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We’ve gotten a tip from a member of the media that the Lions and quarterback Daunte Culpepper have agreed to terms on a two-year deal.
Word is that he’ll join the team on Monday, and that he’ll wear number 11 with the Lions. 
Culpepper wore No. 11 for most of his time in Minnesota.  After leaving the Vikings, he switched to No. 8, which he had worn in college at Central Florida.
We sent Culpepper an e-mail to confirm that he has agreed to terms with the Lions, but we’ve yet to hear back from him.

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  1. Rivers2Gates says: Nov 1, 2008 5:15 PM

    PFT: Culpepper’s official spokesman

  2. PJW says: Nov 1, 2008 5:35 PM

    Fumbling franchise gets together with fumbling QB…..
    Isn’t life grand?

  3. iron_city says: Nov 1, 2008 5:41 PM

    So, being his own agent he saves 10% of $11,000,000 X 2 yrs., or 2.2 million. Not bad for typing up his own contract.

  4. VBG says: Nov 1, 2008 5:41 PM

    How much is Fumblepepper paying you? Without Moss he’s a lousy QB. If any team is stoopid enough to bring him back into the league then they get what they deserve.

  5. DRussell1911 says: Nov 1, 2008 5:42 PM

    It was confirmed on the Lions’ Radio Flagship station a few minutes ago and the response has been tepid to say the least.

  6. ch0wfaced91 says: Nov 1, 2008 5:43 PM

    Lions WILL not lose a game this year under Culp

  7. pat in philly says: Nov 1, 2008 5:49 PM

    he will reply soon I’m sure
    Right now he’s busy laughing like a maniac and throwing money around.
    At least, thats what I’d be doing

  8. BBrophy1 says: Nov 1, 2008 5:59 PM

    That’s the Lions real reason for trading Roy Williams, they wanted to free up jersey #11 for Culpepper!

  9. 4evrnyt says: Nov 1, 2008 6:00 PM

    scumbag should have given you the story to break Mike after what you’ve done for him

  10. dldove77 says: Nov 1, 2008 6:02 PM

    Now that he’s with the Lions, he’s too big for PFT.

  11. tymofeoa says: Nov 1, 2008 6:04 PM

    daunte’ does detroit!
    Wonder how much he would have gotten if Millen was still there?

  12. saintsfan504 says: Nov 1, 2008 6:05 PM

    Give me Culpepper’s email address….he’ll probably get back to me quicker than he’ll get back to you.

  13. graunkem says: Nov 1, 2008 6:05 PM

    I love my Vikings, but wouldnt it be fitting for him to beat Childress at their next meeting? I’d be all LOLZ.

  14. jmclarkent says: Nov 1, 2008 6:14 PM

    Commence the Bobby Hoying watch!

  15. KGleits says: Nov 1, 2008 6:19 PM

    I got a tip from my exclusive insider, otherwise known as, that he has officially signed.

  16. Dalke Geedz says: Nov 1, 2008 6:20 PM

    So who gets the +1 on Media Watch for this?
    Looks like one J. Clayton of a small web operation in Bristol.

  17. SkapePhin says: Nov 1, 2008 6:21 PM

    So how does a 2 year deal work in this scenario? Isn’t it technically a year and a half deal? Or does he become a free agent in week 9 of 2010?

  18. NYJets28 says: Nov 1, 2008 6:22 PM

    Is there any chance I can get his e-mail address?

  19. spyboots says: Nov 1, 2008 6:50 PM

    @ iron_city
    I believe agents get 3% maximum.

  20. StandDown says: Nov 1, 2008 7:11 PM

    There are plenty of love boats in Michigan. It’s a logical choice. Getchya roll on Daunte!

  21. northeagle says: Nov 1, 2008 7:12 PM

    “tymofeoa says:
    November 1st, 2008 at 6:04 pm
    daunte’ does detroit!
    Wonder how much he would have gotten if Millen was still there?”
    Millen would have given up a second and fifth round draft pick and thought he was making out like a bandit!!!

  22. wolfgang says: Nov 1, 2008 7:17 PM

    Too bad.
    If Culpepper had signed with a team possessing a good offensive line, he could have made a significant contribution.

  23. PhifeDogg says: Nov 1, 2008 7:20 PM

    “Without Moss he’s a lousy QB”.
    Now he’s got Moss reincarnate Calvin Johnson. He’s not going to light it up like Brees, but he’ll do fine.

  24. empty13 says: Nov 1, 2008 7:51 PM

    New degrees of lion suckitude

  25. apeck says: Nov 1, 2008 7:54 PM

    Roy Williams used to wear #11. Ironic?

  26. East Bay Ray says: Nov 1, 2008 8:05 PM

    Hey, maybe we’re all wrong and the Lions made a shrewd move. Hahahahahahaha. Sorry, I thought I could write that with a straight face.

  27. existentialistmz says: Nov 1, 2008 8:28 PM

    This is the only chance that Culpepper has. He needs a stud WR or he cant get the job done. Over rated P.O.S.

  28. empty13 says: Nov 1, 2008 9:30 PM

    to overuse an analogy i overuse regularly, to call pullpecker a POS is an insult to mere POSes the world over.

  29. empty13 says: Nov 1, 2008 9:31 PM

    are we witnessing the birth of… Mike Florio, player agent?

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