When we pressed the “publish” button for our most recent item regarding ESPN’s better-never-than-late acknowledgement of the latest Brett Favre sideshow, we assumed that it would be the last time we mention anything about Favre’s discussions with the Lions prior to Week Two, at least for a while.
We’ve seen the story on, and we are amazed.
We shouldn’t be, given the glimpse we received on Tuesday of the malleable journalistic ethics that Bristol employs.  But we assumed that, with so many people now aware of ESPN’s shell game regarding the decision to ignore Jay Glazer’s story, ESPN would play it straight.
Written with surgical precision aimed undoubtedly at avoiding the key admissions Favre made during his Wednesday press conference, the item crafted by “ news services” strongly suggests that Favre denied everything that Glazer reported.
Here’s the only quote that the article contains:  “I didn’t give [Matt Millen] any game-planning.  I haven’t been in that offense in over a year.  I don’t know what else to tell you.  It was pretty simple.”
But Favre said so much more than that.  And any journalist or editor committed to understanding a story completely wouldn’t ignore the other statements from Favre that provide the rest of the picture.
If you don’t believe us, listen to the Favre press conference and decide for yourself.
Even if, in ESPN’s view, the only news that emerged from Wednesday’s press conference is that Favre denied Glazer’s report, we still don’t understand why it’s suddenly such a big story.  They ignored the report because they claimed reliable sources told them it wasn’t true.  But Favre previously denied the report to Peter King of  Why is Favre’s denial a story more than two days later? 
And where was Mort in the interim?  Did Favre, who left Mort a voice message regarding his decision to retire, not issue the same flat denial to him?  If Favre did, why wasn’t Mort talking about it during Monday Night Countdown?
Though we’d gradually been building a positive relationship with ESPN (so much for that), everything about this one reeks to us.  ESPN pretended the story didn’t exist for no good reason, and now ESPN is spinning Favre’s denial to focus on the words that help his position, and to flat ignore the portions that corroborate significant portions of Glazer’s report.
This is a prime example of the power that a media company can acquire, and of the manner in which it can be abused.  We would all be better off if ESPN had some real and genuine competition to keep it honest.
Including ESPN.
UPDATE:  The Associated Press equally screwed the pooch on this one.


  1. Fear not. As we speak, ESPN is arranging for Emmitt Smith to do a sit-down interview with Favre. Emmitt will get to the bottom of this issue.

  2. Hey Florio, ESPNradio, Tirico and Van Pelt Show (today Tirico and Tafoya), just addressed this issue AGAIN.
    BTW Tirico had some not too pleasant things to say about certain individuals bashing ESPN for waiting to confirm a story.

  3. ESPN has a hard time talking and typing with Favre’s crotch in their mouth.
    But what about the NFL itself saying –
    “We do not have a comment,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said in an e-mail to The Associated Press on Monday morning after the game. “Even if it were true, there would be no violation of league rules.”
    “Even if were true”?????
    When the #1 selling NFL jersey has “Favre” printed on the back, you can be damn sure that the NFL is going to do everything in its power to shut the story down even if it means calling in favors to the sports media gorilla that ESPN to do the job for them.

  4. Right on, Florio. Instead of being the Excessive Self-Promotion Network, the four-letter should actually try some journalistic ethics sometime. I’m just amazed they didn’t take sole credit for the scoop even while they were butchering the story.

  5. Maybe ESPN has promised Brett a gig next year, and they don’t want to piss him off.
    Or maybe Brett is now the most powerful person in football for some unknown reason. Just wait until Joe Montana hears about this…

  6. Mike, keep tellin’ like ya see it. It’s what we are all here for. You guys quit yer bellyachin”.

  7. ESPN is looking ahead one or two years. I bet they are trying to position themselves as the leader for his analytical services on Monday night when he does finally retire. They can’t ruffle his feathers because Brett holds grudges.

