Peter King of Sports Illustrated said moments ago on The Dan Patrick Show that the 0-7 Lions won’t finish the season 0-16.
In fact, King guarantees it.
“They will play hard,” King said.  “At some point, they’ll do enough good things to win a game.”
He points to December visits from the Vikings and Saints to windy Ford Field (yeah, we’re beating that one into the ground like the “Hello” voice) as possible sources of that elusive (to date) first win.
(We think that the best/only chance is the December 7 visit from Minnesota and its “keep it close and hope to get lucky late” approach to which we refer in these parts as “Chillyball.”)
King thinks that the Bengals have a better chance of leaving the donut in the “W” column through Week Seventeen.  The ingredient are there:  (1) no quarterback; (2) a coach who’s being tuned out; and (3) players who don’t care.

29 responses to “KING GUARANTEES LIONS WON'T GO 0-16

  1. I’m pulling for my morons to go 0-16 at this point, if only so God-Dell finally steps in and makes our incompetent owner hire a damned GM who isn’t in his family.
    Hey Carson – take care of your elbow. Coming back to this mess isn’t going to do anybody any good.

  2. I honestly think that the Lions will win 2 games and the Bengals will beat the Browns in Cleveland for their only win.

  3. The Jags play the Lions and the Bengals the next two weeks. The way they are playing, either one of these could be a magical day for the winless.

  4. I’d much rather watch a 0-16 Bengals vs. 0-16 Lions Toilet Bowl than the Pro Bowl. Play it outdoors in Buffalo (or Toronto) in February.

  5. “Bengals will beat the Browns”
    Yea, they haven’t had their annual epic shootout yet. I like Braylon Edwards to drop the winning TD and hand the game to the Bungles.

  6. He seriously thinks the Lions could beat the Saints? Peter King is one of those rare fools who can constantly lower the floor on just how stupid you think he is. We all know he’s a moron, but he still has the ability to suprise us.

  7. This is the same Peter King that said the Lions were going to beat the Redskins this past weekend, then in his column today says the Redskins get no “style points” for the win. Peter King’s opinion on football is worth very little.

  8. This is the same Peter King that picked the Vikings for the Super Bowl. Now he is saying the Vikes will get beat by the Lions? Not a strong argument to go to Vegas and put a bunch of money on that game.

  9. Both teams have a great chance of going 0-16. The only decent winnable game for the Bengals is Week 17 at home vs. Kansas City. I like Peter King, but even “guaranteeing” a home win vs. the Vikings is a stretch. Both the Bengals & the Lions have no QB; both head coaches should & will be fired. With all that said, it’s just as “difficult” to go winless as it is to go undefeated. The 2007 Dolphins are a great example. They were awful, but managed to eek out an OT win vs. the Ravens; it took a rare missed FG by Stover for Miami to take advantage of it.

  10. I agree that the Vikings are the best chance for the Lions to pull off a W, but I wouldn’t be surprised with a Lions upset somewhere down the road. Compared to the Bengals, who got trounced by a weak Texans team (whose record now looks somewhat less pathetic due to two weeks of bottom-feeding), the Lions actually showed a little heart against a Redskins team that has surprisingly held its own in arguably the toughest division in football. I gotta believe that some week, the Lions may actually forget for 60 minutes that they’re the Lions, and not shoot themselves in the foot in the fourth quarter.
    I was thinking last night that probably in the next week or two, the Red Wings will already have more wins than it is possible for the Lions to get, even if they run the table (in the right way) over the rest of their schedule. Assuming (safely) that they’ll lose next weekend, the Lions should already be eliminated from the playoff picture (for those few still clinging to hope that maybe this will be the *first* 0-7 team to recover and make the playoffs). At least the Pistons start playing soon, and everyone can completely forget about the Lions until the draft. Heck, no one will even notice the blackouts after that.

  11. Going into the Texans game with the Bengals yesterday, I thought the Bengals were ‘still trying’ [based on their previous game against the Steelers minus the last 11 minutes] and were a much better team than the hapless Lions. Having witnessed that 35-6 can o’ quit yesterday, I’m not so sure about that any more.
    The ultimate capitulation at Reliant Stadium yesterday was Jonathan Joseph’s patty cake tackle attempt on Kevin Walter’s 37 yard TD followed by one of the few brave? Bengals fans in the stands taking off his tiger striped jersey, crumpling it up into a ball and throwing it into the endzone.

  12. Lions have a chance at home vs. jax, tb, minnehaha and n’awlins. jax isnt playing that well, tampa is due to stumble, minnehaha is minnehaha, and the saints are perfectly capable of handing a game over. lions wont bag a win on the road. i see 2 wins.
    the bengals made houston look great. even their qb isnt that bad. they have quit. but… they host jax, balto, kc and they go to cleveland. jax isnt playing well. balto offense disappears on the road. kc offense shows up like one game a month. and they could rise up and bite the browns as the browns should be eliminated from the playoffs about then. i see 1 win.

  13. Hopefully this will explain this guys pointless remarks.
    KING WHO ? give me your salary and let me show you how to be productive. Bengals maybe 2 wins (clevland and kansas city). Lions most likely 0- 16, again KING WHO ?

  14. Peter King… billed as one of Americas premier sports writers by SI…who gives credit to Jim Fassell for the Oakland Raiders offense from 2000-2002..
    As I said on NBC on Saturday, the next coach could be Jim Fassel, who gets along swimmingly with Al. Fassel ran an offense that ranked in the top five in scoring for three straight years (479, 399 and 450 points from 2000 to 2002, respectively), would have no ego about keeping Al informed about everything he’s doing, and would walk to Oakland for the job.
    which i find interesting sing Fassell coached the NY Giants & PK never corrected this
    ithink Peter King is full of ….himself

  15. I highly doubt either team will go 0-16. Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown some flashes of being a mediocre quarterback, and I’m sure he’ll have a decent outing at some point this season. With Housh, Ocho Stinko, and Chris Henry, he has no excuse not to. The Lions probably ave enough talent on offense to do the same. Most likely, somebody will choke and award both of these teams at least one win.

  16. I think both teams will go 0-16. The sad part about the Lions is the fact that they are still trying.
    The Lions best shot will be the Viking if both Williams’ are suspended.

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