Philadelphia born-and-bred boxing great Bernard Hopkins apparently uses Donovan McNabb as a punching bag on a regular basis. Hopkins’ most recent criticism of the Eagles’ quarterback Comcast SportsNet’s Monday Night Live program.
Hopkins questioned McNabb’s toughness after the quarterback looked queasy with the game on the line in the Eagles’ Sunday night loss to the Giants. It’s an especially sensitive topic in Philly, of course, since Terrell Owens made sure the world knew about McNabb losing his lunch during the deciding moments of the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss.
“Some people are athletes, still good, but don’t have that extra ‘I’m willing to sacrifice my life. I’m willing to sacrifice what I have to sacrifice to win.,’” Hopkins said, per’s Sheil Kapadia. “People never forgot when things happen, they see a guy crumble under pressure. Whether they throw up on the highway, whether they throw up on the court, whether they throw up on the football field, when people see that, that sticks in the back of their mind.”
Hopkins added that McNabb would be better off playing in his hometown of Chicago, but the Eagles were stuck with him because of his contract.
“Every athlete should have that killer instinct in him, especially if you the quarterback,” Hopkins said. “If he’s not right here and here [pointing to heart and head], and don’t want it, the team feel the vibes.”


  1. “…but don’t have that extra ‘I’m willing to sacrifice my life.”
    Some athletes really buy into their own hype way too much. This guy is an idiot.

  2. McNabb has been terrible in last 2 minutes of many Eagles first halves and end of games AND for years but the POLITICALLY CORRECT media never mentions it.
    You saw 49ers misuse of clock Monday, McNabb again did it in both halves on Sunday vs. Giants.

  3. Donovan looked fine to me — this guy obviously took way too many blows to the head in his career.. or maybe not enough in the jaw.
    Donovan wasn’t the reason the Eagles lost that game, it was Andy Reid’s play calling on the last drive. After getting stuffed all game by the Giants front seven he decides to call two runs. You have to put the ball in McNabb’s hands at that point.
    I’m sick and tired of hearing about McNabb’s “lack of toughness” — how quickly people forget how he played a whole half with a broken ankle early in his career, or the 4th and 27 play. For a guy that supposedly cracks under the slightest amount of pressure, they wouldn’t have made it to the NFC championship 4 years in a row.

  4. Coming from one of the most over-rated fighters of our time. Maybe McNabb could entice some USFL teams to play against the Eagles to pad his stats. Then he could have that patented “Hopkins Killer Instinct”.

  5. I don’t think McNabb’s desire to win and his heart can be questioned. The guy has worked really hard to rehab from a number of serious injuries to keep playing the game he loves.
    At the end of that game, McNabb led the Eagles down the field to score, and he was on his way to doing it again until Andy Reid decided to bang his head against the wall with running on third and short, then fourth and short again.
    They waited for the clock to tick down to the two minute warning, then used that time to draw up a pitch play then a run up the middle? Ugh.

  6. Wasn’t McNabb the one moving the ball that whole final drive? Was McNabb supposed to play defense? Or call plays? Or keep it out of Westbrook’s hands on both final runs? Philly has a sickness that these comments get such play. I was hoping the Phillies would help cure it, but I guess it’s just institutionalized at this point.

  7. what a load of BULL.. I think McNabb have showed us all that he has what it takes..
    and puking, you can do that for a lot of reason, not just nervousness.. dumb fool..

  8. McNabb in the huddle, “Ralph on three” *claps* then *breaks huddle* .
    “Blue……42……..Blue 42……….set…..hut, hut……raaaaaaalph!!!!

  9. Its amazing that McNabb even has any kids. Seems like he should get right to the point of insemination then give out because he’s too tired.

  10. First of all, Bernard Hopkins is no where near over-rated. He is one of the best boxers of this generation. I guess having 20 straight title defenses is being over-rated. He is absolutley right about McNabb, he does not have that killer instinct. He throws a pick or an incomplete pass and smiles.
    I hope Calgzhe has the balls to accept the challenge to fight Hopkins again. You want to talk about an over-rated boxer.

  11. I always looked at it like McNabb blew chunks on the field because he was giving his heart and willing to sacrifice. Maybe other guys would have pulled themselves out. I don’t know how much more you can sacrifice yourself.

