Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the list of players who tested positive for a banned diuretic include both of the Vikings’ starting defensive tackles, Pat and Kevin Williams. 
If the suspensions ultimately are upheld, the Vikings would be without the services of both players for four games.  And that would decimate the Vikings’ run defense.
Glazer also reports that Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson is one of the names on the list.
The release of these names further highlights concerns that league sources are leaking confidential information regarding appeals that have not been finalized.  Attorney David Cornwell, who reportedly will be representing some of the affected players, has recently made an aggressive call for measures aimed at ensuring that reporters don’t disclose this confidential information without also disclosing the source.


  1. Its a set up. Childress gave them the banned substances and everyone knows Childress can’t read above the 4th grade level. Its a set up.

  2. You have got to be kidding me… Pat and Kevin? I could see Pat, but Kevin too?
    Should the two be suspended, I can see the Vikings having a tough time wining the next four. I know that 3 of the next 4 don’t have outstanding rushing games. However, Kevin and Pat are the two most important guys on our team. Not only will our run defense suffer, but Jared Allen would certainly double teamed all game along, because who else is there to block? Kevin and Pat take tremendous pressure off Allen. In return, Allen does the same for Kevin and Pat. However, I will wait and see what happens before I get too excited.

  3. This makes much more sense. This is used as a weight loss product, and those three defensive tackles total over 2,000 pounds. Those fat bastards need to drop some weight.

  4. This bad news does have a nice side effect. Just one thing to help Wilf recognize it’s time for a new Head Coach. And one more reason for us to start chanting “Cower….Cower”

  5. Maybe the NFL recognizes how badly so many positive tests would effect teams, and possibly the outcome of a significant portion of games, so they are leaking the names to help the players in the appeals process. Perhaps the NFL doesn’t actually want to suspend that many players for that long, and think releasing the names, and then letting them arbitrate shorter suspensions will get the message across. Just a thought, not a conspiracy theory or anything….it kinda makes sense in my head anyway.

  6. “Attorney David Cornwell, who reportedly will be representing some of the affected players, has recently made an aggressive call for measures aimed at ensuring that reporters don’t disclose this confidential information without also disclosing the source.”
    Doesn’t lawyer training include at least a cursory review of the US Constitution? You know, that First Amendment thingy, freedom of the press, that sort of thing.

  7. The Williams boys were under strict weight management rules by Childress. Fire Childress and actually test the Williams boys for real steroids. Clearly the two tons of fun were trying to manage their weight.

  8. The NFL has a major PR nightmare that it has to deal with. A commonly used supplement has a banned substance that it didn’t list so a guys left and right are testing positive (since drug tests are random it appears that just the guys that were in the latest testing are getting caught — there’s bound to be a lot more guys who have this in their system that hope they don’t get a call to piss in the lab cup).
    Will the NFL really uphold these suspensions? Why the one-size-fits-all suspension where this water retention sunstance is the same as massive amounts of steroids (or cocaine or half the suspension of having a bodyguard gun someone down at a strip club)?
    This is really going to screw up some teams by taking away players who honestly belived they were following the rules.
    Come on! Pat Williams???? Who really thinks he’s putting anything he can’t get at KFC into his body? Yet he’s in the group of guys who may get a quarter of their season taken away because he of a product that’s legally sold at the local GNC didn’t list an ingredient that it contains which is on the NFL’s banned substance list, even though what it does has no impact to giving him some sort of competitive advantage.

  9. bgman makes a good point. Why a one-size-fits-all. I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep up with everything that they can take or can’t take.
    I keep on waiting for a Packer to show up.
    Also monger, there is something about confidential information. Information that is protected between say a person and his doctor or lawyer or spouse. Some information is protected and I can’t think that the 1st amendment allows for that.

  10. They have to have a one size fits all rule for banned substances. Since substances can affect each person differently, how can you make the determination that one substance deserves more or less punishment?
    Besides, the league has a list of approved substances and players are ultimately responsible for what they put in their own bodies. Taking something not on the list is essentially throwing the dice. They knew the risks and got bit in the ass.

  11. BTW…question for Viking fans. Is Cowher going to be the popular off-season move that will get them to the Super Bowl? Or is that a minority that want him and the majority just want a coaching change in general?

  12. Chillly will spin this into a contract extension for himself. I’m sure of it. “We could have won, but the punter wasn’t there, and the suspensions, and the weather, just give me another 5 years and we’ll have this team on the right track!!”
    Zygi. Please get rid of this clown and bring in a real coach. With a real staff of assistants.

