The Washington Redskins have announced that the late Sean Taylor will be added to the team’s Ring of Fame prior to the November 30, 2008 home game against the Giants.
Taylor died on November 27, 2007 as a result of a shooting that occurred during an invasion of his Miami-area home.
“It’s appropriate that Sean joins our Ring of Fame after a stellar career cut short far too soon,” said owner Daniel Snyder.  “His life touched so many of us in such deep and lasting ways.  His presence is all around us, in our organization and among our fans.”
“Sean was developing into one of the best to ever play the safety position, as well as becoming a role model to those who knew him,” said Redskins executive V.P. Vinny Cerrato.  “He still touches us every day in some way on and off the field.”
The Redskins are 10-4 in regular-season games since Taylor’s passing. He will be the 43rd member of the team’s Ring of Honor.


  1. too bad he got shot, but for one with such short service, this cheapens the honor.
    if they are just going to put popular players in, rename it the ring of popularity.

  2. The guy was an amazing athlete and safety. The hits he would lay on people, it definitely dictated where the offense threw the ball. He definitely would have been a first year ballot for Hall of fame.

  3. *he made the pro bowl in 2006 (destroyed the punter,gave reggie wayne alligator body)
    *he also was posthumously put into the 2007 probowl,Taylor was arguably having a DPOTY level season.

  4. Actually, he has probably the best highlight in the history of the pro bowl when he blew up that idiot punter from the Bills. I hate the redskins, but there is no question had his career not been cut short by his murder he would have been an all-time great in that franchise. I watched him all the way through college and was tremndously disapointed when the skins drafted him because I wouldn’t be able to root for him. Sean taylor was a physical talent the likes of which haven’t been seen since LT. He is deserving of being put in the ring of honor at fedex.

  5. RobJH: How can you forget the incredible hit he put on that punter in the probowl? Yes, he was nominated twice: once when he was still alive and then again for last season.

  6. Thanks for the info and the link everyone. I never end up watching the Pro Bowl, or any sports’ All Star game for that matter, they just always seem kinda cheesy to me.

  7. Man, they’ll let anybody in there. Pretty bad when the highlight everyone remembers is hitting a punter in a meaningless game. I guess the Cowboys should induct Sam Paulescu into their Ring of Honor for laying Clifton Smith out IN A REAL GAME.

  8. I thought players were supposed to take it easy in the Pro Bowl? That punter probably still has nightmares about that hit…

  9. he certainly was a hall of fame spitter. that’s what i remember.
    i mean, to hock a lugie between his facemask bars and through the facemask of his opponent for a bull’s eye shot… man, he was on top of his game that day.

  10. Well, glad to hear that the lasting memory wont be Santana Moss dedicating a playoff game to him and then giving up on the play that decided it.

  11. I agree that Taylor was a great safety, but I have this gut feeling that he’s doing this on the sunday against the giants to help give them an emotional edge. Just a gut feeling I have

  12. Props to the Skins. Whether or not he was gonna have a lengthy pro bowl type career is sorta missing the point. It’s not always about numbers or records, sometimes it’s just about honoring those who’ve had a lasting impact on the team. Clearly the Skins feel that he has.

  13. I think this cheapens the ring and to say he would have done anything like the hall of fame is ludicrous. He could have been great, but how do you know. If he had tweaked his knee and had a short career but lived, would you still want him in the ring. And while it is lamentable that a young man with so much potential was cut down so early in his life and career, he was not known as a choirboy.

  14. One of the most entertaining players to watch. What he did on the field was just crazy. He was terrifically gifted athlete who was becoming one of the best safeties in the league. Kudos to Washington for bestowing this honor.
    BTW, people that are comparing this to the HOF, it’s not. It’s a team thing. The team can put here whoever they want, and one of their great young talents whose life got cut short is certainly deserving.

  15. Vox – Go to the 2:30 mark of the below video. Ask your boy Crayton how he felt after that tackle…. in regular season!

  16. You stay classy, shaunypoo. The last thing anybody around here wants is an accurate characterization of a dead guy, just because he’s dead. Wasn’t that long ago that someone made a comment about taking a shit in Tom Landry’s hat… the post was rated higher than yours and I just gave you a 5.

