Sometimes, when a guy is making $9 million a year, forking over $15,000 for venting about poor officiating is a bargain.
Pats receiver Randy Moss might find out soon enough whether that’s indeed the case.
Moss complained publicly about the officiating after Sunday night’s loss to the Colts.  “A lot of guys are really down because we let a game like this slip,” Moss said, according to the Boston Herald.  “But when things happen, you have to watch what you say.  Guys don’t want to get fined.  But there was some real iffy calls out there.
“Some of the things you wish wouldn’t happen.  But good calls and bad calls are part of the game.  You’ve got to live with that one, the good and the bad.”
Though Moss was vague, what he said should be enough to result in an involuntary contribution to the Human Fund, if the league means what it says about public criticism of officials not being tolerated.
As NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson recently said, “Public criticism of officials is prohibited because it serves the club and the league no good.  We do it privately, so we can make sure we’re responding to an allegation that is presented in a calm moment, not in the heat of battle where you have just lost a game.”
In this case, Moss perpetuated the notion that bad calls are “part of the game.”  With the NFL working so hard to persuade the public that bad calls are only a very small part of the game, what Moss said fairly should cut into his “blue moon” fund.  


  1. Moss is right. The Colts were jumping on the pile after the whistles and no calls then the ref makes a game deciding call on a ticky tack hit. Maybe he should have just blown the whistle a little harder. D’oh.

  2. He shouldn’t get fined for what he said. It wasn’t like he said the refs blew the game for them, because of bad calls.

  3. He’s right in that there are good and bad calls in every game. Players, coaches, fans and Goodell know this. No one is perfect, not even part time NFL officials. If he gets fined, I’d consider this “ticky-tack.”

  4. Huh? Jumping on the pile after the whistle? Hello, Roidney Harrison!?
    Whistle blows, running back who was debacled is starting to get back up while other guys are standing around, then one guy shoves another guy to the ground. Question on refeering 101 test: what are you to do?
    Answer: Why throw the flag, stoopid!

  5. I love how it says, “Moss perpetuated the notion that ‘bad calls’ are part of the game” He wouldn’t have to try that hard.

  6. The officiating this season has been the worst I have ever seen. Human error is part of the game but still its been dreadful. Too many bad calls in critical moments. The players should decide the outcome of the game not the officials, whether its intended to be that wya or not.

  7. No call of the helmet to helmet on cassel when he ran to the right and slid in the first half, And Warren was held on the pass rush at least 6 times in the 1st half. There were plenty of bad calls. It looked like Faulk got in on the 2pt conversion. And the fumble by clark at the end of the 4th quarter was before the knee was down, but no review.

  8. Meh. The officiating didn’t decide the outcome. Here is a long list that hurt the Patriots.
    1. Dave Thomas nails a guy after the whistle.
    2. On the same play, BenJarvis Green-Ellis could’ve gotten the first down but danced and came up short. It would’ve been 1st and 25 instead of 3rd and 16.
    3. Belichick wastes a timeout and challenge on a 12 men on the field penalty.
    4. Belichick can’t make up his mind to go for it on 4th and 1 or kick a FG. Wastes a timeout to kick a FG.
    5. Gaffney drops a TD pass.
    6. Patriots thought the “wildcat” was better than passing to Randy Moss.
    7. Red Zone suckitude for the offense.
    8. Red Zone suckitude for the defense (especially against the pass).

  9. If Gaffney hadn’t dropped the TD pass we may not be hearing about the officiating. With no sacks by either defense I would guess there was some “holding” on both sides. For the most part I thought the ref’s let the teams play and tried to stay out of it.
    What constitutes a pick in the NFL? The first TD pass to Gonzales looked a little sketchy but I also think there was poor communication on the part of the rookie DB’s.

  10. @Tyler.Turden:
    You must be a Pats fan (Tell tale sign: You know nothing about football). The Dallas Clark play wasn’t a fumble, and even if it was, there’s probably a reason why it wasn’t reviewed. (Here’s a hint: It was before the 2 minute warning, and after your moron of a coach had wasted all of his time outs)
    And yes, the officiating was horrible. I got tired of seeing the Patriots offensive line hold freeney around the neck and Moss illegally blocking down field on plays.