  8. I know this all makes all those that hate Brett very happy and disappoints the rest of us, but in the end he is human. He just got through with a messy divorce in which they got everything. Yes- he’s bitter and with some right to be. The Packers management could have handled things better and in the end they won, it’s their team. Brett’s played a long time, let’s see how many of his old teammates step forward to speak out against him.

  9. attaboy Florio! If you are sticking up for ESPN you are not a true sports fan. The only thing on ESPN worth watching right now are the games themselves. We used to have Primetime sunday nights but now thats gone. Sportscenter is just “Entertainment Tonight” with a sports theme. All the shows talk about the same damn thing over and over again. At what point do people stop laughing at rediculous “boo-ya” and “as cool as the other side of the pillow” trendy sayings. More Jaws and Hoge style analysis is what true fans want.

  10. about time someone calls out bspn…I stopped watching their pre and post game analysis. They think they are the story or stand up comedians!

  11. Wait, you mean the media gets to decide what is and isn’t relevant based on their own personal biases? Man, I hope the media never gets into presidential elections…..

  12. Who cares!!!!!!! god you actually act like it would have worked to the Lions advantage are you forgetting that this team is garbage who couldn’t beat the Packers even if they mailed them a copy of their playbook themselves I’d rather hear about Pacman than this soap opera you call “Brett Favre” get a life people!

  13. It seems to me that the two parties have a different definition of “game planning”.
    Favre admits to talking to Millen about the Packers/Lions, yet he says there was no “game planning” involved.
    What exactly is game planning then?
    We’ll never really know what they talked about specifically, so at this point we’re just beating a dead horse.

  14. Get off your journalistic high horse Florio! You are the last person anyone would listen to on the subject of ethics. Your only ethic is become a player . While I am not a fan of ESPN, I am increasingly not a fan of your tactics to gain a name for yourself in this industry.

  15. Brett Favre is an egomaniac and can’t get over that the Packers wanted to start Aaron Rodgers over him.. So far, looks like the Packers did the right thing..I bet Brett can’t stand it.

  16. ESPN and AP are taking the cue from MSNBC, CNN and all the other elite media. After all Favre has been compared to god just like Obama to Jesus. By the way, did you see ESPN has a pic of Obama on their site today also. They’re all in the same tank……

  17. This is just a disgrace by ESPN. The actual story isn’t that big a deal, but it is news – vindictive Favre trying to get back at his team. Can you imagine the coverage ESPN would have devoted had this been T.O. doing a similar thing to one of his former teams? When the news broke, ESPN could have (should have) had a story, this is what is being reported, this is what Favre said, and ESPN sources are denying the story. Instead to try to bury it shows ESPN at its worst again.

  18. Mort addressed the Favre story on Atlanta radio this AM (obviously before the Favre PC). He said that Glazer reported it and had been able to confirm it with sources whereas ESPN had not been able to confirm in (so basically what’s in the article). He said he had no reason to doubt Glazer, just that he couldnt confirm it with his sources.

  19. Glazer had a made a “mountain out of molehill” on his big claim-to-fame story. If you listen to the Jet’s coach conference, he admits it is common practice from different team coaches to call each other and trade tips when playing teams in the other coaches’ division.
    From the Favre press conference, we learned that Millen called Favre and Favre spoke to Millen while he was driving home (perhaps 15 minutes – could be more depending on driving conditions). Talk included hunting as well as football. Favre did not have playbook or any signals definitions on his lap discussing it while driving home.
    We also learned that Romo called Favre – not the other way around as previously reported. In response to why Glazer made a big deal out this story, there is apparently some problem that Favre and Glazer have with each other that Favre did not discuss – told the reporters to research it if they think they need that info.

