Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the NFL has fined Vikings defensive end Jared Allen for the low hit that has knocked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub out of action for several weeks.  But Allen isn’t talking about the amount of the fine.
Yeah, I did,” Allen said when asked if he was fined.  “But I’m going to avoid all questions on that right now until after my appeal.  We’ll see how it works out.”
In an arguable bit of karma, Allen likely will miss Sunday’s showdown against the Packers due to a shoulder injury that he suffered against the Texans.  He is listed as doubtful.
Another guy who might end up getting a fine is Texans tackle Eric Winston, who in a recent radio appearance on Sports Radio 610 in Houston questioned the decision of the officials not to penalize Allen for roughing the passer.
The worst part is the fact it wasn’t even flagged,” Winston said, calling the decision not to penalize Allen “ridiculous.”
Winston also said that, if he and his teammates had realized that Allen had hit Schaub low, there would have been retaliation.
“If we would’ve known what we know now, some of us probably would have taken a fine or ejection to get back at him,” Winston said.
We think Allen got off easy.  If the league’s goal is to ensure that a 32-team league with less than 32 good quarterbacks can provide entertaining football games each week, Allen’s dive at Schaub’s leg should have resulted in a one-week suspension.
For more on that topic, we give you a PFTV segment.



  1. only one week??…hell,he should miss as much time as the qb does from a cheap ass shot like that…that would eliminate those cheap shots…and if he misses the Green Bay game he will be happy anyway cause Clifton destroys/manhandles the clown

  2. So, let me get this straight: You can’t hit a QB in the head, you cant hit them in the torso (see Tuck, Justin), and now you can’t hit them in the legs, even if you are crawling after them? Where exactly are you supposed to hit them?

  3. Any word on whether or not John Henderson will be getting a fine/suspension for going eye-ball fishing on Andrew Whitworth?

  4. This is silly. They should put flags on the QBs. Let the lineman go after the flag instead. A 1 week suspension? He was on the damn ground trying to get to the QB! Come on.

  5. Jacksonville’s week started with a fight and the battles have not ended.
    Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson and Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth were fined $10,000 each for fighting in last Sunday’s game.
    Seems like the Jaguars have been in a salty mood ever since then.
    Per –
    The NFL is a frickin Joke

  6. fcmlefty- You obviously didn’t watch Allen’s hit(S). Granted, the first one was debatable, but the second one was dirty. He is a dirty player that is out to injure people. It’s ok to injure someone on a clean hit, but to do what Allen did was uncalled for. I agree that he should have been suspended.
    It was obvious that Allen new that Schaub was limping around as a result of his first hit and he wanted to finish the job. Next time he plays, I hope he gets chopped blocked. What goes around comes around.

  7. The Tuck penalty was a friggin joke.He did nothing wrong..they should just give the QBs flags on their belts so they dont get hurt..Im a Pats fan and we lost Brady but what can you do its football..

  8. The article itself explains the play (if you refer to the WHOLE article) – “Right as Schaub attempted a throw…” – it wasn’t a late hit; “Allen and defensive tackle Kevin Williams simultaneously slammed into the quarterback” – a lot of weight behind opposing directions; “who (Allen) was off balance after a block by a lineman” – he was just going 100%. The fine is bad on the part of the NFL. I am all for protecting quarterbacks, but if they are going to get hit, they are going to get hit; it’s part of the game. Brett Favre played for 2 centuries and never missed a game!! On the second hit, Allen couldn’t even see if the ball was gone, his head was down and he was again just giving 100%. You think he should be suspended? Maybe in pee-wee football (not even really then); maybe in powder puff; in the NFL? Really?

  9. Quarterback’s should all start playing in games with red jerseys and the word “fragile” across the back instead of their names.

  10. Who cares? You think Jared Allen cares about a $50K fine? Do you think Jared Allen knows how much money he actually has? I’d be surprised if Mr. Allen can narrow his current worth down within $200K. Once you have Jared Allen money, $50K is like that quarter you and I lose in the couch cushion. Paying fines is part of playing in the NFL. These guys know the day they sign their NFL contracts that a certain amount of their earnings will be going to “The Human Fund”. It’s just part of being an NFL player.

  11. ksteiner ,obviously a HOMER or really blind…allen, the cheap shot artist ,hits Schaub well after the pass has left his hand and went directly at his knees…AGAIN !!

  12. Do the math, Jared Allen got $33 million in guaranteed money over the first two years of his fat contract. So the $50,000 fine is equal to a $151 fine on Joe SixPack making $100,000. Kinda of puts it into perspective.
    Where are the lame excuses from the Viking fans? Now that the NFL league office has spoken, $50,000 is a huge fine and they are basically saying it wasn’t your garden variety cheap shot. Not the Viking fan is even going to try to be objective.

  13. Hey Florio,
    If the NFL has such a problem with big hit or “kill shots,” then why do they put out DVDs celebrating those kind of hits? When are you going to question the NFL about that?
    Oh that’s right you won’t, because you are Roger Godell’s lapdog.

  14. The NFL is trying to protect its product. Not many eyeballs tuning in to see Cleo Lemon or Sage Rosenfels on the field.
    On the other hand, Andrew Whitworth getting fined for defending himself while John Henderson tried to remove his eyeballs is ridiculous. Hope his teammates cough up the cash for him, you know Mike Brown won’t.

  15. We should get a list of “Cheap Shot Artists” aka NFL players who have been fined for hits the league considers illegal or avoidable.
    You think the list would be 403 pages long?
    Jared Allen is where he is today because of the way he plays. $50K is a drop in the bucket and that win over the Texans is all that matters.
    Sure, add Jared Allen to your “Cheap Shot Artist” list. Put him on page 386.

  16. One second thought, let’s get a list of “Clean Players”, or players that have never been fined by the league.
    That list sound be around 4 pages long.

  17. They were cheap shots and he ought to be suspended. Yeah, he plays fast and hard and was off-balance both times.. But both times he led with his helmet right into Schuab’s knees. He knew what he was doing.

  18. Ntrikit says it best.
    We can all agree, both those hit are illegal. How can we all agree? Because it’s in the rules.
    Intent is what is in question here. And I fully believe that BOTH hits were unintentional. The fact that Allen apologizes to Shaub after the game is proof that they were unintentional.
    If anyone has watched Allen play in the past, whether in a purple or red jersey, they would know that he gives 110%, 100% of the time. Which is going to end up hurting someone, legally and illegally, at some point in his career.
    Yes, he should be fined. But not more than the linemen that decided to go WWF (or XFL). And a suspension? Are you serious?! Get over yourselves.

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