  12. Play calling is more of the issue than McNabb himself. Not saying McNabb is free from any criticism for his play but the loss isn’t just on him

  13. Hopkins IS on to something. After the 6 yard scramble that had McNabb grabbing his knees trying to catch his breath, he let a full 20 seconds run off the clock to get to the 2 minute warning. You get up to the line, catch the Giants D on their heels, and hit Westbrook underneath for the 1st down, then take the 2 minute warning to figure out the rest.
    The playcalling after the 2 mintue warning isn’t on McNabb, Andy messed that one up, but letting 20 seconds run off the clock and losing the opportunity to catch the defense off guard IS on McNabb.
    Why not run another play before the warning when the defense isn’t ready with a new player package and play call? It’s cause you’re too tired to spit out a 1 word hurry-up play call or hand signal.

  14. I agree And also think that McNabb is underappreciated and always has to defend himself. I think that alot of fans will miss him when he’s not here anymore. Bernard Hopkins is an ass.

  15. “Every athlete should have that killer instinct in him”
    Like Ray Lewis and Leonard Little. Yeah, we need more guys like that in the NFL.

  16. I think McNabb is over rated, but I do not question the guys heart. I think he leaves it all out on the field. His coaching staf is atrocious. They mismanage the play calling and the clock. Those 2 failed challenges didn’t help either. They have been doing that for years. Blame Reid for calling for 2 running plays at the end when they have no power running game and the Giants are ferocious against the run. McNabb give his all on the field. I think hes over rated from a talent persective but he does play hard.
    To question Bernard Hopkins legacy is ridiculous. This is the same man who battered Felix Trinidad at the height of his career. Hopkins fought everyone there was for him to fight, he just clearly dominated a weight class for all those years. I never saw him duck a challenger, whether it was De La Hoya ,Taylor or Calzaghe. In his prime he was one of the best fighters in history. Even now when he is way past his prime he still puts on a boxing clinic. You cannot discount that mans legacy, he is a true hall of famer

  17. zygi milf says:
    November 12th, 2008 at 12:44 pm
    And what did his stomach say?

  18. #5 had one bad throw for an interception in the game against the giants. Keep in mind he was the only reason the score was so close. Westbrook was getting shut down on the ground. #5 didn’t blow the game or lose the game for the eagles, the coaches did. They threw away two time outs on challenges, the second one was acceptable. Then they got the idea that Westbrook was a 200+ lb power runner and handed to him twice to end the game. I’m sick and tired of people putting blame on #5 after all he has done for this team. The eagles wouldn’t be anywhere with out him, quit bitching at him when we lose and praising him when we win. This is ridiculous.

  19. would this even be a conversation if the Eagles drove down the field, scored a TD and won?
    I hate to quote that nimrod Simmons, but he’s spot on with the Eagles and it all starts with Reid:
    “The one team I definitively have figured out for gambling purposes: Take the Eagles over every bad team, home or away, no matter the spread; go against them any time they’re facing a good team. Got it? Got it. Poor coaching, a crappy short-yardage game and a tendency to give up big plays will bite you in the bizzum every time.”

  20. while b hop says stupid stuff sometimes (although calling him one of the most overrated fighters of all time is way stupider), and while he’s been on mcnabb’s case since the super bowl, to say there is nothing to what he says is not watching the games. while don makes spectacular plays and gets hot, he still has never hit his receivers in stride on any but the over the top throws, and is amazingly inaccurate for long stretches. his best days were against some weak opposition in the nfc east back in the day.
    since the series of injuries, mcnabb has only begun to try to run for first downs now that the season has come down to do or die; he was locked in to that i’m a pocket quarterback nonsense (while the d plays man and turns their back on him) for the past three years.
    as a system driven team with a system driven coach, i’m thinking the eagles lack of success is more a combination of an inflexible system, a coaching staff that has begun to become predictable, and the failure of andy to get either a functional fullback (notice the giants fullback?) or a running back with some bulk, rather than don’s lack of heart.
    the eagles are like the phillies of the late 70s. that team needed pete rose to teach them how to win. and to those that say philly will miss mcnabb so much, you must have forgotten how the team looked when garcia took them to the playoffs two years ago. the west coast actually looked like the west coast, and despite the rest of the injuries that year to the o line, we finished strong and made the playoffs.

  21. I agree with homerunharrigan. How does a Pro QB become too tired to run a play after a six yard run? McNabb had roughly 20 seconds to get up to the line of scrimmage and call a play before the two minute warning.
    Reid shouldn’t have called two running plays on third and fourth down. However, he may have been concerned that McNabb was exhausted.

