Updating prior reports, Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has been fined $50,000 for a total of two improper hits applied to Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.
The hits violated Rule 12, Section 2, Article 12(5) of the NFL Official Playing Rules: “A rushing defender who has an unrestricted path to the passer from any direction is prohibited from forcibly hitting the passer in the knee area or below.”
Allen has said he’ll appeal the fines.  But he should be glad he wasn’t suspended.  Allen rolls his shoulder pad area into Schaub’s legs in both instances.  Allen knew what he was doing; he wanted to knock Schaub out of the game.  Here’s the video, once again.


47 responses to “ALLEN FINED $50,000

  1. JA is very lucky, again. Two DUIs in 5 months got him a total of 2 games down form the 4 originally handed down. He had his head down on both hits, meaning no way could he have seen that the ball was already gone on at least one of the throws. The ref clearly missed the call(s) on him. There will be a next time and then the league should suspend him for a long time.

  2. The first one looks identical to the hit on Tom Brady in week one which did not draw a flag or a fine.
    The second one was a G*: D@mN dirty low blow cheap shot – what a scum bag hit that was

  3. I figured there would be a fine coming for at least one of the hits, as there should have been. But $50,000 for those hits???? Two guys get in a fight, one apparently trying to scratch the others eyes out, and they get hit with $10,000. A guy plays hard and tries to do his job and makes the wrong decision gets a bigger fine that two guys acting like little girls, well done NFL, well done.

  4. Both low hits jared allen made he was unblanced falling forward. Coincidence????????? stupid fine. he wasnt intentionally doing that. His interviews and insistance on an appeal indicate as well that he did not intend to do it.
    He has alot of money so its not that big a deal for him. But none the less a steep fine.
    Dont agree with it. he is not a dirty player at all.

  5. Sorry Florio, as much as you like to Viking bash, you and the NFL are clearly wrong in this case. There is NOTHING wrong with either of these hits. NOTHING.
    Jared is a Defensive End, he was trying to get a sack, after being knocked to the ground, and while playing with a badly injured shoulder. That’s his job as an NFL player. Your attempts to skew what happened by putting the video in super-slow-mo, and putting little captions in it to mislead people, is simply dishonest journalism. Play the video at real speed and you’ll see the same thing everyone else (including the refs) saw… TWO PERFECTLY CLEAN HITS.
    If the NFL wants to eliminate the ability of the defense to actualy play defense, they are on the right track at this point. They’ve dished out so many fines over nothing that it won’t be long before they are playing two-hand touch out there. Frankly, I’m disgusted with this site for blindly supporting this direction in the NFL… a direction that will result in the eventual death of the game. It’s to the point now where they are losing fans in droves to the Arena leagues, where hitting is not only allowed, but encouraged.
    Also, it interesting that these fines come just in time of the big game where the large market team, the Packers play the small market team, the Vikings. Wasn’t it the Packers who nearly a year ago put a hefty bounty on the head Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who was subsquently stood up and then blatantly cheap-shotted by Al “Dirty One” Harris, who hit a defenseless ball carrier directly on the knee with his helmet. Somehow, no fines were issued, and this site didn’t even bother to cover that story. Interesting that you so gleefully and relentlessly pushed this story but didn’t even mention the other one.

  6. Both hits were cheapshots .. the 2nd worse then the first. This is a well deserved fine, and probably should have resulted in a suspension since the player he injured with those hits is gone for several weeks.
    Maybe the NFL should start suspending players in these types of cases … a good rule of thumb might be that the offending player is forced to miss as many games as the player he injures.

  7. This is complete garbage. JA was trying to make a play. NFL will start to lose fans very soon if this keeps up.

  8. The first one looks like he was stumbling and desperately trying to get to the passer. I don’t think it’s dirty at all. The second one isn’t clear enough. The first time I saw it, it looked like a low hit that should earn him a 4 week suspension. The second time, in slow motion, you could tell Allen was stumbling again and he was just trying to get a sack.
    I’m not convinced that he won’t win his appeal.

