Things haven’t gone well for Chiefs running back Larry Johnson recently, and they might soon get worse.
Johnson, who has been accused of several instances of off-field misconduct including threatening a woman and spitting in her face, has been summoned to New York to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting.
Frequently, when an NFL player is called in to meet with Goodell, a suspension follows. That was the case for, among others, Adam “Pacman” Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson and Brandon Marshall. It’s not clear yet whether Johnson will also get a suspension, or whether Goodell will determine that the discipline already handed down by the team is sufficient.
For Johnson, a league suspension could be costly: Schefter reports that if Johnson is suspended, the Chiefs could decline to pay $5.5 million worth of bonuses that were referred to as “guaranteed” when he signed his contract but that haven’t yet been paid.


  1. isnt being a kc chief enough punishment?
    i think if the chiefs want to deny those payments, they may already have all the case they need.

  2. here is the word YOUR FIRED
    Another over paid over hipped punk fire his ass him misspacman get rid of all the trash make room for those who will be positive role models
    Next time pacman wants to make it rain he should stop drying the cars and walk into the car wash where he will be working real soon

  3. whatever happened to the good ole days when the commish was busy improving the league instead of being a principal.

  4. Just add the 5.5 million to the already 32 million they are under the cap, and still refuse to bring in better players to this disfuncinal football team.

  5. Since when did Goodell become a high school principal. What’s up with that? Or I should say keep it up, this is fun to watch. Maybe he should take a lesson from Saved By the Bell and bring in characters like Screech and Zack to turn the league into one big happy family. Trips to the beach, life lessons you’ll never forget, ogling Elizabeth Berkley. Good times man. Good times.

  6. Having the chance to get back $5.5 mil from this complete turd is something that only Carl Peterson could SCREW UP.

  7. Any man who treats women the way that Larry Johnson has deserves to have every cent of that money taken away from him. And then the Chiefs front office should make a sizable donation from the money recouped to organizations that help abused and battered women.

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