  22. B.Hopkins: “So! Where were you on the night in question?”
    McNabb’s stomach: “I was right there in the middle of the field and I got tens of thousands of witnesses!”

  23. I guess he has another fight coming up. He always “bubbles up from the wood work” to bash McNabb when he needs some “pub”.

  24. It’s been alluded to here… but… Did McNabb call the 3rd and 4th down run plays last Sunday night? I don’t think so. HE is the one that was scrambling around making plays. He was in a good rhythm in that last drive and then all of a sudden… BOOM… let’s run it a couple times even though we haven’t ran good all night.

  25. The “Executioner” is 100% right here, being a native Philadelphia myself I live and die by the Eagles, and lately (the last few years) I have died more than I lived. To watch your star quarterback, clap, smile and laugh as he makes mistakes or loses games is devistating. Its clear that not only McNabb, but many NFL players dont find winning to be the number 1 concern. They will get paid either way, so losing doesnt mean much to them as long as its someone elses fault, or not specifically their fault.
    The day players are as upset after a loss as fans are is the day you will see McNabb get his “killer instinct”.

  26. The ‘willingness to die ‘ thing is a little much. I do think McNabb gets the hives when in a do or die situation….He seems to dwell on the task too much and phsych himself out.
    This is not about his Heart…The guy plays hard all the time…I think it a Natural tendency that some people have that when their backs are against the wall they can’t control their emotion.
    The guy has All the tools except he gets stage fright.

  27. Is it McNabb or is it that other idiot on the sidelines that hasn’t called the right plays or managed the clock right in 5 years? That touchdown drive was the worst playcalling I have seen.. that fat idiot got lucky they scored a touchdown. This followed by the brilliant final drive where they blow a 2 down 3rd and 2.. Fantastic, Andy, fantastic.

  28. Hmmmmm, I’m guessing allowing 200 plus yards rushing had more to do with the loss than McNabb huffing and puffing. Super Bowl champs, 8 and 1, leading rushing offense in the league, and, yet, it’s always still someone else’s “fault” that the Giants win. Not like they are a good team or anything like that. I can’t think of another defending champ that has been shown less respect week in and week out.

  29. If playing on a broken ankle and throwing for about 400 yards (4 or 5 years ago? I think against the Cards) doesn’t show that extra “I want to win” or whatever the hell Hopkins is talking about, then nothing ever will. Why doesn’t this buffoon just recognize the Giants are a better team?

  30. TVC15 says:
    November 12th, 2008 at 12:57 pm
    “McNabb is a better QB than Hopkins is a fighter.”
    You would have to be incredibly biased towards McNabb to make a statement this stupid. Do you even watch boxing?

  31. Let me preface this by saying I love the Eagles.
    DangerousDan says:
    “#5 had one bad throw for an interception in the game against the giants.”
    Dude, what about the first 7 passes that were incomplete or the INT on the final drive that got canceled by a borderline defensive holding penalty at the line of scrimmage?
    “Keep in mind he was the only reason the score was so close”
    mmmm… not fully. Philly’s D held the Giants to several FG’s when NY had a short field. McNabb was good in the redzone last week, but we went 3 and out how many times?? 31 points in 21 minutes of possession is good… heck, it’s great, but McNabb needs to be more consistent…. if he could do that, maybe we our defense wouldn’t be on the field for more than 39 minutes.
    “#5 didn’t blow the game or lose the game for the eagles, the coaches did.”
    Agreed. At least as far as last week is concerned.
    “This is ridiculous.”
    Yes, it is. How can you be tired after a 6-yard scramble? Donovan, hit the treadmill dude.
    I honesly hope Donovan pulls it together and people stop calling for Philly to trade/cut him…. but he’s running out of time….

  32. Someone finally told the truth. McNabb has never made an important play down the stretch. People don’t understand how talented the Eagles have been the last ten years. He was the reason they couldn’t win it all. He holds the offense down. He’s also not reliable, along with Westbrook. Anyone remember a season that they were both healthy for every game?

  33. ironedon says:
    “To watch your star quarterback, clap, smile and laugh as he makes mistakes or loses games is devistating.”
    I know, right!!! Cut that shit out McNabb!!! We’re glad YOU’RE having fun and all, but some people spend a large percentage of their hard earned paycheck to come watch you one-hop balls to wide open WRs or TEs and then laugh about it!!