  20. You miss the point a bit here Florio. You say “ESPN pretended the story didn’t exist for no good reason” BUT there absolutely IS a good reason, we just haven’t figured it out yet.
    Remember ESPN = Disney = Responsibility to shareholders to turn a profit. The only reason that they might not run this story is it may hurt profits.
    How would running a fairly interesting story hurt profits? Well remember that ESPN = Disney and Favre’s past two years = Disney Movie.
    Pissing him off or hurting his legacy as an upstanding guy puts that possible business relationship at risk, big time.
    Just sayin…

  21. Just another case of ESPN not having their eye on the ball…the story must have been assigned to Stuart Scott

  22. Wait, Florio. Are you saying that Disney doesn’t want to piss off a cash machine like Favre? Really? Oh my god are you serious?
    I really don’t understand your surprise. I may disagree with your hyperbole some (all) the time, but this naivety is ridiculous. You’re a ****ing lawyer, act like one.

  23. Florio, I agree with you a 100% but my issue is why is now running the story of the A.P. and not back their own reporter and write their own story backing Glazer. It seems as if they have turned on him too and will not give him his vindication… please explain your thoughts on this. Thanks, Loyal PFT Maggot

  24. ESPN is not around to clean up another journalist’s mess. Where are Glazer’s sources? Florio all you’re doing is whoring Favre so people come to your website and you obviously have zero understanding of journalism.
    Anyone can make an allegation about anyone. Responsible journalists don’t go with a story like this without a named source. There were no rules broken yet Glazer goes on the record without naming the sources who gave him this so called information. All it does is tarnish the name and reputation of Favre. And you are aiding that. It’s sensationalism at it’s worst and you Florio should be ashamed. But we all know, all you’re worried about are web hits. So we can expect you to go with this crap and other damaging b.s. without facts.

  25. Who really cares? It’s football, not war. It’s not like Favre bombed Lambeau field or anything. I think this sort of thing probably happens all the time, but since we are dealing with Favre, it is the biggest news of the month. Favre hasn’t been with the Packers since January. How much info could he really help them with that they couldn’t just get from tapes from previous games? Lions and Packers have been division opponents for a while. Whatever help he did give them, obviously didn’t help much. Move on!

  26. So basically your telling me I need to use the mechanism’s I use to filter out the b.s when I watch foxnews and cnn with my sport networks now?!
    I’m moving to Costa Rica
    On a side not someone find out Favres address in New Jersey and map quest the distance from there to the practice field. If it’s a longer then anticipated drive of 20 mins I’m calling B.S on the amount of time this convo lasted. Even though I except the fact its not a given he talked to him the whole ride back.

  27. T0 those saying it’s a non-story if true I have this question: Why was Favre’s initial reaction to lie about it?
    Favre’s always been a self-centered jerk. Now it’s coming out in a way that even Packers fans are hard-pressed to deny it.

  28. “bender says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 2:02 pm
    How would running a fairly interesting story hurt profits? Well remember that ESPN = Disney and Favre’s past two years = Disney Movie. ”
    I didn’t know that Disney produced horror flicks.

  29. Am I the only one that half expects there to be stories in the upcoming weeks like this? That is, about teams and coaches calling a guy on a team X for advice on Team Y, said guy’s previous team, whether said guy is a coach or a player.
    I don’t know. Did ESPN screw the pooch by not reporting this right away? Yes. Is this really that gigantic of a deal? I dunno, I watched the press conferences (Mangini and Favre’s), read the reports, and it just didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Sounds like two guys chatted, Millen asked about things, Favre maybe made a couple comments, but nothing that seems significant enough to check out.
    The only issue would be if Brett initiated the call, and it doesn’t seem like it (after all, what’s the point of lying on that – phone records are easy to check out).
    Dunno, just doesn’t seem that big to me.

  30. After watching Favre’s interview (thanks for the link) I have come to the conculusion that he will be the next ex-football player on “Dancing with the Stars”. The way he danced around the questions makes him a shoo-in.