  11. The league really needs to start fining the Officials on the really bad calls, there were some horrendous calls yesterday. If it alters the outcome of the game, they should damn well get fined, it should public information. AS a former official if you think you saw a violation you still don’t throw the flag, if you see a violation you do. Make them watch the calls from all available angles, stop perpetuating the cycle that we are seeing at this time. I read somewhere in the last two days about 97% plus accuracy of calls which is great, but if the remaining 3% determine the outcome of the games it is still wrong. There will always be calls made that are the wrong call, but it just seems like it has gotten worse than I ever remember.

  12. This game was garbage. The refs blew so many calls. The Dave Thomas call was awful, that guy practically ran into him! What else coudl he do there? And Kevin Faulk made that 2 point conversion! Once again, the refs are against the Pats.

  13. Every year (and sometimes twice) I watch the Colts play the Patriots, Steelers or Chargers. The refs are always making calls in favor of the Colts. EVERY GAME. The Chargers had a clean INT for a TD called back on a “holding” penalty. Hobbs was flagged for Pass INT because even though he never touched the receiver, he never turned his head and used his hands to block the receiver’s vision.
    Last night, facemasks by the Colts weren’t being called, Wilfork and Warren were consistently held, and ball spotting was TERRIBLE and always in favor of the Colts. Belichick’s first challenge was correct. I could see on my POS 24″ TV that Cassel had the ball in his hands while the 12th man was still on the field and even John and Al were talking about how the 11th man was trying to get off and that’s what the Refs could have been looking at instead of the 12th man at the bottom of the screen. Faulk made the 2 pt conversion and the ref who said he didn’t didn’t have the best view. Looking at the reply you can see the endzone ref had the best view and it looked like he may have had it. There are many more but I’m just saying that no matter who plays the Colts, there are always calls that go in favor of the Colts. Bill Polian must have a lot of dirt on the league and their officials because this has been going on for YEARS.

  14. On officiating in general, not just this game, while the percentage of correct-versus-bad calls this year might be the same as ever, the magnitude of the bad calls this year seems to be much worse. A bad call missing a lineman holding on a first-down pass in your own end of the field isn’t a big deal – those sorts of things tend to even out. Ignored facemasks and phantom pass interference calls ARE a big deal, and they seem to happen several times a week.

  15. That’s pretty funny coming from Moss….a guy who was pushing off defenders all season in 2007 without getting called.

  16. Insomniac, let me ask you. Was that a helmet to helmet late hit on Cassell in the first quarter on his slide? YES IT WAS. The Pats on that drive then had to settle for a field goal when maybe a 15 yard penalty gets them more points. Then at the end of the game you call David Thomas for a late hit killing the drive (would I have called that penalty – yes) but the fact you let one call go and not another in two scoring situations would piss me off as a Pats player. Obviously none of these things guarantees the Pats get more points, but I can see the players being irritated. Also, how is it that the reigning Defensive MVP makes one of the dumbest interceptions I have seen in a LONG time in the NFL and not even the commentators say anything about it. Thats Football 101, knock a fourth down pass down if its deep down the field with a lead.

  17. This is Toooooo funny! Last week the Patriot fans called this whinning by the Ram fans!
    Never understood the the humor by NY fans regarding the Boston people and their long drought in championship sports? Always thought it was the obnoxious NY fans….turns out the fans in this area are even worse then NY….”the horror…the horror!”

  18. wow I must have really missed the 2Pt call, I watched that numerous times and he never made it, maybe i should have put on the Patriot glasses to see the replay. How about taking 3 pts of the score board, could that have been an oops!!