  17. As a Skins fan I welcome this news. He deserves a place in the ring. And I can recall many memorable plays he made besides that one hit on a punter. The one that really sticks out in my mind was last year in the game against Green Bay. Brett Favre threw a pass to a wide open wideout going up the left side of the field. Favre hung it up there and just before it got to the WR Sean Taylor came out of no where and intercepted it. Just a tremendous play.
    And I disagree that his inclusion in the Ring of Honor would cheapen it. Each teams Ring of Honor is unique and members of that Ring earn there spots based on what they meant to that specific team. Just like Brian Piccolo for the Bears, Sean Taylor will always hold a special place in the heart of Redskins fans.
    You are a TOOL of the highest order. How bout them CrackBoys?

  18. Listen, I’m sorry the guy was killed, especially with him getting his life on track, but come on?!? The ring of honor? Yeah the guy could hit people and he took a punter down (which anyone here could do, except Florio), but stop it. He doesn’t have the resume yet to be accepted into something like this. They don’t know if he was going to do this for 10 years or even stay with the Skins. This is a publicity stunt by the Redskins organization, because they have been so irrelvant for so many years. Give me a break.

  19. “Vox – Go to the 2:30 mark of the below video. Ask your boy Crayton how he felt after that tackle…. in regular season!”
    Nothing special about that, could be any one of a thousand tackles. Don’t get excited just because the ball popped out, making it an incomplete pass. The Redskins had a losing record against the Cowboys while Taylor was active. Since his gang-banging homies offed him (don’t believe the hype, his teammates know that Taylor was afraid to be at home and for good reason), the Deadskins are 2-0 against the Cowboys.
    Thanks for letting me know about the blatant copyright violation, though. I’ll alert the NFL.

  20. Let’s remember a couple of things about Taylor. First of all, he was arrested for DUI his rookie season, then He was arrested for pulling a gun on a bunch of people, leaving, then coming back and punching someone in the face. Then, there were numerous times when he spit on other players during a game, once being ejected and fined (Tampa playoff game).
    Sean Taylor was a really good player, although he tended to be a liability in coverage and get sucked in on playaction. He is no the angel/martyr that people are making him out to be posthumously.
    It’s funny what’s forgotten when a guy is shot and killed young.
    Maybe the Broncos should put Darrent Williams in their Ring of Honor?

  21. I thought he was a great player to watch and probably had a pro bowl and maybe HOF career in front of him, but he was a turd. Sorry. I appreciate the sentiment from the Redskins, but I echo uncalledforone’s sentiment that this may just be an emotional ploy to motivate the players.

  22. I guarantee the Cowboys would do the same thing if their beloved Roy Williams (when he was good) was murdered a couple years after being drafted.
    And Vox… you don’t help your image on this site by saying such retarded comments about copyright violations.

  23. Gangsta worship? I know nothing of Sean Taylor personally. Just what I saw on the field. Based on that I think his induction is a good thing. As a Redskins fan thats all that matters. Shall I go threw the CrackBoys ring of honor and critque the people there? No I shouldn’t because I don’t care who the CrackBoys inshrine, although I wonder when Neon Deion is going to be included. Probably be next year when PigFace Jones needs to sell some tickets in that huge stadium because a team with a losing record won’t do it.

  24. I’m driving up from South Florida for this game….it makes me so happy that I’ll be at the game for this.
    Also, seeing Monk and Green go in the ring against Dallas followed by that ass whoopin’ will be a thing of beauty.

  25. I was wondering what the Redskins would do about Taylor this year since the huge banner is still hanging in FedEx, bigger than all the names on the existing Ring of Fame.
    You think if that was just taken down no one would notice? Yes if his career was ended by an injury after 4 seasons it may not have been enough to warrant inclusion on the “Ring of Fame”. However every memorable Redskins defensive play in the past few years involved Sean Taylor. Returning a fumble for the clinching TD to beat Philly and make the playoffs in 05, returning a fumble for a TD in the playoff win in 05/06, returning the blocked FG against Dallas into FG range to set up the winning kick. He had 5 picks through 9 games that he played in when he was killed. Two Pro Bowls in 4 years and loved by the fans is enough reason for the Redskins to put him up there.
    Now hopefully the stadium won’t be full of Giants fans for that game.

  26. Hey vox I remember him intercepting your precious Tony Romo in the last seconds on a regular season game in Fedex and putting us in the position for a game wining Feild goal with no time left on the clock. I believe that was a real game and a real loss For the Girls..