  34. monger says:
    November 12th, 2008 at 1:28 pm
    “Every athlete should have that killer instinct in him”
    Like Ray Lewis and Leonard Little. Yeah, we need more guys like that in the NFL.
    Monger, you forgot Ray Carruth! LOL

  35. Bernard Hopkins is a moron. He’s said this kind of stuff before. He talks out of his a$$ a lot. Hopkins is one of the most overrated boxers of all time. Screw him.

  36. Seriously, why do we keep listening to people who don’t know how to speak correctly. Is it really that hard to say “you’re the quarterback” instead of “you the quarterback” or say “the team feels the vibes” instead “the team feel the vibes?” It’s not even an extra syllable. What a dumb ass.

  37. Bernard who? Is he a player in the NFL? Or a front office person?
    Why does his opinion matter at all? It’s like taking a comment from dildomandildo seriously.

  38. Right on B-Hop! 5 threw up on National Television in the Super Bowl and to this day denies it. He should have been a man and owned up to what happned. I would have respected him for that. McNabb does not have the hunger it takes to be a champion. He is not the self-proclaimed Leader he claims to be. You saw him laughing and joking around after losing to both Dallas and New York. That’s not the kind of guy I want on my team. I’m sick of him and the way he hangs that Gatorade towel on his head and sulks everytime the team is down. If 5 had the heart and desire B-Hop does, imagine what could have been.

  39. Throwing up is a physical reaction, not a mental reaction. In fact, it usually happens when someone is so mentally tough, that they ignore the signals from their body telling them to slow down.
    McNabb doesn’t call the plays. Waiting for the 2 minute warning was a coaching decision. I have issues with McNabb – his lack of accuracy at times is troubling – but he has been a top QB in the league for years. Questioning his dedication is crazy.
    And can we stop using this language that describes athletes as warriors. Yes, we as fans take this as life or death, but it’s a game. You are playing a game, you aren’t fighting for your life. Because I’m pretty sure warriors aren’t entering the field of battle to entrance music, or celebrating kills with victory dances.

  40. I see McNabb’s puking as a positive thing. It shows that the game actually means something to him. If only he had a good coach all these years he could have been one of the all-time greats with multiple championships.

  41. I wouldn’t let the Executioner do my taxes, but the man has some insight on this one.
    I think he nailed it on the head. McNabb is a good guy, a decent leader, but he just can’t play the entire game. It’s always feast or famine with him. And when the level of competition and stakes are high, dude always chokes up or maybe he’s trying too hard to look cool under pressure and his pulse just drops too low.
    Hopkins, love him or hate him, is one of the best competitors that ever lived. He doesn’t play pretty, by the rules, or with an ounce of class but the guy is about as clutch as they come. He can lecture 95% of the athletes, especially Donovan.

  42. Someone tell Bernard “In a huge Vagina” Hopkins to shut his dumb f–king mouth… what a huge douche, Mcnabb is a top 5 Qb in this league and the Morons in Philly should wake up and release that already f–king idiots

  43. “McNabb is a better QB than Hopkins is a fighter.”
    You obviously don’t follow boxing.
    Even today Hopkins (at 43 years old) is considered a top 10, if not top 5, pound for pound fighter. He spent almost 12 years undefeated and is a shoo-in for the boxing hall of fame.
    McNabb, however, is in the same class as Steve McNair, Trent Green, Rich Gannon, Jeff Garcia and Mark Brunell. All very good, but none great. As things are now (assuming McNabb, Green or Garcia don’t win a SB or surprisingly pull out 2 or 3 MVP seasons) none of them are sure HOFers.

  44. Do you ever notice that people who make comments like Hopkins can never cite to any evidence of their overarching point? Statements like “McNabb’s a choker, he has no heart” are very broad statements that seek to be able to get inside a person’s head and know what they are thinking. And obviously that’s difficult, so if you’re gonna make those types of accusations, you better have a lot of evidence to back it up. And nobody who makes these types of comments ever does. For those of you too lazy to look it up, McNabb never threw up the Super Bowl. Never. It’s called Revisionist History. With all the cameras and angles of the field covered, I defy anyone to find me video evidence of McNabb puking in the Super Bowl.
    However, I can find you evidence of McNabb throwing 4 touchdowns with a broken ankle. I can also find you evidence of McNabb being 7-5 in the Playoffs and never having a WR better than James Thrash or Todd Pinkson for any of those playoff wins.
    So let’s be careful not to sound like an ignorant child like Bernard Hopkins or any of the losers who make fly-by criticisms of McNabb when they’ve only watched the Super Bowl.
    Back to the Jail cell, B-Hop.