  31. If Joe Montana talked Wayne Fonts or the Lions GM to give him info on the 49ers when he was playing with Chiefs would it be a story?
    Honestly ask yourself that question. Would you at least as a NFL fan want to know some details on that?
    I having no real interest in any of those franchises or players, but would at least want to know why the #1sports channel was ignoring the story while the smaller guys were reporting it.
    That in it self is a story on top of the alleged phone call.
    If ESPN is going to go with the company line that they are not going to report sport stories until they know they are true then as a share holder I would sell now bc some competition will exploit that and eventually take you over in this business.
    Thus ESPN will never actually follow the b.s line they gave us on why they didnt really report this story last Sunday

  32. “he admits it is common practice from different team coaches to call each other and trade tips when playing teams in the other coaches’ division.”
    So the Jests have moved to NFC North division?

  33. I love how you say espn abuses its power, how funny is that coming from you, or jay glazer. You try and make something out of every word Favre says. I will say, I do get a good laugh reading the stuff you write.

  34. ESPN will do everything they can to put a tuxedo on a turd. I’m sure there’s a SpyGate angle somewhere here they can dig up that will keep this thing going for about 6 more months. Put Mark Schlereth on it, he’s a mountain of righteous mis-information, or better yet Emmitt “marble mouth” Smith.

  35. Florio – Maybe this will help you understand. Let’s say Jay Glazer reports that player X beats his wife and says he has relaiable sources to prove it. Other reporters contact player X who denies it. These reporters do not have access to the “reliable sources” that Glazer has. Is it your suggestion that the other reporters should pass along whatever Glazer says along with the denial in a “he said-she said” format? I would think the more responsible thing would be to not fan the flames of a potentially damaging story when there is nothing to validate its accuracy.
    Now a couple days pass and there is a press conference and player X is asked by a reporter “There are reports out there that you beat youtr wife. Did you?” At that point the player answers that he did not although the two of them had an argument recently. Now that he has been asked and answered the question in the public domain, it’s pretty reasonable to expect journalists to cover it because there is no longer any choice (and because the player deserves to have his public denial heard). But I commend ESPN and any other news organization who waits to confirm something themselves before just passing along every scurrilous rumor they hear.

  36. “ is running a similar story to ESPN’s. Unbelieveable.”
    Not really. Peter King has had a schoolgirl crush on Brett Favre for over a decade. Not even John Madden’s crush on Favre rivals King’s. I still remember the story King did about a decade ago about a dinner he had with Favre and came off like a high school cheerleader writing in her diary about a date with the captain of the football team.
    Sorry, ESPN and SI love Brett Favre. ESPN especially have had biases towards or against certain sports figures for years. All you have to do is look at how they are heavy handed with some figures and treat with kid gloves with others. It isn’t exclusive to the NFL. Guys like Barry Bonds have never gotten the special treatment that Favre is getting for stories.
    I don’t think it is a big story other than to show the character of Favre, but it is a story. For ESPN to bury it for days and then skew it in favor of Favre is inexcusable. I actually think it may be a worse offense than Favre giving secrets to the Lions. ESPN has no journalistic integrity.

  37. Good for you Florio sticking to your rogue blogging ways and not giving into the evil empire with all the blinking lights and screaming talking heads.

  38. Matt R:
    The problem is every other media outlet was running SOMETHING on this prior to today, even if it was just Greg Aiello’s “Nothing against the rules” thing. If every other outlet has it, why don’t you? Oh, because Favre is your source against this story and now he’s just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, that’s why.

  39. Just watched Bretteney Arnold’s press conference.Wow when does he go on IR it takes a loong time to recover from a cranialrectoectomy

  40. Favre’s press conference really sounds like he believes it’s a non-story, because the Packers ended up winning. He gives the impression that he thinks he’s bigger than the game – plays it off as a minor incident (which it probably is), and tries to put the focus back on how great he is. He “hasn’t played in that offense for over a year” (which might be accurate, if you rate how he blew the NFC championship game); he doesn’t remember the Lions game at Lambeau from last season, except that he had 22 straight completions (sounds like a pretty specific memory); at various points of the press conference, the conversation with Millen was 10-15 minutes, or 20-25 minutes (here’s a tip – when you know it’s going to be brought up, you could actually find out how long the call was from cell phone records).
    While it’s not nearly as serious, it reminds me a lot of Roger Clemens. He seems almost put out by the questioning, as if we’re supposed to prefer some highlight film to the truth. He’s Brett Favre, greatest QB who ever played – why isn’t it enough for him to just deny it (which he doesn’t outright do) and drop the issue? He seems to think he’s above scrutiny.

