When Bears quarterback Kyle Orton injured his ankle during Sunday’s come-from-behind win against the Lions, more than a few NFL observers wondered whether Daunte Culpepper was having some remorse over agreeing to terms with Detroit.
As it turns out, the path to the playing field in Motown is a lot more clear than expected for Culpepper.
Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com reports that current Lions starter Dan Orlovsky is out indefinitely with a sprained thumb.
Last month, former starter Jon Kitna was placed on IR with a back injury.
Per Glazer, Orlovsky will miss the next few weeks, and possibly longer.  He’ll wear a cast for at least a couple of weeks.
The absence of Orlovsky leaves Culpepper (once his deal is official), Drew Stanton, and Drew Henson on the team’s depth chart at quarterback.
We suppose it’s possible that, in lieu of dumping Henson upon the official arrival of Culpepper, the Lions will choose to put Orlovsky on IR.  But there’s no indication yet that the Lions are considering such a move.


  1. Yeah… and isn’t Jeff George, like, even older than Brad Johnson? When’s the last time he played football? Sounds like another recipe for disaster if the Cowboys sign him to a contract… They should really take a lonnnggg look at Elvis Grbac too.
    Oooops, sorry…. My bad.
    The Lions are so irrelevant, that they’re not even worth a rumormill chat….

  2. As a fan of this “irrelevant” team, I’m fine with this. The Lions are awful. They stink. They are painful to watch, but, yet, I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame.
    After 4 games, we’ve seen enough of Orlovsky. We know he’s an ok back-up quaterback and not much more. This injury means we’ll now get to see what either Culpepper or Stanton can do. Even if they flame out completely it will be a lot more exciting to watch than what we’ve seen over the last 16 games or so.
    Bring ’em on!
    The Thanksgiving Day game could be shaping up to a great one. The undefeated Titans against the winless Lions. Awesome! Suck it, rest of the country. You now get a taste of what we’re forced to watch every week. (Well, at least every other week or so until this whole blackout thing works itself out.)

  3. Culpepper would be thrilled to throw the ball to Calvin Johnson – and Calvin Johnson would be thrilled to have Culpepper throw him the ball, but cause Pep will treat CJ the way he treated Moss and chuck it down the field for him.
    The fact that CJ isn’t being used the way Moss was in Minnesota is grounds enough for Marinelli to get fired.

  4. This is a blessing in disguise. The best thing the Lions could do right now for their future is to give Drew Stanton some time to get his feet wet, but Marinelli and his staff are so obsessed with winning a game or two to save their jobs that they won’t let anything go to chance.
    But really, if a switch from Orlovsky to Stanton results in a drop-off in performance at the position for a few weeks, so what? What’s the worst that could happen? The only benefit of playing Orlovsky is that he might offer a better chance of winning a game or two right now (and perhaps save Marinelli’s job), at the expense of the team’s future.

  5. 1) This is a Glazer report. I’m waiting for some supporting evidence.
    2) Brett Favre played half a season with a fractured thumb on his throwing hand. What is up with wimps like Romo (a pinky injury) and Orlovsky??
    3) If you look forward in time you can see the Lions selecting a bust with the 1st overall pick without Millen’s help. Yet they seem to want to lock up the 1st overall selection that they keep screwing up obtaining.
    4) The NFL is far too sissified with injury whiners and lazy players that refuse to tackle and have enthusiasm for the game.

  6. OK Kitten/Culpecker fans, remember…
    A jersey on this website, HINT: HE FUMBLES
    He’s Old
    He’s SLOOOOW
    Oh, and HE FUMBLES!

  7. Doesn’t read defenses either.
    Killer says pullpecker has the fast track to the starting job
    And that mayhew and lewand and even marinelli will likely all be back…

  8. Daunte Culpepper was not the problem in Oakland, and he actually played fairly well last season given the circumstances. Lest we forget his 5-TD game against Miami or his 340-yard game against Minnesota.

  9. Screaming Sheep – actually, Culpepper was starting to play well before he got hurt in Carolina – he lead the Vikings back from a 17-0 deficit in the second half against the “ahem” Packers, and was playing well in Carolina before he got hurt. (although it was early in the game).
    Chowfaced91 – Culpepper shreaded the Viking’s last year for 340 yards passing in November.

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