Quarterback Brad Johnson will again get the start for the Dallas Cowboys, in place of the injured Tony Romo.
But if the Cowboys struggle against the New York Giants on Sunday, Johnson might be yanked for (gulp) Brooks Bollinger.
Bollinger, who was last seen being tossed around like a rag doll in a room full of Rottweilers last season with the Vikings, got some reps with the first-team offense on Wednesday.
Johnson has generated a dismal passer rating of 60.3 in two starts.  And that’s more than 11 points lower than the 72.0 rating he cranked out during his subpar final season as a starting NFL quarterback, with the Vikings in 2006.
Meanwhile, a reader has forwarded to us a video clip in which former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin, during a commercial break from a local television show, apparently begins to tell current Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens that team owner Jerry Jones isn’t very happy with Johnson’s performance, until T.O. reminds Irvin that his microphone is still live.
Here it is.



  1. That what u get when u have a back up whose is past there prime.Go Cowboys favorite team for over 30 years!!!!!

  2. Oh, so now T.O. is the one keeping everybody else from making condesending remarks….. Gimme a break….
    Go Giants!

  3. Go on drinkin’ that hatorade. The season isn’t done yet and when Tony is back, you will have even more reasons to hate the Cowboys. We’ll make the playoffs don’t worry. yessir!

  4. Terrell Owens is a class act. Such a good guy to help out Playmaker from saying something he’d regret. I think T.O. is underpaid, to be honest. He’s too humble of a guy though to ask for more like that loser Roy Williams who just hops on board the Cowboys and then acts like he deserves more than Owens! He’s making more than him and he has been with the team for, what, one game? What a jerk, man. What a jerk.

  5. Jerry is a pretty great GM/coach.. look at his track record.
    Plus he discusses the teams plans with ‘the playmaker’ the guy who couldnt keep his job on the four letter network?
    So much hype, such weak sauce.

  6. That’s actually pretty funny. I love TO’s expression after the sound goes out, “oh, that’s the LAST thing we need right now!”

  7. further proof of what i’ve been saying all along. T.O. isn’t as big of schmuck as everyone thinks…He could of easily reverted to “his old self” and popped off but he’s been good..

  8. They should start Bollinger, he is better than B Johnson. B Johnson is the only QB that throws a ball with more height than distance after 20 yards.

  9. It’s a “Microphone” Terrell, say it with me Mic…ro…phone. There you go you illiterate moron. Now say this with me “Don’t drop the ball when it hits you in the hands” … Oh you can’t figure that one out… oh well 1 for 2 isn’t too bad.

  10. I watched both games in which Brad Johnson played quarterback.
    Anyone who saw Brad play will realize that he is a dude who is
    playing even older than his 40 years. Johnson lacks arm strength
    and mobility moreover his experience will not suffice. What I can
    not understand is how the Cowboy’s staff could watch Johnson
    in practice before Tony Romo was injured and not realize this!
    Brad’s physical shortcomings are so obvious that he should not
    be on the player roster. However he could be a coach.

  11. Transcript: “Uhhhh errr uhh” “Yeah Yeah” “Uhhhhhhh” “It’s Live!” “Oh Gawd” “Yehhhhhhh”

  12. “Cowboys and Chargers. The two biggest flops of 08-09. ”
    The Chargers are used to saying “it’s over” with 8 games left, so don’t lump the Cowboys with those underachievers.

  13. Vox Veritas
    The Chargers are used to saying “it’s over” with 8 games left, so don’t lump the Cowboys with those underachievers.
    They have achieved far more than the Cowboys have recently. They at least made it to the AFC title game last year.

  14. The first game they lose with Roy Williams getting more looks and more balls than TO, and he’ll explode.

  15. Vox, you can be annoying but you’re usually factually correct.
    In ’06 the Super Chargers won their final 10 games, before losing to the Pats in the playoffs. And last year they were 5-5 before winning their last 6 and lost the AFC title game. It’s the Chargers that shouldn’t be lumped in with our underacheiving Cowboys, not vice-versa. That’s from a Cowboys fan that knows.

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