  41. Florio, the regular media twists stuff about politics, real news, etc. ALL THE TIME. It shouldn’t really be surprising that a sports network would twist a story too. If you really wanna complain, complain about the fact that nobody is talking about the fact that Obama refuses to come up with a certified birth certificate, or something like that.

  42. Glazer needs to reveal his source(s). This would clear things up. What’s his problem with doing this?

  43. It’s such a huge story in the journalism community, they are going nuts about it at You should see the thread.,7.0.html
    Oh, there isn’t a thread on the site where these types of things get debated. Because it’s not a big deal. This is being blown way out of proportion.
    You keep pointing out all the things ESPN is leaving out of their story, but you keep getting things wrong and glossing them over. You rip Kevin Seefert and spam him and then find out he had nothing to do with the decision. I didn’t see an apology.
    And Favre didn’t call Millen to open up the Packers playbook. Chatter among guys in the league is common. But keep banging Glazer’s drum. You thought you had a sexy story and it turned out to be a dud. Don’t blame ESPN, and every major site other than FoxSport for not chasing a non-story.
    AND Favre’s text to Peter King is accurate with what Favre said today. It’s possible for a story to have some minor facts right and still be total B.S. in terms of what it created becaue the stuff Glazer learned is completely trivial.
    You banging this drum is unbecoming.

  44. Is the gov’t going to start screening football players’ phone calls now?
    I have to support rolltide! Awesome comment!

  45. For those who think this is a story, you should get your head out of your butt. You’re obviously spending too much time on football and not enough time in the real world.

  46. I thought the AP story was fairly accurate, not a hatchet job by any means. The headline is misleading, that’s it.

  47. I have made posts similar to the one I am going to make now. A lot of you guys out there have butchered me for these comments but I am not going to relent because there IS media bias in the mainstream media. I am not going to go off on some long winded political rant here but the reality is that ESPN has gone “mainstream” and is playing ball just like CBS, ABC, NBC. Yes they have a story to tell us but it’s how they want to tell it that slants their view. They have an agenda and they are sticking to it. If you play ball with them they won’t stick it to you -that much is crystal clear and it suck and THEY suck for doing it. The newsprint media is no different and they pull the same shit. Sooner or later we all are going to wake up in this country and pull the plug on them and cancel our newsprint subscriptions and seek alternative sources (ie: – kudos to Florio – hell i hate to do it but it’s true). That will be the only method we have to subvert there dishonest tactics.

  48. Glazer claimed that the story was 1,000% true.
    ESPN had no right to move onto the story since they weren’t 1,000% positive like Glazer. Go figure why ESPN decided to run with it today.
    Why would you run a story that you’re not even sure if it’s true? Do your homework!


  50. @ Matt R
    But I commend ESPN and any other news organization who waits to confirm something themselves before just passing along every scurrilous rumor they hear.
    So you’re the kind of person who would commend Chris Mortenson for reporting ‘ELI MANNING OUT FOR TWO MONTHS’ (Eli has missed a grand total of ZERO games this year). ESPN reports on “non-stories” all the time so I don’t know why it’s so hard for some of you people to see the HUGE bias ESPN has with Favre….

  51. ESPN stands for nothing but profits. I’m so tired of Chris Berman and his musical
    references and nicknames; the guy has been doing the same comedy show for 25
    years. Would you have gone to see George Carlin if he did the same act for 25 years?
    No. You wouldn’t. Mike and Mike are two whiny bitches. I knew that show “jumped
    the shark” the day that Golic said that “…the Beatles are overrated”. I mean, it takes a
    REALLY STUPID lineman from Notre Dame to be that stupid.
    I don’t know Florio from the man in the moon but at least this site — and Florio —
    try to give us the real story.
    As for Bert Farve, can he just please leave? Who would now be a fan of this guy? What
    a jerk!