  9. $50,000! Do you know how many people in this country make less than $50,000 NFL? Where is that money going?
    Maybe you can do some investgative journalism and actually find out where that money goes. I guess you ASSUME, like everyone else, that it goes to NFL charities. Does it? Have you ever followed the money?

  10. The NFL will lose fans if QB play gets any more shoddy. No one will notice or care if a few DEs get suspended.
    Allen should be watching at home for a month.

  11. i dont think that he is dirty. he just wants to make plays.
    it looks like jared will do whatever it takes to get to the QB. he blew past #74 Ephraim Salaam (2nd string LT) often on sunday.
    last year allen lead the league in sacks. that why he got PAID.

  12. Why do the players wear pads if they get fined for making contact? They wear the pads for protection against possible injury, in much the same way that Kramer wore a helmet to protect himself from being kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Davola.

  13. I think Florio gets a cut – he seems to be in favor of fines every time a player touches another. Flag football anyone?

  14. Im sorry I just dont see a foul.The guy was falling and couldnt catch himself..Now that Obama is in Allen gets fined and so does Dave Thomas.Clearly they are picking on the white guys…haha

  15. Not sure how people can say these are clean hits when the rules clearly prohibit hitting the QB at or below the knees.

  16. Norseman, why do you always play the “everyone is against the Vikings” card. You do it on your blog all the time. It’s ridiculous you even bring up him being fined before the Packers game like it’s some type of conspiracy. He got fined after the game it happened in. It has nothing to do with it being a Vikings/Packers game this week. Get a clue. You’re sounding incredibly pathetic.
    The “cheap shot” was a low tackle made by a small CB on a bruising, fast RB in the open field. NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same as hitting a QB.

  17. First one was iffy but second one deserved the fine. He’s lucky he’s not suspended. Not looking up isn’t really an excuse. If it was, I’d tell all of my lineman to pretend stumbling and keep their head down. Who cares if the ball was released way before? You were just “trying to make a play and didn’t see the ball go”.

  18. @Znorseman
    You really have to put down the purple Kool Aid man! I cannot believe that you think both hits were perfectly clean, especially the 2nd one. I’m assuming that you haven’ read the rules. In both cases he lead with his helmet and never once tried to even use his arms. The first one I think you could argue that he needed his arms to stay off the ground and crawl, but the 2nd one???? Seriously dude, get a grip!
    Who cares whether the fines came before a big game against the Packers? Did he get suspended? Would he not play as well because he’s worried about losing 50k?? The hit by Harris was clean because he Peterson isn’t a QB, plus he was making a diving tackle from the side coming over to the middle of the field from the sidelines. When was the last time you’ve seen someone get fined or suspended for diving at a running backs legs to make a tackle? I think you better go read the rule book if you’re going to spout off, because your lack of knowledge makes you look like an ignorant whiney Vikings fan.
    Sure there are plenty of people who make less than 50k. That’s not the point here though. When you’re dealing with athletes making millions, a $500 dollar fine isn’t going to catch their attention at all. That’s the equivalent of like $5 for a lot of people. The fine money goes to NFL charities.

  19. I think the first one is dirtier than the second. Look at how he twists RIGHT into the knee at the last second. It’s obvious to the objective fan.
    I like how some of you people defend these hits with a “this is football not ballet” statements, or something equivalent. When did hitting a player in the knees become confused with being manly? Quit defending dirty plays and dirty players.
    Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m a HUGE Vikings fan, but I’m one of the few that realize that these guys are athletes, not my friends, and are capable of being criticized.

  20. woody26, before you pontificate about players wearing pads to avoid injury, please remember that quarterbacks don’t wear pads on their knees. Big, big difference, my friend.

  21. Bottom Line .. you can’t hit a qb in the knees. The only time guys get away with it is when someone pushes them into the qb’s legs.
    In this case the 2nd one is clearly illegal … he lunged at the qb’s knees. ILLEGAL !!