  45. McNabb didn’t lose the Giants game. You can blame Reid’s limited playbook. He should have installed the Heimlich Maneuver a long time ago.
    But seriously folks, you’d think that the guy would work a bit harder on cardio and whatnot. He’s constantly winded late because he’s constantly out of shape.

  46. “For those of you too lazy to look it up, McNabb never threw up the Super Bowl. Never. It’s called Revisionist History. With all the cameras and angles of the field covered, I defy anyone to find me video evidence of McNabb puking in the Super Bowl.”
    Never? Well you can’t exactly say that considering you have no proof that he didn’t. Granted, the burden of proof should be on those who say he threw up at the Super Bowl, but you can’t just dismiss the allegation based on there being no “video evidence” ESPECIALLY considering McNabb has a history of throwing up late in games ( AND

    Also, note that that Hopkins never mentioned the Super Bowl in the article. The article assumes this saying “Hopkins was obviously referring to the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Patriots” and Florio said that Terrell Owens claimed that McNabb threw up. Hopkins could very well have been talking about McNabb’s history of throwing up during games.

  47. All I want is to see the Eagles win a championship… and it’s becoming more and more apparent that, that will not happen with Andy Reid and McNabb. First, it is crazy to say the loss was McNabb’s fault. There were MANY reasons for the loss, Yes, including McNabb such as a run defense that couldn’t stop ANYONE, lack of Proper personnel… such as a FULLBACK (I love Dan Kleko but he’s NOT a fullback), and HORRIBLE play calling which has become a trend for this regime. The Plaxo TD pass was our early Christmas gift to the Giants. Dawk is not where he used to be and you expect him to cover one of the elite receivers in the league?!?!?! All that being said, lack of leadership and a killer instinct at the quarterback, was also to blame.
    That’s what I HATE about McNabb. He is simply not that great of a competitor. As mentioned before, he smiles and jokes after making bad plays. If not for anything else, simply don’t do that just for the fans. What are we supposed to think when we see that? The other thing I hate about him is that he chokes a LOT. I can count how many close games he’s won on one hand. McNabb is a good quarterback. He has all at the skills and as much talent, if not more, as any of the great quarterbacks of our time. But he does not have that competitiveness. Take a look at the great quarterbacks… would Payton Manning, Tom Brady, or Farve been ok with running those last two plays or would they have taken the game into their own hands and called an audible? Competitors want the ball in their hand when the game is on the line. When your coach doesn’t trust you enough to put the ball in your hand with the game on the line, whether because you’re tired or what ever, there is a problem there. McNabb is a good quarterback but he is by no means a great quarterback… otherwise we woulda won championship already.

  48. “Throwing up is a physical reaction, not a mental reaction. In fact, it usually happens when someone is so mentally tough, that they ignore the signals from their body telling them to slow down.”
    Thank you Dr. stugots05 for your insightful comment, however your medical school might not have mentioned the fact that things like anxiety, stress and psychological illness can cause vomiting.

  49. There might not be video evidence that McNabb threw up during the Super Bowl. However, at least two of his offensive teammates confirmed that he did throw up late in that game.
    There is video evidence that he has thrown up during a game. It happened in Tampa Bay or Jacksonville. The Eagles were in their hurry-up offense. The cameras showed vomit coming out of his mouth. It was disgusting. I’m not going to waste my time looking for a clip of this incident on YouTube. It happened. I’m sure other Eagles fans remember that game.
    He was visibly winded last weekend after a six yard run late in the game.
    McNabb clearly needs to improve his stamina. I don’t understand why he hasn’t addressed this weakness in the past 4 years. He and the coaching staff obviously know that he lacks endurance. His teammates are also aware of McNabb’s lack of stamina.

  50. Now, please don’t try to convince me that D-Mac didn’t hurl during SB39. Because he was the first (and only, based on my information) NFL quarterback to throw up twice on the same field.
    In addition to the (alleged) chuck in SB39, the Eagles came down and played a game in Jacksonville early in the season (September or October) a number of season ago and it was hot as hell on the field (which it usually is until November). At one point late in the game, the Eagles were down in the red zone, close to scoring, when D-Mac stepped back from center, trotted over to the end of his line, pulled his face mask up and blew a load in the field. Everybody in the building saw it.
    I don’t remember who the Eagles center was back then, but I recall reading a joke he made at the time, about hoping that McNabb wiped his hands before reaching into the guy’s crotch to take the snap.
    I think the Jack’s ground crew checks those two puke spots to see if anything special is growing in the turf.