  52. Favre is a liar, “the story about me coming out of retirement is absolute BS.”
    A month later he’s begging for his release.

  53. I’ll be interested to see if the ESPN Ombudsman tears them a new one in her next iteration. The WWL must have an army of flacks, pencils at the ready, to hone carefully worded statements that meet the criteria of “factually true, but deliberately misleading”.

  54. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…..Florio now you have done it. I hate this damn story so much it makes me hate you less (thats really not possible, makes no sense for me to say it).
    You suck as a journalist. Your non-existent journalistic integrity might have restrained you from posting this stupid crap, but no, you couldn’t keep PFT free of a ridiculously manipulated Favre story for a few days.
    Who the hell do you think you are? I am sincerely hoping you think you are someone who can really take a punch…Because if I see you out on the street, son, I’m laying you out. So keep your head on a swivel from now on like your name is Keith Rivers.
    Did I mention that you, Mike Florio, SUCK?!?!?

  55. No Florio…. you screwed the pooch, by your ridiculous interpretation of Favre’s PC as well as the intent of his both his casual conversation with Millen and his text to King. Favre never told King that he didn’t talk to Millen. He was right when he texted King, and he’s right now; Glazer’s (and your) stupid insinuation that he divulged any valuable game-planning assistance to the Lions is what is “pure B.S.”
    Seriously, Florio, you look like a fool and are losing all credibilty with your idiotic comments against Favre.

  56. There is no Favre Story other than here.
    Reading what was written here, this site considers itself the only one right, believing Glazer’s rumor, and the rest of the world is wrong.
    Still beating that dead horse.

  57. I think a key is that when Matt Millen was asked, he declined comment. The thing is, though, where did Jay Glazer get his info from?? Ahh I want to know, but he probably promised that source or those sources confidentiality. Because the troubling thing is, someone is straight-up lying. Someone lied to Glazer, or Favre is lying, or ESPN is lying about its motivation not to do a story. This thing shouldn’t be dead just for the sake of finding out the TRUTH. I tend to believe Glazer because despite all the scoop he gets, you’d rarely see him get something wrong. Glazer is gooooood — but one of the most accurate you will ever see.

  58. Anybody just see Jay Marrioti on ATH? He just took a crap all over Jay Glazer with no evidence. Marrioti took Favre’s word over Glazer’s. Why would anybody do that?

  59. espn is just a bunch of bee-effers…
    sounds like the favre-ites need to take their blood pressure meds
    the typical wishy-washy bee-effin response is by now all too familiar.
    bee-essers are now officially bee-effers!

  60. God, Farve is turning more and more into a bitter T.O. From the video it looks like Brett Farve is a lying student in the principals office.
    Hang it up Farve before you look like a bigger idiot, by not making the playoffs, than you are right now!!!!!

  61. Florio,
    You are becoming a sensationalist. You have blasted ESPN in the past for over hyping just this kind of story. Now you sit here blasting Brett Favre for giving up solicited information to a team that was blown off the field. Boo Hoo. This happens everyday in the NFL and obviously the Lions did not benefit from the information they were given. Apparently your fat Sprint contract and Time Magazine has gone to your head. Favre runs his mouth. We all know that, but a lot of the attention that he gets drives up the hits on your site, and it’s not exactly like you make any attempt to stifle it. Brett Favre puts money in your pockets, just like he does for ESPN, FOX News, the Packers (for 16 years) and countless others. Just admit that seeing him fall is good for your numbers and that may be the source of your seething attention to this Spy Gate 2 caliber story. Ridiculous. Comparing Favre to Michael Irving and demanding the fans of Green Bay petition members of the Fame Committee to keep the man off the first ballot. You’re a joke on this one Florio. Otherwise. Love the site.

  62. kettle calling the pot black. this once decent site is becoming an outpost for some whiny little bitch sore opinion. espn didn’t do this, i did that, they are bad, i am good.

