Here’s some interesting news for a slow Saturday night.
Per this video at, the weather could be a factor on Sunday when the Redskins square off against the Lions.
At Ford Field.
“Winds will be gusting upwards of 20 miles per hour,” says the weather lady.  “That could play a big role in the kicking game at Ford Field.”
Yes, it could.  If they remove the roof from the place between now and game time.
We realize that everyone makes mistakes.  But more than one or two people surely had their fingerprints on this video.  It’s amazing that it didn’t occur to at least one of them that Ford Field is a domed stadium. 


  1. She also says, “…the Redskins need to get off to a good start to stay in the hunt in the AFC East.”
    Guess what? She’s hot. I forgive her.

  2. that field was another mistake. they should have built an outdoor stadium.
    it would have made even these crappy lions teams tougher for late season games at chicago/green bay. and for teams like this year’s visitors… jax, tb, tn, n’awlins.

  3. Further proof as to why women should only be seen and not heard.
    If she looked like Sandra Bernhardt she wouldnt have a job…
    Somebody tell this chick to make me a sammich…

  4. Did anyone else notice that she put the Redskins in the AFC East….This video should be taken town immediately. It’s completely inaccurate in almost every aspect.

  5. Hey, give her credit, at least she’s still trying to come up with excuses for why it’s not the Lions’ fault they’re losing. That and I agree, she’s HOT, so she gets a pass as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I didn’t pay any attention at all to the forecast. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from staring at her…..assets.

  7. A couple of weeks ago she had rain and wind being a factor for a home game for the Saints. Again…Dome. They must get paid by the report and to not report on teams with domes would lose them money.

  8. We all know these football weather ladies aren’t hired because they know anything about football.

  9. You’d be suprised to know the most reporters dont know what they are talking about, they report, not give opinions. Unfortunately for her she can’t even do the simple job she has of reporting. Ever watch the local news or off hours? They pick reporters on charisma and not intelligence or knowledge. Its terrible when reporters start talking about any issue because most of the time you realize you know more about almost any subject they are reporting then they do.
    She’s cute and if you didnt have a clue what she was talking about she would sound really well informed, but shes not.. shes just cute
    I’m not sure which is worse, talking about how a 22 mph wind gust will affect the kicking game in a domed stadium or claiming the redskins need the win to try to stay AFC East playoff race

  10. That’s pretty funny. She may not know anything about football, but she’s reading a memorized script so the blame can only go to her producer.
    On a side note, I noticed a couple years back while I was playing Madden that I had wind in Ford Field, maybe 05 or 06. Thought that was pretty funny.

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