that off again, all you Vick haters are a joke

  11. The man is doing time and paying his debt to society. Despite his disgusting acts, once that is done, he should be allowed to get on with his life and be given a second chance. If his talen is still there and he plays again, I am ok with that. It is not as if he is getting off somehow. He will spend 2 years incarcerated and is by all accounts broke. He has lost a lot, including his pride and respect Hopefully he learns from his mistakes. I don’t understand how anyone could want to see even more extracted from him.

  12. I think Vick should be able to play again…If only because his crime isn’t the worst we’ve seen. Not even close I’d say. Adam Jones, Leonard Little, Ray Lewis…And some others i’m sure I’m forgetting. They’ve all been involved in far worse.

  13. chowfaced, what is a joke is a grown “man” who tortures and murders animals for fun. Animals who have become completely dependent on humans for shelter, nourishment, and all other necessities of life. Do some research, and you will find that there is a direct correlation between young people who show a propensity for torturing and killing animals with people who are at risk to commit acts of violence and depravation against other people.
    I am a Michael Vick hater and damn proud of it. Anyone who gets his jollies by torturing and murdering dogs is a worthless piece of garbage, and a coward at that.

  14. gerald poindexter is organizing the coming out party
    for mickey right now.
    ooops,coming out party,could be taken on two bad.

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