During Sunday’s game between the Packers and the Vikings, FOX’s Pam Oliver said that teammates of Minnesota quarterback Gus Frerotte tuned him out as he tried to encourage them, and that members of the offense were showing frustration, presumably with him.
Said Oliver:  “Before the Vikings’ offense took the field, Gus Frerotte tried to round up his guys and tried to give them a pep talk.  But I noticed that only two people bothered to listen.  Frerotte has refused to get down on himself because of his mistakes.  But I can see a few of his offensive teammates are starting to show frustration at the way the offense has stalled.”
Frerotte said Wednesday that he noticed no frustration.  “I never got that sense,” he said.  “And I was more mad at myself than anyone else could be at me.”
Frerotte threw three interceptions in the game, including a poorly-thrown pass in the third quarter, which Nick Collins of the Packers returned for a touchdown, cutting Minnesota’s lead at the time from 11 to four.
“If you look at it, it’s basically just three plays,” Frerotte said.  “Three plays that put a damper on some great things that we did. I look at it, watch the film, and [if] you take those three plays out we did a lot of good things, but you can’t take them out of the game.”
It’s not the first time an NFL player has taken issue with one of Oliver’s reports.  Last year, Oliver and Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb traded barbs after she reported that McNabb said prior to a game against the Cowboys that his days in Philly are numbered, and that the organization was distancing itself from him.


  1. The offense would be spot on to abandon Frerotte. He
    has consistently thrown behind, underneath, or no where
    near the receiver.
    This team would be flat out dangerous if it had a top 10 QB.
    And with a top 5 QB………. Yikes regarding the Vikes.
    Fire Childress…………. install Frasier.

  2. There’s what….20 cameras at every game and one specifically for her?
    I don’t get why the sideline reporters don’t film what they report on,and instead recreate the conversation off the top of their heads.
    Does someone really think the fans would rather hear “I asked him this….and then he said….and then I said….so then he said” than actually see the damn interview?

  3. Frerotte may not be the long term answer (like beyond this year I hope), but I believe an incredible amount of blame goes to the play calling and play creation… That is the source of the players frustration
    While Frerotte is trying to rally the team, it may seem like they are not listening to him, thus frustrated with him, while they are just apathetic with game strategy, which they know Frerotte has little control over.

  4. If you think Frerotte’s arm is off the mark, then you didn’t see T-Joke hurl those wild knuckleballs he calls a pass.
    Gus is getting the ball to receivers, it’s just unfortunate that many of them are wearing a different color. Either way, Adrian Peterson’s game has picked up from a “second-season hangover” to the league’s leading rusher. Coincidence?

  5. This isn’t the first time she’s fabricated a story. I have no respect for her any longer.
    She also seems to be adding a few pounds… Pam, time to eat more salads and fewer Ding Dongs & Tasty Cakes.

  6. I have been convinced that Childress is not the answer in Minnesota, but niether is Frasier. Keep him as defensive coordinator, the defense looked AWESOME on Sunday. Although Ferotte is better than Jackson,this team is in need of a QB. As I understood from Sunday Ferotte is not even sure he wants to come back next season, as his family lives in St. Louis.
    I can’t say I’d have had much confidence in Ferotte after the INTs either. But then again pro football players are a different sort.
    As for the comment here about brining in Billick in 2009, not only no but _______ (insert your favorite expletive here)NO!!!!! This man abandoned the Vikings during the 2nd half of the NFC Championship Game in 1999 aginst the Falcons, after he had already been offered the Ravens head coaching job.

  7. Oliver is nothing but a drama queen. Her sole intent and purpose is coming up with some edgy drama. It if was anybody else, I would have believed it but coming from Oliver I pretty much just disregard it as a stretch of the truth in an attempt to come out with a provocative report.
    And lol at her analysis at which players are listening “only two”!!). She must have a masters in psych or something.

  8. Not only do the vikings need to fire brad c. (example 3 and 10 and we run a draw play) but we need to start installing Rice in at Wide out. the only time he plays is on goal line WTF!!!!