  22. Shackman, you’re missing the point. I’m saying that players wear pads because football is a contact sport. Participating in a contact sport may result in injuries.
    Allen was rushing the quarterback and trying to sack him, as he does on every play. His momentum took him low both times. Notice on the first “cheap shot,” he gets so much speed going that his momentum carries him into a dive, and into Schaub’s knee. Unintentionally.
    Schaub just needs to get revenge himself, like Adrian Peterson did this year by steamrolling Al Harris at Lambeau. I didn’t see Harris’s dive at AP’s knee last year produce a fine, suspension or flag.
    Harris did receive a worse punishment, however, in the form of getting flattened by Purple Jesus on primetime television.

  23. I’m super glad that Florio can read Allen’s mind, in that he indicated that he knew that “Allen knew what he was doing; he wanted to knock Schaub out of the game.”
    Look, I don’t think either one of these hits were clean. Both are illegal, as per the rules.
    But to say that they were intentional is a bit too far. And to say that “Allen knew what he was doing; he wanted to knock Schaub out of the game” is ignorant.

  24. Oh, and $50k is way too steep. Especially when two linemen are THROWING PUNCHES with OBVIOUS intent to hurt and/or maim the other get a grand total of $20k slap on the wrists.
    NFL = Non-consistent.
    What the crap is going on in those front offices?!

  25. On the first hit, if Allen wouldn’t have been tripped, he wouldn’t have gone low in the first place.
    All of you people who are squawking about these hits, did you even watch football in the 70’s and 80’s?

  26. It is a pretty big stretch to go from seeing a player who hit the QB low a couple of times to assuming that Allen was trying to knock Schaub out of the game. It isn’t exactly like Schaub was lighting the Vikings up, so why would he. Allen was trying to do exactly what he is supposed to do – sack the QB. There is no way the first hit can be construed as dirty. The second did end up being low – although I don’t see the so called intent.
    Football is a violent game. And unfortunately injuries happen. I can understand the fines for the low hits – I disagree with them but I can respect the opinion. However, calling Allen a dirty player, or saying that he is lucky he wasn’t suspended, is way over the top. I am disappointed in you Florio. This is poor “journalism” at its best.

  27. Both were borderline cheap shots especially the second. If Shaub is out because if these hits, then Allen should sit for the same length of time!

  28. Is this the same Jared Allen the Vikings signed to a 6 year deal just under $74 million, including $31,000,069 guaranteed?

  29. I can’t help but question the objectivity/subjectivity of the NFL rule that starts with”If possible…”
    The previous comments demonstrate how subjective it is even with slow motion replay from multiple angles. I have it tivo’d and have another camera angle via directtv’s show. It looks like he is not in total control of his body because of the left tackle and his feet are slipping.
    So he violated the rule in the league’s opinion(unless changed on appeal) but not in the ref’s opinion. Absent a history and reputation for being a “dirty” player, I think Florio and other’s absolute judgement he intentionally was trying to hurt Schaub is very questionable. To be fair, the ball was out of Schaub’s hand at least a half second before Allen hit his knee.
    Summary of NFL rules:
    1. Questionable intentions and body control resulting in a 2-3 week MCL sprain = $50,000 fine
    2. Blatant attempt to render your opponent blind resulting in the loss of his career = $10,000 fine

  30. Do a test.. Put your bedroom mattress on the floor then lunge your body at a 35 degree angle twards the other end of the mattress…Try changing your trajectory…… You cant.. Whatever. Someone has been taking a little to much progesterone….

  31. For all of you guys who are saying “the rules say you can’t hit a QB below the knees so he should be fined” stuff, please do us all a favor and go watch NFL Network for a few mintues. Please.
    I just got done watching some highlights of a few games where DE’s were being praised for ‘getting to the QB’ and ‘getting great pressure’. The videos showed the defensive linemen regularly hitting the QB’s below the knees. The best ones were of the Giants defense hitting the Cowboys backup QB’s in the legs, over, and over, and over again. Based on those highlights, and your descriptions of what types of play are worthy of league punishment, it’s quite clear that the entire Giants defense should be suspended and/or heavily fined.
    PS: I don’t have a blog so I have no idea what any of you guys who referred to my blog are talking about. However, if you don’t think the NFL (a business) favors large market teams over small market teams, you’re being naive.

