As if Mike Singletary wasn’t busy enough trying to turn around a 2-6 San Francisco squad, he has added to his long list of duties. He’s determined to find out who leaked the word that he dropped his britches during his initial halftime speech as the 49ers’ interim coach.
“It’s unfortunate,” Singletary said on an interview with ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, per’s Mike Sando. “We will find out who is leaking information out of the locker room because what happens in the locker room should be sacred and stay there.”
The odds of Singletary identifying the locker room leaker are awfully long. There were probably at least 70 eye witnesses to his motivational mooning. Odds are more than a few of those folks found the incident interesting enough to share with others.
And I seriously doubt anybody who saw Singletary show his ass would admit to his face that they passed on the word that he dropped his pants. Singletary might be best off just dropping the whole thing.
[Editor’s note: We can only imagine what Singletary might do in the locker room to illustrate the point that players should not be “leaking” information.]


  1. Maybe instead of investigating “Pantsgate” Samurai Mike should be working on his WR’s dropped passes or his QB’s drops to the ground

  2. “Turn around a 2-6 San Francisco squad”? That would take actual coaching. What with Singletary kicking players off the sidelines, having pregame chats with dead coaches, dropping trou at halftime, and now trying to find locker room moles, how the heck can he have time to actually coach?

  3. I think that he should be more worried about who has heard the rumor….I mean come on…a guy…in San Fransisco…dropping his pants in front of a whole room full of guys. Yep, I’d be worried about who has heard about this little pep talk.

  4. Singletary might be better of just “dropping the whole thing.” Was that an intended or unintended double entendre, Florio?

  5. I’d be more worried about who, in the neighborhood, might have heard about this coaches halftime show. I mean come on….it’s San Fransisco….a guy…dropping his pants in front of a room full of guys, dressed as football players no less. I would be a little worried if I were Coach Singletary.

  6. “Best off just dropping the whole thing…” I’m sure pun intended? Tell Florio to give you a raise. Damn funny stuff!

  7. “Singletary might be best off just dropping the whole thing.”
    First his pants and now you want the whole thing?

  8. Oh dear. I really wanted Coach Singeltary to do well in his first HC job. But, he is turning into Captain Bligh. This will not turn out well.

  9. I’m feeling sexually harassed just reading about the “incident” . Maybe someone will have the, errrrrr, balls to file a lawsuit.

  10. I think this will work out perfectly. Dude has been coach for one game, got blowed out (thanks Emmitt), dropped his drawers at halftime, called out one of his players very publicly, and now he’s paranoid and determined to find the leaker.
    Al Davis, please hire this man.

  11. Someone in a locker room dropped his pants and exposed his boxers? Gasp. I’m shocked. Most of the guys in my neighborhood walk around in public with their pants around their knees pretty much all the time.
    Must be a slow news week.

  12. Leaker’s profile: athletic tight-end with 4.3 speed who smelled like Irish Spring during the 2nd half of last week’s game.

  13. Ok, calling out Vernon Davis is cool. Send a message. NOW he’s going over into Brad Childress territory.

  14. This is nowhere near as gay as the Sunday Countdown where Jaws gets behind Ton Jackson for a “snap” and the “WR” goes into a slow motion pattern to be pawned by Ditka.

  15. Very disturbing pattern developing here for Singletary. Can you imagine the reaction if it had been Belichek.
    You know this day and age that could be considered sexual harrasment.

  16. Having met him (along with my son 11yo) at the Senior Bowl, I can tell you that Nolan and Martz are great guys and Singletary isn’t worth spitting on!

  17. Duh – Its BRYANT JOHNSON – An Arizona Beat Reporter leaked the story and had a source. Is it that hard to figure out it was Bryant Johnson? You know, the guy that played for the Cards the last 5 seasons and had a good relationship with the beat reporter that broke the story. The guy that was benched for a rookie and is under-preforming on a 1 year contract. Yeah – that guy. BRYANT JOHNSON is the Leak. Go get’em Mikey.

  18. Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson Bryant Johnson, Bryant Johnson

  19. “to illustrate the point that players should not be “leaking” information.
    You should extend that to “bureau reporters” who leak too. Like the one that leaked to you.

  20. Singletary’s 100% right in what hes doing. You need drastic measures for a drastic change. If he needs to kick half the team off the sideline and play with 22 guys more power to him.
    I wish Fox would of sent David Carr to the locker room last year to fix his gloves and check to see if his hair was “pretty enough” in the same fasion Vernon Davis was sent to the locker room. Frankly I wish more coaches in the NFL had the balls to pull such drastic moves.

  21. If you drop your pants in front of a roomful of people for any reason at all, you are never 100% right.

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