On the same day that 49ers coach Mike Singletary offered up some fodder for an eventual Coors Light commercial during his first postgame trip to the podium, Redskins coach Jim Zorn has tendered a submission of his own.
Zorn took issue with the perception/reality that Ryan O’Halloran of the Washington Times was . . . drum roll . . . rolling his eyes.
O’Halloran provides the background, and the story isn’t as juicy as we thought it might be.  Apparently, Zorn was confused about a line of questioning that O’Halloran was pursuing (it actually related to a positive development for the team during Sunday’s victory at windy Ford Field), and O’Halloran says that he rolled his eyes out of frustration with the fact that he couldn’t get Zorn to grasp the point.
Please feel free to add your own suggested Coors Light setup question.  (Man, Coors Light is getting a lot of play today at PFT.  It’s almost as if they have ads on the site.)



  1. Cowboys won this week, Florio has to post Coors Commercials, whats wrong Florio no Cowboys hate this week, not much news then huh.

  2. The post game press conference is, I’ll bet, the thing head coaches hate the most about the job.

  3. Hey coach where does this rocky mountain refreshment come from?
    Zorn is silent…..
    Reporter rolls eyes….
    Zorn gets pissed….
    Everyone is silent……..everyone is pissed and confused.

  4. It’s no big deal. The question really wasn’t even that important. I imagine that was what frustrated Zorn the most, the continuous asking of the same question for the same answer, when the question was not even important.

  5. How about this:
    “Coach, Coach…how do you feel about armchair GM/sellout bloggers beating dead horses?”

  6. Not much to work with here, but I’ll give it a shot –
    “Coach, coach, I was bringing you your post-game Coors Light when my buddy pushed me down the stairs.”
    “Are you okay?”
    “Ya, but there’s some bad news.”
    (the pusher) “It’s not even a big deal… he dropped your Coors Light… he’s making it sound like its the end of the world.”
    “You keep rolling your eyes, and I’m getting ticked off.”
    (the first guy) “Coach, think I should take all his Coors and make him walk home?”
    “I think I’m answering your question.”
    “Ya, buddy, you’re hoofing it.”

  7. Those Coors Light commercials are the DUBMEST commercials on TV, with the possible exception of the Geico Caveman commercials
    “Duh…Coach, doez you like Coors Light beer? DUH!!!!”

  8. I think this guy is going to be a great coach…But every press conference he has lacks fire. He just seems really calm and collected. Hopefully that works out for the Skins in the future.

  9. Jim Zorn may be a a genius with QB’s and the West Coast Offense, but he has never impressed me as the most socially intelligent individual. I mean, “Hip-hip-hooray!” Come on, who does that? That locker room must be rolling their eyes every time he tries to do that.

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