  51. Hopkins is a fool. He needs to stop talking about football and get over his little ttif with mcNabb. So he apparently ha a man crush on TO. He apparently is still pissed that McNabb didn;t know who he was and make a big deal about him at practice. Get over it tough guy and stop acting like a high school girl.
    McNabb is a great player who is flawed. It is a coaches job to work around those flaws. Reid cannot do that because Reid only knows his system and cannot adapt.
    Can Hopkins say the same stuff about Westbrook? He is hurt often and could not will the 3 yards on two plays? What about T.O. sniff my QB and the 25 million reasons incident. McNabb is a warrior who keeps us in almost every game despite our lousy coach and running game etc etc etc.
    McNabb, send BH an autographed pic and shut the whiny little girl up. And Comcast, stop interviewing this clown. OK, I know this guy is a great boxer and would beat the crap out of me but he needs to stop being “catty”.

  52. McNabb is underappreciated, but it’s because he plays in Philly (home of the NFL’s brightest fans lol). In a league where about 1/3 of the teams still don’t have a solid QB, you wanna get rid of a guy who’s got the 4th most yards passing so far this season. Genius! Aside from throwing to TO for 21 games, who else could have the stats he’s had with the receivers he’s throwing to in his 10 year career? Having a pass first offense with second rate receivers isn’t his fault. Having no FB isn’t his fault. Plugging in a guy at FB just because he’s fat doesn’t make him a good run blocker. The eagles scored 31 on a tight giants defense. Yea, McNabb needs to do more cardio. And even though Reid blew it in the end trying to run for 1st down when it hadn’t worked all game, the game wasn’t lost by the offense. They lost because Jacobs ran over the eagles inconsistent (over-rated) defense.

  53. I love B Hop and I still gotta say he’s completely wrong… he’s been a lapdog for TO since all this started
    1. Donovan threw a TD after he puked in the superbowl does anyone else remember that? puke all you want if you toss a TD afterwards.
    2. Anyone remember 5 playing a full game with a broken ankle? (I think that was 02) you can’t say he’s not tough.
    I’m all for some change here… get rid of Reid but if we get rid of 5 and he wins a superbowl somewhere else I’d feel sick.

  54. BHop is speaking the truth, as always.
    And anyone who thinks Hopkins is anything but a great Hall of Fame boxer is a moron. The guy just dominated an undefeated boxer 15 years younger than him.

  55. Wow. This from the guy who went 3-3 in his last 6 fights. Two of the losses were weak performances against Jermaine Taylor and the third came at the hands of Joe Calzaghe, who is by and far a superior fighter. Hopkins’ win against Winky Wright in July can be credited to the head butt Hopkins offered Winky in the early rounds that opened a gash above Winky’s eye. Hopkins’ fighting style is mundane. He spends the majority of the fight backing up while remaining in his “Philly shell” defense. I’m from Philly and want no association with that style of defense. From now on it will be called the “Coward’s clutch.”

  56. Agree Joe M and December.
    Is Hopkins going to question Brian Dawkins formissing a bunch of tackles?
    And as far as the superbowl goes… THE DEFENSE COULD NOT STOP ANYONE. I cannot understand why this defense always gets a free pass. Ever since Jimmy Johnson got here, we have accepted mediocrity. Yes, I said it, mediocrity. There have beengood flashes but stopping the run and tackling have been CONSTANT issues since he got here. Also about the superbowl, maybe McNabb would not have been SOOO winded if he wasn’t hit and knocked on his back all night because we do not run and cannot run and the O-LINE did not block anyone all night. McNabb was the best player on the field – TO was close as well.

  57. @ joe.attaboy
    “Now, please don’t try to convince me that D-Mac didn’t hurl during SB39. Because he was the first (and only, based on my information) NFL quarterback to throw up twice on the same field.”
    Sir, your information is not credible. Assuming Mcnabb puked at SB 39, which he did because I remember that’s when I wrote “game over” in my notebook. He has puked twice in Northern Florida. Once at the SB in Jax and once at Tampa the season after, which is on youtube. In fact, the game they played against Jax in that ’06 season was played IN Philly.

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