  27. I am not sure about the HOF as he had so much career left. However, anyone that has watched football whether they are a cowboys fan or an eagles fan cannot deny the guy hit like a truck. To suggest otherwise shows ignorance. Teams avoided Taylor and he was a safety not a CB. How many players had alligator arms when playing against the skins? He was a game changing player, period. I cannot stand TO but I give the guy his due because he is one of the greatest to play his position ever. Guys like Vox are haters. Read other posts with him in it and he rarely has anything positive to say. Never being able to just give a guy ( a dead guy at that)his props of getting honored by the Redskins is just sad. Actually it is pathetic.

  28. All you idiots can hate on the man all you want, but know this… he had a daughter and he changed. If you aren’t a parent you don’t know what having a child can do to you from a maturity standpoint. From all accounts he had turned his life around. He made some very stupid mistakes as a young adult, but was turning his life around. You can hate on the man because you hate the Redskins or whatever, but don’t label him as a gangster when he wasn’t. He was just young and under the microscope…
    As far as him going into the Ring of Fame? He deserves it. He was devastating on the field and teams had to game plan around him. His presence alone in the general area of passes caused many incompletions because the receiver was afraid of getting creamed… just ask Pinkston… When the Redskins D was on the field he was the best player they had from the first play of his first season. It was cut short and we’ll never know what he would have done, but for the time he was alive and playing he was the best player on the Redskins… that is deserving of the REDSKINS Ring of Honor.

  29. Jesus, this comment board is the real turd watch.
    Vox…I’m a life long Cowboys fan, you’re a douche bag. And the rest of you guys talking about a freaking spitting incident, yeah like that should keep him out of their ring of honor. Its not like the redskins are a classy organization anyways. On a day when the first black man gets elected president lets not forget the redskins were the last team to even have a black player and were ordered by congress to desegregate. If anything THIS IS A CLASSY MOVE BY THEM! Sean Taylor was a great talent and it’s unfortunate he was taken too early. Don’t confuse Raljohn Maryland with Canton Ohio. He deserves to be in their ring of honor.

  30. Vox can’t say anything about how great the Cowboys are this week, so he rips a dead player from a division rival. That’s real class. If you couldn’t be respectful, why didn’t you just leave this post alone?
    I’m sure I’ll incur the dreaded “I’m so much smarter than all of you” reply. Go ahead, enjoy the satisfaction you get when you rip me, Vox. It’s all you’ve got this year SINCE THE COWBOYS HAVE GONE TO SHIT!
    Vox Veritas – Voice of Truth my ass – you should change it to Latin for Self-important jackass with a terminal case of Diarrhea of the Mouth…

  31. I was a big fan of Taylor when he was at the U, but come on. His career was very short and while what happened to him was tragic, I don’t think he should be placed in the Ring of Honor.
    To all saying that he would have had an Hall of Fame career, etc, that may be true, but injuries do happen and IFs don’t count for much.
    Save that for the players that have earned it throughout their careers and leave sympathy out of it.

  32. Nice gesture, but his play on the field doesn’t back that honor up. People generally earn their status on ‘ring of honor’ type deals prolonged years of high achievement. The Skins should have started a charity trust in his name or something … placing him in the ring of honor is silly.

  33. I don’t think anyone really understands why hes being voted in. His career was short but his play on the field was great.
    The reason hes going in is because of the fans, so many fans loved him regardless of what negative things you think about him. There is still thousands of tributes all over the place, washington post online still has at the bottom of their articles of the redskins things about Taylor at the bottom, so many people with 21 in online names. Go to games or bars and tons of redskins fans still wear their ST jersey’s even though they own other jersey’s.
    This is not about the hall of fame or being the greatest redskins, this is for all the fans who loved him and still miss him.
    We can only hope that Landry and even now Chris Horton can even come close to what Sean was.

  34. Having lived in Fairfax, Virginia for the prime years of Redskins glory for 3 Superbowls, to see Monk and Green go into it with Taylor is spitting in the face of two of the most classy guys to ever put on the uniform. Monk should have been in the HOF years ago and Green was a beast for almost 2 decades. Taylor, while he played great when he was here, is a flash in the pan compared to Monk and Green.

