Informed on Sunday of Brett Favre’s prep session with the Lions before their Week Two game against the Packers, cornerback Charles Woodson had this to say:  “He contacted them?  I don’t respect that.  If they called him and he gives them information, that’s one thing.  But to seek a team out, because you know I guess you’re trying to sabotage this team, you know I don’t respect that.  I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time but there’s no honor in that.”
According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Woodson said on Tuesday that he has experienced no consequences for his comments, and that he hasn’t heard from Favre.
And then Woodson stopped a couple of reporters and asked them whether they believe the report that Favre helped the Lions.  When the reporters told Woodson they believed the story, Woodson said, “OK, then I stand 100 percent behind my words.”


  1. Packer backers are probably really mad now. I mean, how could Charles Woodson say something mean about their Brett? All he did was tell another team how to go about defeating the Packers! Once a Packer, always a Packer! TT didn’t give Lord Favre exactly what the poor baby wanted so it’s ok for Brett to help Packer opponents but he’s a Packer forever! He’s still loyal to Packer fans and wants our team to lose. Screw Woodson!

  2. “Hey reporters, do YOU GUYS think he really did it? Oh you do? Well then, I completely stand behind my words…” Way to take a stand, Chuck.

  3. Drama drama.. who cares if Favre did what. Lesser knowns will say in a few years that they have done the same thing. Teams sign players off each others practice squads or pick up recently cut players for their knowledge all the time. A player goes out of his way to screw over his old team and he’s a douche, ya maybe? But if you’ve been surrounded by them since you were in your early twenties into your late thirties it’d probably rub off on any of us. What if Favre was giving them false info.. would anyone on the Lions staff be able to know the difference? Isn’t that the real question?

  4. Well…. I guess if a reporter believes someone else’s story then it must be true… anything to fill a paper….
    is it against the law to yell fire in a blog??

  5. Media (and Florio) is over-playing these things. Nothing has really changed the last few days yet we’re still hearing about it. Just like Spygate. Its pathetic.

  6. Its getting better than Wrestling..I understand poor Brett had his feelings hurt by the Pack when you finally got sick of him threatening to retire every year BUT he still has friends on that team and he should not have screwed his ex teammates

  7. How could this happen to the beloved packers! How could the franchise savior do this to the story book organization? Why? Say it aint so.

    Woodson is a true team leader. None of Brett’s current or former teammates doubt this story. None of the reporters doubt it.
    ESPN has Favre’s denial, but they won’t even air the story, because they don’t believe him.
    LeRoy Butler says this is the LEAST of what Favre has done.
    Favre is dead to all Packers fans.

  9. pfitz, lets make get this straight. no one and i mean no one on the packers is brett’s friend. they were all sick and tired of his bullshit and are ALL happy he is gone. rodgers is our quarterback and everyone is happy about it. there is no room for favre on our team. he will not have any current packers even attend his induction ceremony into the hall of fame. it is time people start realizing this. i wouldn’t be supprised if rodney harrison gets more people to attend as both of their careers appear to be over after this season. good riddance mr favre.

  10. Its too bad he made it go that far..Favre was all about Favre.He heald the team hostage every off season..How could they go into the draft waiting for the drama queen to make up his mind..They were right to give him a deadline..I respect Woodson for sticking to his comments

  11. Woodson is man. Favre not so much. Woodson is a teammate and does everything you would want out of a teammate. Bratt Favre is about Favre and throwing any and everyone under the bus for his own coause. On Packersnews.com Leroy Butler said that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Other stories are going to come out about Favre.

  12. This story is similar to the Manny rameriez story here..Things are starting to come out about how bad he was.It is just the tip of the iceberg on that story too

  13. Personally, I am pretty tired of this story. It does say to what type of person Favre really is, but it is over and time to move on. It seems to be something neither Favre nor the Packers know how to do.

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