  13. If these names are being leaked by league sources, Goodell should take a little time off from handing out pissy little player fines each week and start making an effort to get his own house in order. Find the sources of these leaks and take appropriate steps to shut them up.
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but the players who have been outed are supposed to be protected by a confidentiality clause and the fact that they haven’t I find personally appalling.

  14. And another thing! HOw is it possible that the VIking can find a way to ruin my weekend on their bye week??????? THis is how.

  15. Q: And another thing! HOw is it possible that the VIking can find a way to ruin my weekend on their bye week???????
    A: Two Words — LOVE BOAT

  16. Are you tired of the continuing corporate nonsense coming from
    the NFL?
    If the NFL won’t accept that these players were trying to follow
    the rules, then the NFL needs to be disciplined.
    If the NFL can’t figure out what a clean hit is and is unable to
    provide clear direction to players and coaches on what is and
    what isn’t permissible, then the NFL needs to be disciplined.
    Boycott the games. You don’t need to spend $100 to watch a live
    dance contest. Stop spending your money on overpriced NFL products.
    Then your voices will be heard.

  17. >>2smart2bchezhead says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 4:46 pm
    Why is the NFL on the Vikings a** so much.<<
    What do you mean by “on the Vikings ass so much?” The NFL didn’t give the pills to the Williams’. The Williams’ took the pills on their own. They aren’t being singled out by the NFL.

  18. so now to go with your weak ass pass defense, you will now have a weak ass run defense? it may be a blessing in diguise though, teams may get so excited and giddy about how many points they are going to score on the vikes that they just explode and screw everything up.
    over/under on the season high for points given up 60.

  19. It’s not just the pills dumba** Spartachris. What kinda name is that anyway. Look at the stupid fine on Antoine Winfield for his celebration. Yet the other players can jump into the crowd.(Greenbay).Or slam dunk a goal post. (Tony Gonzalez). Aren’t those props for celebration? HMMM. I’m not even a Vikes fan but I notice the crap they get there that other teams don’t. Let’s sweep cheating under the rug too. (Patriots)(Giants Sean Payton days).
    I can research some more for ya if you want. I say if a supplement is banned punish them. Is it a 1st offense? or is it a repeat offender. Test them for steroids. I don’t care what they choose to do to their body. They entertain us. I actually played sports and have beat up on guys juicin up. So if you didn’t actually play the sport you don’t know. Commish has really made this into the NBA not the NFL. Let people play. Let the best teams win.

  20. It’s a pretty genius nickname actually. If you were there when I got it, you’d think so too, but you weren’t so there you go..
    Anyway what exactly does these two guys testing positive for a banned substance have to do with Winfield getting a fine?
    And you honestly think the Vikings are being deliberately targeted for fines and penalties? Didn’t the Dolphins get a penalty and a fine for their choreographed end zone celebration? Or the guy from Tennessee who beat on the bongos last week after a nice TD run in KC? Didn’t he get flagged for that?
    Just curious, because if it’s only the Vikings who are supposed to get penalized and fines then maybe the League needs to make sure all the refs know.

  21. Well Spartachris, you must have been one of those male cheerleaders or something. Is it like the Spartan cheerleaders from SNL. Did you even read what I wrote. Let them play is what I said. And yes, there are other targeted teams. It isn’t exclusively the Vikings. What team are you a fan of so I can comment on them. The Commish is making it so the fans can’t even be entertained anymore. Let em juice. They did in Bradshaws days. Strahan won the sack title over a guy who used steroids. It’s their body. They take the risk. We simply pay to watch them. So don’t anybody get all moral and ethical on the situation. Let the fans vote on the rules. Or at least have a partial vote on the situations. Go back to cheerleading Spartachris.

  22. Well, on the down side, the Vikings’ season is pretty much over.
    On the upside, our chances of a Childress-free 2009 just increased by about 500%.
    And even more upside? I’m not a Packer fan. That’s reason enough for me to get up in the morning and thank God or Allah or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever else is listening.

  23. “That’s reason enough for me to get up in the morning and thank God or Allah or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever else is listening.”
    only a vikings fan would be so clueless to thank god they are a fan of a shitty team. what a glorious gift! all mushrooms, peppers, and meatballs be to the flying spaghetti!!!

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