  35. The Redskins ring of honor is designated for those who have a lasting impact on the organization. Sean Taylor absolutely will have a lasting impact on the organization. Not to mention that if you asked all Redskins fans if he deserved to be in THE REDSKINS ring of honor, I’m willing to bet 99% would have no problem with that. This is not the Hall of Fame, but if any of you watched all of the games Sean played, you would understand that this guy played football like NO ONE in the league does or can right now.

  36. I saw every game he played as a Redskins…as most oof our dedicated fans did…the guy was lights out! He owned terrell ownes as he put fear in all receivers coming over the middle. Well deserved. RIP Sean. Hail!

  37. Hey Vox, shouldn’t you be more worried about people on your team stabbing each other than what the Redskins are doing?

  38. As a Boys fan I HATE the Skins, but Taylor was a beast back there.
    That said, he might have been “turning his life around” but he had only been free of the law for LESS THAN A YEAR since screwing a gun into the side of some guys head because he thought the guy had his ATV.
    Besides, Roy Williams was “developing into one of the best to ever play the safety position” in his first few years in the league too. Just because a player starts out looking like a stud, doesn’t mean he will end up being one.

  39. “E4C says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 3:34 pm
    Hey Vox, shouldn’t you be more worried about people on your team stabbing each other than what the Redskins are doing?”
    Did we just go back a decade? I didn’t know anyone on the Dallas “team” stabbed any other players.
    Now there is a commentator out there who did, but no Cowboys.

  40. “I guarantee the Cowboys would do the same thing if their beloved Roy Williams (when he was good) was murdered a couple years after being drafted.”
    Dude, you’re talking about a team that has won FIVE Super Bowls… their Ring of Honor only has 17 guys in it. No way they’d put a guy in just because he got killed. Charlie Waters isn’t in it, but you think that Sean Taylor would be? Are you mental? Billy Fricking Kilmer is in the Deadskins Ring of Fame. Are you kidding me? Raleigh McKenzie? Dick Stanfel. Who? Dick Stanfel. Offensive lineman that played for the Deadskins for THREE YEARS. No doubt, they’re saving a place for Jeff George and Fred Smoot.
    “And Vox… you don’t help your image on this site by saying such retarded comments about copyright violations. ”
    Like I care what a bunch of PFT short bus riders think about me.

  41. “Hey vox I remember him intercepting your precious Tony Romo”
    No you don’t. Sean Taylor never intercepted a pass against the Cowboys.

  42. “If you couldn’t be respectful, why didn’t you just leave this post alone?”
    hahaha good one! Sorry that you can’t handle the truth, but it’s a common thing among the short bus riders of PFT Planet.

  43. “Hey Vox, shouldn’t you be more worried about people on your team stabbing each other than what the Redskins are doing?”
    That reminds me of the time that Lavar Arrington blinded Sean Taylor with shaving cream., Remember that? Or when Michael Westbrook attacked Stephen Davis? Remember that?
    Antrel Rolle knows the truth. He knows that Taylor was scared out of his wits every time he went home to Miami. And he knows why. Sean Taylor was not just murdered… he was executed. Come on, someone had broken into his house the week before and left a knife on the bed as a calling card. You thought that they had absent-mindedly left that knife behind? Wake up. The man may have cleaned up his life but that doesn’t erase his history.
    “This was not the first incident. They’ve been targeting him for three years now.” – longtime friend Antrel Rolle

  44. Poor Vox,
    Expecting a SB and now not even going to make the playoffs….I can see why you’re bitter.

  45. WHO CARES!! DUDE was another problem child running around the NFL. I bet they do the revealing of his name when Dallas comes to town on the 16th of Nov. The Redskins need something to get them up especially after getting beat down by Pittsburgh in there house. How the #$%^ do you have 30,000.00 Steeler fans in your house? Nov 16th no matter what you do we are going to beat your …..

  46. Vox, if you wanted to execute someone why would you shoot them in the leg? Sometimes (Most, if not all, of the time) your logic is bass akwards. Hey, I might not agree with them putting him in the ring with Monk and Green (but he should be in there, but I agree with most of these other guys that you are a complete douche bag. Just my thoughts
    PFT Short Bus Rider

  47. That video tells you everything you need to know about Sean Taylor owning T.O….you can see TY.O. was thinking “I have 20 million reasons to live…why is this guy trying to mame me?” He owned T.O. T.O. was scared of Sean Taylor…if T.O. ever says anything less than that..he’s flat out lying. He would cry to the refs each time Sean hit him….R.I.P. Sean.

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