  19. I’m going to reiterate: Whether or not Faulk made the 2pt conversion, the ref who made the call had no idea where the ball was because there were players on both team obstructing that view. The best view came from the endzone camera and it clearly shows the ref having a perfect view of the ball placement yet he never said it was good or no good.
    The Patriots lost this game, plain and simple. The officiating wouldn’t change the outcome. Thomas did hit that guy late and Gaffney dropped a TD. I’m just saying that in all the years I’ve been watching the Colts, no matter who they play the calls always go more in favor of the Colts.
    Let’s not forget at the end of the 1st half the clock stoppage issues. The referee told the time keeper to keep the clock running and after 20 seconds, it was still stopped. If it wasn’t for an improper set before a snap, the Colts would have gotten 3 or more free points.

  20. Faulk was well over the line! And there was one play where Ty Warren was held so bad that his shirt was torn off! And the ref was right there and didn’t do anything about it!

  21. @alwaysamazed; What exactly are you comparing loser? The rams were making general whines about nothing. Moss was complaining about a specific call. I always love it when people make vague generalities to create a case for their dumb-ass arguements…kind of like the statement above Rodney Harrisson who wasn’t even in the game. What a bunch of fricken loser haters. Wha wha wha 😦
    @tom3565: The network clearly showed an angle that looked like the 2 point conversion was good or atleast darn close yet there was no review. As far as the rest, WTF are you talking about? LMAO.

  22. Yeah, well, I didn’t see any unusual amount of “non-called” holding at the line either way. But then, neither team was going out of their way to put serious heat on the opposing QB. The Pats D was more interested in stopping the run (tough to get to Manning before he gets rid of the ball anyway). Indy wasn’t going after Cassell but fielding five or six DBs on nearly every play instead to smother Moss and Welker and disrupt the screen, which is why the draw was wide open (they might have done things differently if Morris and/or Jordan were in the backfield).
    Manning’s two TDs to Gonzalez and much of his passing success was due to the finesse picks that Indy always runs. It’s not that they’re “allowed” to get away with them. Indy is simply very good at executing them in ways that are tough to flag. The Pats’ rookie DBs didn’t handle those picks consistently, but then nobody ever does.
    Gaffney’s drop was bad, but those are gonna happen. The call on Thomas was kinda chintzy, but those are gonna happen, too. Really, if there’s one factor that made a difference to the outcome, I’d say it was Belichick’s handling of timeouts. That was simply awful and took away opportunities.
    The hopeful notes for the Pats are that Cassell played well as did a very young defense.

  23. Whatitis: Excuse the rest of us having an opinion, we should bow to your indepth experience and knowledge. To respond to a three year old like you isn’t worth the time, by all means you the man, calling people out to beat your own chest, the loser is you

  24. PFTiswhatitis….how about 3 specified non-calls, one which was a $5,000 ticket for your running back!
    The only thing vague is Pateriot class.You had your time, you’re headed nowhere,old, yesterdays news!

  25. “The only thing vague is Pateriot class.You had your time, you’re headed nowhere,old, yesterdays news!”
    Actually… if Tom Brady were here… this team would be undefeated. No question about it. So everyone else in the NFL can enjoy this little reprieve. If anything, the Pats should play all the kids, tank it to get higher picks, and wait for the NFL’s best player to make his triumphant return next year and start the next phase of the Dynasty.

  26. I’m a Pats fan and this talk about Faulk scoring the 2 pt conversion is bull. He wasn’t in plain and simple. That’s not what my complaint is about. But as a complaint, its not much of one cause calls didn’t decide the outcome of the game. Calls can help but the shouldn’t determine the outcome. What irritated me as I said earlier was the fact a VERY BENEFICAL call to the Colts (David Thomas late hit) was a penalty, and so was the late helmet to helmet hit on Cassell in the first quarter which wasn’t called. Watching the game you didn’t worry about missed calls like that until late in the game when you see a call like that the Colts get and then as a fan you become bitter that you didn’t get a call in the first quarter that was as clear a penalty as the one the refs didnt miss in the fourth quarter. Obviously if the Pats get that call in the first quarter you never know whats gonna happen so I am not gonna say it “cost” the Pats the game. They had plenty of chances and didn’t capitalize.

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