  9. The Vikings are 5-2 since dumping Tavaris Jackson for Gus Ferrotte.
    So, it’s not reeally believable that Gus’s teammates aren’t happy to finally have him at QB considering that his presence has given us the passing game that we’ve been lacking for the last 2 years under Tavaris Jackson.
    So, based on this report, I’d wager that Pam Oliver (a card carrying member of the NAACP) was not happy about the switch for reasons not related to football.

  10. This is rich: “If you look at it, it’s basically just three plays,” Frerotte said. “Three plays that put a damper on some great things that we did. I look at it, watch the film, and [if] you take those three plays out we did a lot of good things, but you can’t take them out of the game.”
    Life would be a lot better if we all had this outlook. Rod Marinelli, go ahead and give it a try — “If you look at it, it’s basically just nine games. If we hadn’t lost them, we’d be 9-0.”
    There, that feels good.
    Your turn, Jared Allen. “If you look at it, it’s basically just two DUI’s. Take those two DUI’s away and I don’t have any.”
    Mike Martz? Anything to add? “If I hadn’t called such a bad play at the end of Monday night’s game, I would’ve called a good one. And we would have won!”
    I think we could all learn from this positive thinking…

  11. Does anyone even pay any attention to sideline reporters? Come on. Who cares what she says. She has no place on the sidelines or in the locker room. Lets stop being so politically correct and call it like it is. Get rid of her no one listens to them anyway they only aggravate the players

  12. As others have noted, Oliver probably is stirring the pot without really having a complete handle on the situation. However, since I wasn’t there, I can only guess; nevertheless, my guess is the offense had to have suffered a “oh hell, here we go again” sense of fear. After all this offense–even with the incredible Adrian Peterson who’s possibly the game’s best player–has been terrible in the passing game since Childress’s arrival. The offense has been especially putrid in the red zone; the play calling is generally beyond dreadful–if I, a drunk fan, know what’s coming on nearly every play than we can assume that Childress and Bevel aren’t confusing D-coordinators. Mark my words–give Childress enough time and he’ll dial up a punt on third down as the final facet of his “kick ass” offense.
    It is a testament to the player’s professionalism that they haven’t mutinied.
    I also think Billick would be a good replacement; he’s intelligent and has the ability to adjust his preferences to what he actually has on the field.

  13. I’m not a huge fan of Childress, but something to consider about him (and stop me if I’m wrong) is that the offense he’s running in Minnesota is the same basic scheme that resulted in worthless RB like Ron Dayne dominating the entire NCAA while Childress was the head coach at Wisconsin.

  14. Mossy’s right, the players ignored Ferrotte because they didn’t want to contribute any more funds to the ref pay-off fund to ensure that the vast purple conspiracy screwing the cheesers would continue. They have to save up for more weight loss supplements.

  15. Pam Oliver should just zip it. She adds nothing to the broadcast but a fleeting distraction.
    Please don’t add any fuel to the fire, we want Childress in place for as long as possible and Ziggy doesn’t need to hear anything that might change his mind.

  16. Why this team didn’t go after Chad pennington as a stop gap is still beyond me.
    they’d be winning this division going away as you see what he’s doing with a horrible Dolphins team from last season….even Childress couldn’t have screwed that up too much.

  17. @ Pea Tear Griffin – REAL Vikings fans would not want Billick as coach for several reasons. It seems that a couple of the posters here forgot. Might as well bring in Bob Schnelker.
    @ZNorsemen – Childress was not the head coach at Wisconsin. His highest position there was offensive coordinator.
    If Frerotten keeps playing like he did last Sunday, you will see T-Jack back in the starting lineup. At least he can run the ball in between throwing at the feet of his receivers.

  18. @zygi milf
    Right but my point still stands, it was Childress’ offense the made Wisconsins running game the best in the NCAA with a worthless running back like Ron Dayne in the backfield.
    Also, Tavaris Jackson is NOT fast. His 40 speed is the same as Ben Rothlisbergers… and I don’t here anyone talking up his running ability.

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