One of the players who’s likely to end up paying taxes at a lower rate is Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell.
As we hear it, a new contract is expected to be reached between Campbell and the Redskins before the end of the season.  Talks have not yet commenced, but are expected to begin in the coming weeks.
Campbell was a first-round pick in 2005.  His rookie contract expires after the 2009 season.
But, like Aaron Rodgers, Campbell wouldn’t be eligible for true free agency in 2010, absent an extension to the CBA.  If 2010 has no salary cap, players need six years of service in order to qualify for unrestricted free agency.  Campbell would instead be a restricted free agent.


  1. Isn’t restricted free agent good enough though? You can shop yourself, and your current team has the right to match any deal you’re offered and keep you? That seems like a good deal to me.

  2. He’s worth a new deal, but don’t lock him up to the tune of Roethlisberger money. Campbell has not yet proved to be a $100 million dollar man.
    The Redskins represent a franchise progressing in the right direction, unlike teams like Oakland, Cincinnati, Cleveland and San Fransisco.

  3. @icase81
    True that. I wouldn’t sign him untill he proves himself. 7 good games isn’t enough.

  4. icase81,
    Well, I suspect the Redskins would designate him as an exclusive rights Franchise player, if it comes to that. Too much chance of a team offering a ‘poison pill’ contract with the restricted FA. Although, thinking about it, the cap hit for an exclusive rights FP QB will be in the $10mil range and I don’t know if the Redskins cap situation will allow that. Which is probably why they are trying to do a deal now, so they know the effect on the cap. Redskins may have real issues in 09 with the ‘year before an uncapped year’ restrictions on proration of bonus/extension of current contracts are the same as a new contract rules. They have several existing starters who will be FA next year as well as several rookie contracts expiring.

  5. Who was the last player/coach to have a big extension, and then win their next game? Everyone, whether it’s Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, Dick Jauron, or whomever, lose their following game after signing.

  6. This should be good. All you Skins fans that bashed the Romo payday are in for it when your overrated, bad-singer looking QB signs his deal.

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