  32. TheGonz,
    Oh…Roger Goodell is against the Vikings….right. Keep believing your ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s getting sad and way too repetitive with you.

  33. Cliff has it it right. At real NFL level speed, we have to watch it in slow-motion just to figure out what happened. It is unrealistic to expect Allen to stop trying to sack the QB in those situations unless he has the time and vision to make a correction,which he didn’t. I’ve seen many DE’s draped around a QB’s ankles and knees just trying to get there.
    The flag on Justin Tuck in the Giants’ game just shows how far the NFL is pushing to protect the QB. How did he deserve a flag? I don’t remember the NFL ever rescinding a fine for a QB hit like they did for Tuck – correct me if I’m wrong.
    It is a violent and physical game played by well paid men that accept the risk vs. reward. Schaub makes more this year than many do in a lifetime. If Florio likes the changes in the NFL’s direction, he’s looking at less revenue for himself from PFT.

  34. I agree with ZNorseman and most of the others with a brain on this board. I love this site, but it has always been biased about this kid. He overcame an addiction problem and all they can do it continue to bash him over a past he seems to have worked hard to overcome. People should be proud of the kid for licking the addiction many Americans cannot. As for the hits, I agree with most on here that they are both unbalanced and appear unintentional. I watched that game, and how do you think Allen got hurt? By two linemen cracking back on him. It’s a rough game. SHUT UP AND LET THEM PLAY FRICKIN FOOTBALL FLORIO!

  35. Look, both hits were cheap shots, and the second one was clearly illegal.
    If Schaub hadn’t of been injured with a torn MCL as a direct result, then JA wouldn’t have been fined.
    It’s cause and effect. Jared Allen delivers two deliberate cheap shots which cause an injury to a highly paid QB. QB suffers a torn MCL as a direct result. JA gets fined.
    Case closed, next story please.

  36. I don’t know, wavikefan. I didn’t need slo mo to see what happened. Souds like your doing some reconstructive history. Look, he hit the QB! What was he thinking! Next time he does it, I say throw the bum out!
    Oh, and your right about Tuck. Doesn’t the ref know he’s a Giant?

  37. Both hits were dirty. The first one, he definitely could have avoided ROLLING HIS SHOULDER into Shaub’s knee. The second one, he definitely could have avoided DRIVING HIS HELMET into Shaub’s knee, with his second effort, after the ball was thrown.
    He deserves a suspension.

  38. Rezen, I don’t see how you can call it deliberate. How do you know what was going on in Allen’s mind? I will grant you that the second one (not the first) was illegal and should have been fined. But I don’t for a second believe that it was deliberate.
    Bottom line, Allen (whether intentional or not) hit Schaub in the knee and Schaub was injured as a result. And the NFL fined Allen as a result. I am fine with that. But people need to get off the “cheap shot” and “dirty player” idiocy. Take off the team-colored glasses and look at it for what it is. Allen has never had a history of taking cheap shots on a player – why would he resort to TWO in a game against a weak opponent?

  39. No one is biased agianst Allen. They are going to make that call EVERYtime a QB gets hit below the knees..that’s just the NFL today. As for Allen.yea for him , he beat an addiction. So have a lot of people, but they don’t mouth off and cry poorme. The guy makes 21 mill a year. Steve Mariuuci was right when he said the “guys no Reggie White”..hell he’s not even Betty White. He reminds me alot of Bosworth..all hype.dumb cowboy hat, dumb red neck act, padding his stats last year in the AFC west. Hey , the guy can play , but I sure would not have given up draft picks for that..and once again, there is no conspiracy, they are gonna call that EVERYTIME..even if a guy “didn’t mean it”

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