Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is well known as a cheap shot artist, and it may finally be catching up to him.
Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that the league could decide to suspend Wilfork for his latest cheap shot, an elbow to Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler’s head after a play was over. The hit wasn’t caught by the TV cameras, but NFL Network showed it on the coaches’ tape, and it was blatant.
NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp called Wilfork’s hit, “Cheap, cheap cheap. That’s all that is, is cheap.” Marshall Faulk added, “I’m surprised that Vince would even stoop that low in the game, to try to take out the quarterback, who wasn’t even near the ball.”
Wilfork’s long history of cheap shots includes trying to gouge Giants running back Brandon Jacobs’ eye, driving his elbow into Bills quarterback J.P. Losman’s knee and hitting Cowboys tight end Jason Witten after the whistle blew.
Wilfork has said in the past that he doesn’t care that he’s known as a dirty player. Maybe a suspension will make him care.
UPDATE:  If Wilfork gets suspended, he can use his down time filming another Three Stooges film.  (Hopefully it won’t involve any dead babies and/or the Stooges being executed.)



  1. Suspension won’t do a thing to change this guy. It’s going to take a really terrible injury and a permanent ban to deal with this scumbag.

  2. So how many idiots post comments about it not being flagged so why should he be fined or suspended.
    There have been a lot of you in the Hines Ward threads so will your message remain consistent or will it change with the hated Patriots?

  3. F-ck vince wilfork. all he ever tries to do is injure people, theres no honor in that.
    wilfork plays the game in a way which would suggest hes a dispicable human being with no regard for the safety and livelihood.
    maybe now that it effects him and his livelihood, he’ll play a little cleaner but still only out of concern for himself.
    what a piece of garbage

  4. Oh how the irony oozed off the screen when Sapp was describing the hit.
    I seem to recall him launching himself at Chad Clifton. Wonder how Sapp the sportscaster would analyze Sapp the player’s hit.

  5. hey samsonjforpresident, Vince Wilfork has plenty of other interests. The young Jabba tries to eat as much as possible… well I guess he only has one other interest.

  6. Wilfork is such a POS. I’ve watched for years as he gives cheap shots, punches and knee shots at other players. Then he pull the Sgt Schultz routine [ I know nussing !] and acts like hes a victim of bad P.R. Its great to finally see the Cheatriots falling apart at the seams. I hope Wilfork gets a blown out knee so he can sit and lament with Rodney Harrison, his POS brother on the sidelines.

  7. I agree that Wilfork’s hit on Cutler was a cheap shot, but Warrren Sapp should be the last person to talk about cheap shots.. When Sapp blew up Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Chad Clifton years ago, people wanted Sapp suspended. In fact, his former teammate Keyshawn Johnson talked about cheap that shot was on his weekly radio show last Friday.. Keyshawn mentioned that Sapp’s shot was cheap and was not nessassary..
    Getting back to the subject, Wilfork does have a long history of dirty play and should be fined for it, but again, people like Sapp should practice what he preaches. I’m a big Sapp fan too and I hate the Packers, so I didn’t mind that hit, but it was a cheap shot…

  8. This is crazy….Is Cutler still playing? If so, forget about. Warren Sapp is nothing but a two bit used up football player, who looks foolish on “Dancing with the Has Beens”. Move on Sapp my wide screen still can’t fit you.
    @rdcamercon – you can’t pick and choose which cheap shots are ok. That’s just plain ignorant. Please, take your head out of your ass once in awhile and breathe deeply.

  9. Three Stooges? How about “The Nutty Professor”? He sure looks like him. Not sure if he can talk to Pidgeons though, he’d probably eat them.

  10. Vince Wilfork still has a way to go to catch up with R. Harrison for the title of the game’s dirtiest player. The fact that they are teammates begs the question, why do the Patriots allow this sort of player behavior to define their football team?
    Well, when your biggest distinction is that your team has been caught cheating, then Goodell calls out the coach for his lame excuse for cheating, you could make a case for dirty play by some of your scum ball players as the least of your morally challenged concerns. A fish rots from the head and this all starts at the top. Boob Kraft must be so proud.

  11. I got to respond to anygivensundays stupid comments about what I said about Sapp’s hit.. First off, I never said that the hit was “OK”, I simply said as a Packer hater, I didn’t mind seeing that hit, but I did say that it was a cheap shot.. Know the difference…And the little comment at the end was childish..
    Grow up!!!

  12. Maybe Vince would rather be known as the Former Player. Suspend the guy and take big money from his wallet. If he continues to do it, double the suspension and fines until it stops or he is indefinitely suspended.

  13. A couple of previous posters have already beaten me to the incident, but for the grace of god, Warren Sapp could easily have ended Chad Clifton’s career.

  14. I didn’t see the hit in question and it was never called a penalty so Im wondering how just blatant is was. Sounds like it was stupid but why is it an issue now -over a week later, because Sapp call4ed it dirty? Gotta love that.
    The finger in the helmet thing was stupid but when a guy gets in your face and talks crap somethings gonna give. Look at the video again. Fools made more of it than it really was.
    Bottomline though, Vince is no dirtier than the rest of the players in the game. The hit that put Brady out wasn’t even a penalty?
    Cool your jets haterboys.

  15. DookiesDeposit
    To wish injury upon another person is just sick. So 3 fined plays make him a “POS”? Get a clue !

  16. Now where is all the people that where sticking up for him when he was calling pollard’s shot on Brady cheap and saying it was just like his. Wilfork is animal who should be put down.

  17. JimmySmith says: …why do the Patriots allow this sort of player behavior to define their football team?
    I’ve always thought the Patriots were unethical from the Coach on down, but you’re a Hatriot if you mention it. The video taping is only one of many issues. It is my belief that they train players how to break the rules without getting caught. They have numerous players called out as dirty players; they trained their DB’s to mug the receivers during playoffs because refs are afraid to call penalties in the playoffs; they are often found playing not up to, but after the whistle; they provoke other teams into retaliatory actions, knowing that the refs only flag the retaliating act and not the instigating act.

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