  63. ->demanding the fans of Green Bay petition members of the Fame Committee to keep the man off the first ballot. You’re a joke on this one Florio.
    Wow, did Florio really do this over the Glazer BS? That is a joke. A very very bad one. Some people are so pathetic it’s simply unbelievable.

  64. this whole thing is just so stupid…I mean, right from the start I figured the conversation went something like what favre said it went, and we all know how he loves to ramble, and he never says “no comment” or “next question” so what do you think will happen if a old friend that happens to have ties with another football organization calls up and gets him going on some questions??? this is a non-issue that the media realized could be made into a headliner simply due to the fact that favre would be the star. and I’m starting to get really sick of some of your stuff florio…for example, I don’t remember the player, but somebody with the falcons was on the trading block, and the gm or coach came out and said that they really hadn’t received any interest in them. so what do you do?? you basically call the guy a total idiot, because he should have said there was lots of interest, trying to get other people interested…but when somebody does lie about something and they get caught, you are all over them because they lied…I hate to say this, but you have become part of the “real” media, complete with your own website and sponsors and co-workers…maybe you should have just kept this operation as a small, rumor-mill football website…

  65. Wouldn’t PFT’s creation and exploitation of the “team issued cell phone” be another “prime example of the power that a media company can acquire, and of the manner in which it can be abused”?

  66. Kudos to Florio. You’re sensationalized headline truly brought you a lot of hits to your site I’m sure. You criticize ESPN for doctering their story and picking quotes to put Favre in a positive light; then what do you call what you are doing? Your headline was Favre Admits to Scouting Session with Millen. Talk about a misleading headline. The longest quote you had in your entire story was a hypothetical one (which should be italicized mind you, not in quotes to avoid confusion). This is sadly another case of American media ripping down one of its sports icons. No other journalist confirmed this story. Bill Michaels, a Green Bay radio man, said his sources inside the Lions organization knew nothing of this alleged scouting session. You have continually brought up the Matt Walsh/Spygate “story” as a reference for irresponsible journalism by ESPN. So they messed up on one story by not confirming sources and now you want them to do it again with this Favre story? Sorry Florio two negatives don’t make a positive. And please don’t ever make the claim that this is a sport news website. It is a glorified blog except this blog has Time and Sprint backing it. The WWW has certainly created a media monster and I honestly don’t know if we will ever see credible journalism on a consistent basis again.

  67. Youz guys are nothing but rebels without a clue. Favre did not deny he talked to the Lions, he said Glazer’s story was BS, and it was. Of course, we can say, “if he is being truthful”; but then again, that is what had to be said of Glazer’s “story” as well.
    Glazer’s premise, Favre called the Lions… Favre said Millen called him(and I believe him). Glazer is full of BS.
    Glazer’s premise, Favre called only to discuss the ins and outs of the Packers. Favre says his intent was to talk hunting (but he suspected Millen wanted to talk game plan). Sounds like Glazer is full of BS.
    Glazer said it as 60 to 90 minutes, Favre says up to 30. Sounds like Glazer is full of BS.
    Now perhaps you gentlemen love to spin the story to appear to vidicate yourselves, but I would take any one of you on in a debate. Your spin is so transparent, even a caveman in a basement could rip your discussion topics to shreds. Time to expose a little agenda.

  68. Fave not only a cry baby but a damm liar. Just look at the words that were said against Green Bay when they wouldn’t take him back or trade him to the Vikings. Go home to Mississipi and drive your tractor Brett.

  69. Jeez-us, enough with the dick waving at ESPN already. Florio and Glazer really need to acknowledge that this is a non-story and that Florio has a serious crush on Glazer (not that there’s any… eh you know).
    Why would the general football-watching public give two shits that ESPN won’t acknowledge the story the way Glazer and Florio want them to? I’m no fan of ESPN but I also have no interest in seeing a blogger and gossip columnist gang up on them in an attempt to discredit them. WHO CARES?????

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